Sunday, April 26, 2015

URL at Bloglovin' IS STOLEN


You might remember last year--

I had my blog content stolen.  The blogging lingo is SCRAPED.   I also wrote several posts… but this one sums it up and gives links with some information in them.  Update on Being Scraped and Being Scraped:  It’s the tail waggin’ the dog 

Well today, I’m here to tell you there are nefarious types out there all the time. They’re always looking for ways to take what you have. No matter if it’s just a small CRUMB of the internet PIE!

The access point this time for my situation was opened through Bloglovin’—let me just say, right now, at this point, I’m not blaming them.

Let me also say this—be responsible when you use the internet. Check references.  Do follow-ups and something I completely didn’t do this time—trust your gut and don’t let your guard down.

What has happened is—my content has been copied and put into another URL site—every single post I write gets copied and posted there. THAT IS NOT MY FAULT. 

I didn’t cause that. 

What am I guilty of doing?  
  • First, when I claimed my blog on Bloglovin’  I claimed the wrong one. I didn’t ever recognize that there were two of me! (not my fault)
  • Second, I put THEIR button on my sidebar—the culprit  /  BOGUS site. I sent all my traffic to that site.  so if you follow me there, please go to your bloglovin’ feed and unfollow me.  THERE ARE CURRENTLY 63 OF YOU…...FOLLOWING A BLOG IN BELGUIM.

The photo below clearly shows some of my most recent posts on

dot be --stolen URL on bloglovin

except if you notice the URL ends in  (which is Belgium)

stolen URL close-up

I have recently read of another blogger dealing with a similar situation—she is really having a time getting it sorted out.  She is ahead of me on this, since I only just found out I’ve been affected too. 

So far what I’ve done to combat this—
  • declined the offending blog site and URL
  • CLAIMED my proper blog
  • Sent several SUGGESTIONS into the FEEDBACK forum
that’s you! 
If you follow me  (or what you think is me) on Bloglovin’  would you please unfollow.   When you click the blog name Corn in my Coffee Pot and it pops up—just read the URL (blog web address)  if it is  UN FOLLOW. Then come back here and RE-FOLLOW Corn in my Coffee Pot via the blog. 

You may click this link

   Follow my blog with Bloglovin

or you may click the Follow me on Bloglovin’ button on the top right sidebar. It’s the correct button now.
All that does is take care that you’re follow me and not some robotic program run by thieves who have nothing better to do than try and take what I have—and undermine your trust in me! (I hate that)
I don’t like writing posts like this. It seems like I’ve had to do it more than I’d like in all my time blogging.  I really feel like quitting sometimes. But that would be the easy way out.  Really, it comes down to RESPONSIBILITY that I touched on earlier.  For now, I’m staying with BLOGLOVIN’  as I said, I don’t blame them.  However, they need to take some action and how they deal with my little blogs BIG problem matters.  I hope they too, take some RESPONSIBILITY. 
I hope the rest of your Sunday or Monday is a Good Day!

Til next time
BLOG RESPONSIBLY, …and be a blessing.

Psalm 37 -3

Friday, April 24, 2015

We’re Staying, Now What?

I announced last week. We’re staying. We won’t be moving anytime soon. 

Now what? 


We didn’t PLAN or plant a garden this year.  In fact, the bed boxes in the front have been removed all but two of them.  I have a suspicion with the rain we’ve had—this would have been a great year for some of the vine vegetables, squash, tomatoes , etc.  We may still have time for some plants.  I don’t feel like I have time for seedlings.  I think we’ll visit the feed store in the morning and see what’s there, that we can plant in the last two boxes.

We DID order a new weed eater.

A Worx® it came today—and Honey and I tried it out a bit before the storms hit this evening.

worx trial run

We didn’t purchase new chickens. No meat chickens or layers. 

