Tuesday, October 23, 2012

::Sunday Drive ::

On Sunday, after having a relaxing weekend and recuperating from our week; We took a drive out to Midlothian,TX...about 1 hour West of where we live. 

 On the way out there--- the land is pretty flat. 

I didn't have my camera out while heading West...but on the way back I took these pictures. Can you see those HUGE WHITE THINGS? 

 No... not the clouds. Although it was a pretty day to be out that day. It was also windy. 
 No the ones in the fields... They are COTTON BALES. 
That warms my heart. Seeing those cotton bales. The heart of American industry. Made in the U.S.A. HOME GROWN COTTON!  What's not to love about that? 

It was nice to see and to get out of the house for a bit and drive. 

We went to pick up our Venison. 
The freezer is full and stocked. Bow season is just finishing up and so we may be getting more when gun season opens up too. We'll see. We have an arrangement. 
The Honey has a friend that hunts-- he's single and can't eat all that he shoots but loves to hunt. Honey can no longer hunt-- So what he doesn't give to his family-- he lets us have, after paying for processing. Pretty good deal for us really; since a the price of actually going hunting is just not something we can do right now. 

I love the scenery...even though it's flat as far as the eye can see. It just Makes me glad to be American! 
On another note...here it is October and our Crepe Myrtle is blooming for a 3rd time this year! 

Isn't it pretty? 

Thou will keep him perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee;
 because he trusts in Thee.
~ Isaiah 26:3



Intentional Living Homestead said...

I have never seen cotton bales before. Thank you for posting. Learn somethng new every. Glad your freezer is filling up. Beautiful photos..and yes, the clouds are gorgeous as well...given to us by our Great Creator.


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

very pretty tree!!!

Cotton bales? never have seen them either. :) But yep, you're so right, made (grown) in america! love it!


20 North Ora said...

Flat is not all bad! Those are beautiful photos.

DL said...

I will never forget seeing cotton bales for the first time when we moved to Texas! One actually caught fire from a lightening storm in a field not too far from where we live. It was quite a sight after burning.

Chenille Cottage said...

What a treat to get to come along with you on your Sunday drive. When I was a little girl my family would often go on Sunday drives after church and light lunch. Back then gas was cheap and it was a fun activity for our family of eight.
Being a quilter and a seamstress I can get pretty excited about those bales of cotton. They are going to make some of the nicest fabrics.
Thank you for sharing, my thoughtful friend,
Carolynn xoxo

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Woah, HUGE cotton bales! Never seen that before. Also your crape myrtle is pretty!

Kristina said...

Love the photos Pat.

Revi said...

Hey - I just saw these on Sunday, too! We drove to Midland, TX, The cotton fields looked great, and the big bread-like loaves were amazing. Your crepe myrtle is pretty and THREE blooms? Wow.

Anonymous said...

It's been too hot here to take a deer, my boys are waiting for the cooler temperatures to arrive next week! Gotta love those last few blooms before winter. Our crepe myrtles didn't survive the early frost. Although, we do have a single super short sunflower blooming by our front door step!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

It's so fun seeing what it's like in other areas of the country...the cotton bales are amazing! I've always loved crepe myrtles...we had them in CA, but they don't grow here in MN. Thanks so much for stopping by my ideas house posts, Pat!

Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

Thanks for taking us along on your Sunday drive! I've never seen cotton bales either, they look like big shipping containers sitting out in the fields. We took a Sunday drive too through some Amish communities and it's interesting to see how they harvest. Nothing quiet like driving through 'real' America to swell you're heart with pride...the America portrayed in the media isn't always pretty.

Diane said...

Cotton bales, eh? You should have kept it a secret and let us guess! I never would have come up with that. I also didn't know they grow cotton in TX. Where have I been?

RHome410 said...

Beautiful tree!

Do you live anywhere near that highway that has the new 85 mph speed limit? Then your photos could just look like stripes. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Flat indeed.
And your crape myrtles 3rd blooming?? Wow again.

Melanie said...

It warms my heart to see cotton too!!! Watching how technology has changed farming is also amazing. Daddy dumped his cotton into a wagon. I remember his first cotton picker, an old 2 row cotton picker! Ancient machinery now! Enjoyed seeing the Texas cotton!