Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've recently had a JUMP in new followers and new comments...Is there no way of seeing a date of when someone begins to follow my blog? I try to keep up. But not sure sometimes who the newest followers might be!!! The widget doesn't seem to add followers in the order they are received... does that make sense? 

You know who you are...(smiles) 

Just wanted to say Thank you for becoming  a follower...I appreciate that you come here and read my blog! 

Non-Sequitur photo to follow~ 

The sun made this weird 'SHAFT OF LIGHT' as it was setting. I took these from the moving car across an open field.  (it's grainy and not good quality) I liked it. -dated Jan 23,2011

God bless you 
Thanks for reading! 

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about followers or you will go crazy. I noticed that when I show my own house or my Grandbaby, I would lose followers. That was making not want to post about either. Finally, I said ," Whatever" and post what I choose. I have over 500 now , which I can not believe... I have never had a giveaway where you have to follow, plus I keep the blogs that I follow a serect. I don't have time to follow everyone that comments reg. and I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings... it's a southern thang.( Looks like I forgot to sign in) Vicky from Room Service ~ Decorating 101