Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lavender and Mush for Brains-


I found this lavender colored beauty blooming out near the storm shelter (a small cluster of Iris’ grow there and are barely attended).

It caught my eye out there in a sea of green!  Almost all our flowers have bloomed on our property—so it was a pleasant surprise.


It’s the first week in May already and it’s the last week of school…

I’ve got all my ART assignments turned in and I’m waiting on the grades to post.

My last History class will be Tuesday, we take the final and maybe find out a grade for our last assignment—a paper.  I hope he tells us the grade.  I don’t want to have to email him for it. There is no online element for that class (someplace I can log in and check my grades)… that’s the one draw back. However, I can log into the College page (where my transcript is)  and see my Final Grade for the semester—later. in. the. month.  Don’t like the wait.   My history teacher is 30—and has a Ph.D. already and has been teaching 10 years! He’s very laid back—though, I didn’t much care for him at first. I find him interesting … and am considering taking him next Fall for the other half of History.

It all depends on my Math class…duhn-dun-duh!!!!

I have two tests to take this week. The last chapter test and the final.  More than likely,I’ll take one test tomorrow. The cut-off to take the final in math is Thursday. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

I’m up late tonight—was studying and reviewing… my brain hurts from all the figures! I have the hardest time keeping it all straight.

Right now I have MUSH FOR BRAINS.

‘Til next time- bloom where you’re planted


Friday, April 15, 2016

Kernels of Corn: Travels to Corsicana


In the past month, we’ve traveled to Corsicana about 3 or 4 times! It is only about 25 miles from us—there is so much culture, history and shopping to be found there. Also, the Collin Street Bakery is there, they are known for the world famous FRUIT CAKE!  (maybe one day I’ll go there and show you what it’s like)

In the mean time, you get to see---

Historic Court Houses

Navarro County Old court house—I believe it is the Official’s building, I don’t think they hold court there. Currently, it is being remodeled and preserved.


First United Methodist Church-  A beautiful building… my photos don’t do it justice. The spire on the front corner stretches toward the sky!

Pearce Museum

Pearce Museum at Cook Education Center (across from Navarro College)::

I failed miserable to get a photo in front of this building, using the timer—it was starting to rain. Apparently, I can’t operate camera in the rain and stand on my mark… or get my husband to look at the camera… hahaha!


aldi food market

Oh, now he is looking at the camera!

Visited Aldi Food Market.  This is the closest one mileage-wise to us and we were already in town for the Museum—so why not?

Important to remember about Aldi (you may know this already, I did not)

  1. BYOB—bring your own (or pay for their bags or you can grab a box out of the bin)
  2. Have a quarter- You must have a quarter to unlock the cart and use it. You get it back when you return your cart … an incentive!
  3. Limited items—don’t plan to buy ALL your groceries there—the health and beauty section was  about as big as one END Cap at a normal grocery store by comparison.
  4. You only get one chance at first impressions—eh!

Back to the sights of Corsicana; I’d love to go one day and just take pictures of downtown Corsicana—

cobble stone street

They still have cobble stone streets.



They still have shops and businesses downtown. It is a thriving community.

This past week there were storms rolling through our area. Several people north of us received hail damage. We didn’t get hit with much, mostly just rain. 

stormy sky april 2016

The sunset light up the sky like a blazing fire! It was gorgeous.


This rainbow appeared for a few seconds—south east of us!

These are just a few of the happenings around here--

‘Til next time, be blessed and enjoy the journey!



My grace is sufficient for you; for My Power is made perfect in weakness.
~ 2 Cor. 12:9


“rose bud” from our side yard.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Cheap Art- There’s an App for That!

Real quick, I wanted to show you a framed print/ poster I bought over the weekend.  It was in a really cheap frame with Plexiglas over it. I bought it because it was a copy of Van Gogh painting; Cafe Terrace at Night and I only paid five bucks for it.


Some of you probably wouldn’t have bought it.  I know there are lots more things out there to spend money on; but, taking art this semester and knowing for years that I like his work; I thought it was a small price to pay. Really, I’m in a ARTSY kind of mood, after visiting a museum on Saturday with The Honey.

I had a frame in mind when I got it home and measured it. I also already had a sample jar of Valspar (…we’ll call it Mid-night blue) from the Ooops! paint at shelf at Lowe’s.

I love how it turned out. For now, there isn’t a mat. The name of the museum where the original is housed and the name of the painting and Vincent Van Gogh’s name can be seen on the front. I sort of like that. I’ve left the cheap scruffy plexiglas over it to protect it until I get a glass  replacement. 

What do you think, should I place a mat around it covering the title and other information, or should I leave it and just get a new glass for it.  I also don’t have a permanent spot for it yet. 

I just bought it yesterday using the 5 mile app on my ipad.    I wanted to give that  a try and see how I liked using it. The transaction went pretty smoothly… The Honey went with me to make the deal. It was close and pretty easy? Have you tried it?

If so what are you thoughts on 5 mile? 

My thoughts at the moment are:
  1.  Gee, this app is addictive.
  2. Don’t buy anything else until I sell something.
  3. Gotta check 5 mile and see if there’s anything, I can’t live without! (before it’s gone…sssshhh!)
  4. Don’t tell the Honey… Ooops! he’s addicted too!
Anyway, this is my frame before I painted it ‘midnight blue’.  It was green and covered in dusty doilies… they needed washing anyway. Winking smile


‘Til next time, be blessed.

My grace is sufficient for you; for My Power is made perfect in weakness.
~ 2 Cor. 12:9

inexpensive art makeover
“Cafe Terrace at Night” Vincent Van Gogh (print copy)