I’m ready to finish painting the outside (finishing up what I started LONG AGO) I still have the paint; but need to purchase about 2 more gallons—should do that while the weather is mild—except for all the rain!
Before we refinanced—we were on the fast track (like a herd of turtles) for getting our house ready to sell.  We’re going ahead with some of those projects.  They need to be done.
  • Painting each and every room—it needs it.
  • We have plans to re-do the ceiling in the kitchen with beadboard panel and trim- resembling a cove ceiling. We’ll see how that plays out for sure. This is just a country farm house.  Not sure ‘coved’ is the way to go in this setting. The ceiling definitely needs work; panel, paint and trim.
  • Freshen up the livingroom—I’m almost finished with roll up shades (from drop cloths). Just one left to complete.  Then I’ll add curtains; something floral maybe, and touch up some of the furniture, with paint, in that space; along with new paint on the walls. I may be eliminating some things,too.  It sounds like a lot, I know.
It’s time for a fresh look I think.
    Green and Blue living room spread

    I whipped up a few inspirations pages in my HOME Projects Journal--

    Green and Blue living room spread 2

    I know there are computer programs that do this—but I didn’t take the time to learn any new programs. I find it eases my mind to snip and glue with real scissors and paper and glue—rather than a mouse and monitor.  I’ve had this book for a long time; and enjoy adding to it over the years—its easy to cut and glue the old fashioned way.  

    leather chair

    Our most recent acquisition- the blue leather chair?  It is my muse and inspiration for change.  The CELERY green rug beneath it… my STINKY FREE CYCLE RUG ---is a nice complement to this NAVY blue chair.

    I personally think sewing the roll-up shades was easy compared to the slip cover I need to make for my MAUVE RECLINER…(not pictured). I’m going to give it a shot. 

    That’s the short list. More than enough to keep us busy the next few months, wouldn’t you say? Now, I just need to decide where to start? Decisions, decisions.

    Til next time,
    Be a blessing, Bless the LORD, bless your home and all who enter.

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~colossians 3 23-24

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    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    Drop Cloth Project—Roll-up Shades

    I mentioned the other day I was working on a DROP-CLOTH PROJECT for my living room. This has been a long-time place holder on my TO-DO list!
    Drop Cloth Roll up shades

    I know it’s been that long because one event stands out in my mind and I never wrote about this;  but in October of 2013, I was FINALLY doing it. FINALLY, I was upholstering my couch. I got it done. I had watched tutorials-- and I YOU TUBE'd myself silly.   
    Settee Final 3
    PLEASE, Notice the Mini-blinds and the Drop cloth curtains.

    That same year we had been on the receiving end of a "drop off dog" and now TOP DOG- Buster

    November came and we had to make a trip to the V.A. For the Honeys 6 mos check up. We had been gone total about 4 hours. I came home to this ...
    mini blinds got killed
    Not only did his anxiety cause him to chew on my NEW couch…
    But he KILLED  my mini-blinds. (there’s a whole video…but I don’t know how to orient the video and make it vertical) You get the idea. K-I-L-L-E-D!!!
    That’s when the idea hit me—roll up shades. I had salvaged rescued some match-stick blinds for parts—I don’t have a picture, but they looked similar to this-- image
    I kept the hardware, the rope and some of the bamboo.
    Fast forward to this week.
    This (below) is the IN PROGRESS picture--  I am using my drop cloth drapes in the picture…here and way up top, to make these roll up shades.  I have one window where the A/C is and I’ll be finished with them. Oh, I have to find and a dowel rod for the middle one… it droops a little. ;) 
     Drop Cloth Shades-- in progress

    I’m leaving the curtain rod—because I want to make some light softer curtains.  Something with color!  I need to remove the old hardware from other shades too, for now…they keep the rope away from Vincy.
    Drop Cloth Roll up shades-3
    I finally get to check
    ✔️ New Shades
    Off my list!
    That’s it.  I took lots of pictures and will be putting together a tutorial for them pretty soon. Right now I’m gathering information on hardware, prices etc.  I realize not everyone will make these from scraps… but you know here at Corn…
    that’s my M.O. 
    unusual, unexpected and deviation from the common rule.
    ‘Til next time.
    Be a blessing, bless the LORD and bless your home!
    Listing this here: 


     colossians 3 23-24