Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kernels of Corn: Fall Edition 2015



Yes!  I’m still here.  Thank you so much for the kind words and inquiries—many of you have written wondering if all is well with our family here in the country. 

On with the Kernels of Corn:

1- leaky camper—requiring more sealant, patching and new wall board/panels.  Read that:  very discouraged.

  • Lots of English/Comp homework

2- Tomato plants—We got bumper crop of tomatoes; it was small, about dozen, total.  It was unexpected, but noteworthy.  Very tasty.  I’m so glad we didn’t pull those plants at the end of summer!

  • Essay after essay--- learning some ‘mad skills’ in writing!

3 –4 little boys here most week days-- The Twin cousins and #Vindor the Small and #Haiden-was-Here (say that like your reading back-to-back weather alerts)

  • Maintaining, an “A” in English is more difficult than I thought it would be.

5 Days of school left-- (except I don’t have to take the final in English…oh yay!  Me!!!!)  Really, it’s only 4 days… ELATED!!!!

  • Then of course there is Algebra…

6 Days (give or take)-- In about 2 weeks of time, a torrential down pouring rain totaling about 6 days resulted in not just 1 leaky camper, but also, a leaky roof in the bathroom, a wonky WI-FI antenna (due to high winds), ants…

trying to get out,

out of the rain,

boom, boom, boom!!!

Yes, they crawled into the hole of the wonky WI-FI  mount plate, and came into the bathroom, along with RAIN…

  • Found out Thursday, Algebra II—is on the schedule for Spring classes, before I can take COLLEGE ALGEBRA. (I’ll share that another time)


Fall Foliage at CCL

So, yes, all is well.  Just as I figured, when I started school in late summer; that I’d be too busy to go to school, blog and be actively involved with my family, gardening, animals—it happened.  It wasn’t long and school has taken front seat to a lot of things.  I’ve not blogged in over a month!  The Honey has taken over chicken coop duties, feeding the dog and quite a few of the day to day chores around the house.  Nothin’ wrong with that, right?  Especially, the dishes.  I don’t like doing the dishes.  It’s an even trade though, he doesn’t like hanging out the laundry.  For now, we’re ok with this arrangement.

****The photos were taken on the drive back from getting groceries yesterday. We hardly get fall foliage…so I was happy to see the changing leaves.

‘Til next time, be blessed y’all!

He has told you O, man; and what does the LORD require of you?  But to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. ~ Micah 6:8

Monday, October 12, 2015

Kernels of Corn no. 10–Mid October


Have you ever been so exhausted AND you were SO restless and collapsed right where you were?  Is that what they mean by sleeping like a baby?


isn’t he precious?  Liam—was just that the other day. He would NOT go to sleep.  I finally picked him and and put him on the couch with me and let him crawl all over me, until he collapsed.  Eventually, I might have closed my eyes and gotten 10- 20- …40 winks, too!


I’m continuing the habit I picked up over the summer of drawing on a regular basis.  I started this after joining ICAD 2015.   I don’t have any formal lessons (as you can probably tell), though I do read a few blogs here and there that give pointers and there is of course, always YouTube!  (full of tips). 

If the photo of the drawing above resembles an APPLE, well, then I guess the practice is making improvement and you tube is in fact helping!


While looking for a particular set of photos from 2003—I found this old picture of myself.  I snapped a picture of it with my phone.  I cropped just the face, no point in showing all of me, BUT…  it’s true.  I’ve lost weight in the past 10-12 years!



and I’ve stopped coloring my hair.  The gray is starting to come in nicely too.  Oh how I long for a silver head of hair, like my Granny!

…and I have a crate of photos under my bed really need to be cataloged, dated; with names on the backs of the pictures and put into books so that people can enjoy them!  This job has been officially added to my list of TO-DO’s! …hmmm, de-cluttering or crafting lists? …doesn’t matter.  It’s on the list!



I snapped this picture…(yes, it’s true I was driving)  on the way to take my grand-kids to school this week.  This sunset was amazing. Taken through the dirty wind-shield of my car just doesn’t do it justice. ** I promise not to make this a habit.  I really try not to even look at my phone while I’m driving. So don’t lecture me in the comments….



The last kernel, this go around;  we’re making some head-way on the camper! I was finally able to slap some paint on the inside after getting almost all the trim up.  After that, it will be screens and … oh yeah!  we got the carpet cut and laid inside! I just love the chocolate-y color!  



Yes… it shows every bit of dirt.

Yes… it’s carpet. IN. A. CAMPER.  Sometimes it’s just better to let the Wookie win. There is a new post here @ Lil’ Camper that Could… if you’re interested.

While I’m on the last Kernel… let me just say, how very kind you all are--- for never once rubbing my nose in the fact  pointing out to me that I’ve misspelled the word kernel ever since I started this little feature.

…AND THAT’S why I love you dear readers! well, one of the reasons.


‘Til next time, be blessed y’all!

He has told you O, man; and what does the LORD require of you?  But to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. ~ Micah 6:8

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October already?


I can’t believe it’s here …where has the year gone?  The winter and spring seemed too long; summer seemed too short… and here we are all the way around the calendar again.  I’ve not written a post in two weeks.

…and 31 Days?  Nope. Forget it! It hasn’t happened for me, not this year.  I vaguely remember I had a topic picked out and thought how neat it would be to write about it…

Durned if I can remember what it was about.  I mentioned to another blogger how I miss her writing; she isn’t a 31-day’r this year either.  You know?  that’s okay though. Nothing is permanent. Some things only last for a season.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am writing for school.  I thought about posting some of my papers here, however, we upload them to an online receiver and it digitally checks for authenticity.  I haven’t told my instructor that I blog and I don’t want the digi-tron to flag my paper as plagiarism.

Most of what we write is based on our own experiences;  being I’m the oldest in the class (did I tell you my class mates are the same age as some of my grand-kids?) … well, I’ve got lots of experiences! 

Oh, before I forget!  On Sunday, we attended our first Gender-Reveal party. 

I’ll be honest—I didn’t know what the protocol was for this event.  It’s not a shower.  It’s not a delivery.  It’s an announcement.  There’s food, cupcakes …is there ever a time inappropriate for cupcakes? I mean seriously.  I want there to be cupcakes for family’s lunch after my funeral.  Cupcakes are the best!

Anyway,  Gender-Reveal, in case you’re wondering--  Take diapers!  Boy or Girl…doesn’t matter, it will need it’s little bottom covered!

In our case… we’re getting a new Grand-daughter!


Spoken like any man would say… Our son announced…

“Purple.  I don’t know PURPLE MEANs?!”  

Back on the subject of 31 Days for a second. I hear tale… if you’d like to write, you can still jump in there and join along!  If you don’t take the challenge to write during this time, every day, for 31 days… you might still be interested in reading something fresh and new.

There are plenty of blogs to choose from. I’m reading And,Per Se And …art, life and everything in between.

It’s good.


‘Til next time, blessings to ya!



So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

~Psalm 90:12