Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Short Post on Thursday-


I took this photo of the hedges a few weeks ago; they’re planted outside the Technology building, on the college campus. I think they’re so pretty, but I’m not sure what type of hedge it is.  Maybe you might know!  It’s officially fall now, but some of the interesting plants on campus are still blooming.  I’m hoping to get a picture of one that I saw blooming Tuesday; it was very pretty!


Today, I was outside with Haiden (see how I snuck in a photo of him?)  We found this Walking-stick on the side of my car, while getting the mail.


Lastly, I didn’t want to be over confident going into my English class this semester and I was really more worried about it than the Beginning Algebra I’m taking. I’m making an A in both classes; however, all my fears of over-confidence in English are gone!

Apparently, I have more problems with punctuation than just exclamation points and ellipses. 


Most people don’t use them; I use too many.  I apparently, have a problem with SEMI-COLONS as well.

Some people have a way with the English language…

and some people …Not have way.

*There is a new post on Lil’ Camper that Could, for those of you following along with the camper progress.

‘Til next time, blessings!


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12

Monday, September 21, 2015

Late September


If you had the time, I’d invite you to come for a visit, and we could sit outside on my bench, out in the yard. We’d have tea and catch up with each other on all of life’s happenings. 

corninmycoffee-pot 2015

It’s still warm here, only a few days left of summer. I actually took a swim in the pool today. As long as the weather stays nice and warm, and the water is clear and warm then I will continue to do this for exercise. After that, I’ll be popping in the dvd and walking once the weather finally changes.

In the past, I would come to the computer and sit down to work, research cultured food recipes and blood sugar information, or I’d pay bills.  At some point, I’d end up being distracted with blogs.  I’d read and then I’d write,but school is keeping me busy. Now, it seems I’m trapped in some sort of alternate state. I come in here to blog and say hello or visit with all of you… and instead, I find myself logging into my online classes to do practice work or homework.  If I get near the computer to take care of household business—I’m on and off the computer lightening fast! I don’t dilly-dally anymore.

We no longer have lots of LITTLES running around the place.  They’ve all gone to school,too. I keep thinking how fun it would be for Haiden (3 yrs) and Vincey (2 yrs) to play together and having both the twin cousins here… 4 boys here, would be fun! You know me, I love having them here.

haiden was here

Oh yes, Monday through Friday we have HAIDEN.  You may remember Haiden. He once painted my kitchen floor white, a happy accident.  I had to come behind him and spread it around evenly. He’s 3 now. We are getting to see him more and more; I’ve become quite close with this little boy.  He is the image of his daddy, our oldest son. We also have Liam here about 3 days a week. He is the youngest of the twin cousins, and they are 7 months old now; both are crawling!

Vincey and Bash are at home with mommy now. I miss them,so we try to make a point to see them during the week if we can, or on Saturdays.

Today, I saw my first sono images of our next grandbaby. He (or she) will be here in February 2016. My DIL is having a gender reveal thingy.  I’m not big on finding out before they’re born, but this will be fun! It’s an exciting time right now.

Things are changing here.  I’m getting into a different sort of groove. I’m finding a balance with my health, with my home life, my family and school.  The schedule is flexible.  I’m in a comfortable place at the moment. 

Late September.

‘Til next time-

Grace and Peace

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Finding EVE—I GPS’d my iPhone


What a crazy morning it turned out to be. I woke up way earlier than usual; it was my day to take my grandsons to school.  I had a package of baby belongings to drop off with my other daughter; so the plan was to meet at the Hotel parking lot near the school.

We met and it was decided we’d both go to the pharmacy; the boys would stay in the car while I kept vigil; and my daughter went inside to purchase medicine for them. Afterwards, we parted ways to return to our homes.

At the light—my brain kicked into over drive, when I realized I didn’t have my phone. I knew where I’d put it. She was right ahead of me with only a couple of cars between us.  I sped up and tried to catch her. Once she turned onto the Farm-to-Market hi-way, I realized she was going too fast. I had lost sight of her, as she rounded the corner.

Rather than go after my daughter, I returned to the last place I’d seen her. I searched the parking lot. She wasn’t there. I drove slowly through town, looking as drove.  I finally, just went to my daughter’s house.

The look of surprise on THAT Girl’s face was almost comical.

“Hey, Mom! What’s up?!”   We had just seen each other, and the last thing she knew was; I was on my way home.

Frantically, I asked her, “Do you have my phone?!”

I could see the look of surprise, on her face, shift to puzzlement, almost like a child having been promised ice cream, being told “it ALL melted.” 

Immediately, she knew; that what she had heard and seen coming off the top of her car was in fact, my phone.  She knew what had to be done; recalling where she’d last been seen; while I stayed at the house once again with the boys; my daughter drove off, to find it.

There was no use.  She was lost. After searching a good while and listening to my daughter apologize for something that was clearly NOT her fault. I decided to return home without her.

The whole while I was driving, I kept thinking of my shattered phone. Not only was my phone probably lying in a bar-ditch shattered to bits; but my security had possibly been shattered as well!  What if… it weren’t broken and someone found it. There information on my phone that was private and personal?  I felt vulnerable.  Could someone crack the pass code and get this vital information?  I was angry at myself for being so careless with such an important part of my life.  I couldn’t protect her anymore; all I could think of, was how can I protect myself now?  I’d have to call and have the phone deactivated.

The tension was high when I returned home-- the same feeling you get upon entering a funeral home, silence and awkwardness.  There were no words. I finally made my way into my son’s room, and asked him, “Can we G.P.S. my phone?”  It was like giving my son permission to have fun with TECHNOLOGY!  His eyes, literally glazed over.  After a few minutes he came to me with his dad’s iPhone. I gave him some encrypted data; and in just a few minutes… He handed me the phone. There on the screen, was a dot, flashing—like a beating heart.  The text at the top said “EVE”.  

corn in my coffee pot

There she was—waiting for me to come and rescue her.  My daughter came and joined the search party. We all walked along the hi-way’s edge searching and searching, ever hopeful. One old cowboy, pulled along side us in his big red pick-up truck, seeking answers.  “Were we alright?”  “Are you looking for something?”  I assured him, we were ok, and there was no immediate cause for alarm, and I thanked him for stopping.  We went on searching.

The GPS was refreshed.  We’re within 300 feet!

I WAS giddy with excitement.

We continued to search; and we called, texted, and listened for a response.

REFRESH.  Ten Feet.

Call. Text. Listen.

Finally, we heard her call out, like a train whistle in the distance, on a chilled, foggy morning. We stopped and strained to listen, one more time.


EVE was found, under a thorny bush, beside a long, winding hi-way; naked and broken, never forgotten.  Still through it all her face barely had a scratch on her.

There not too far from her lay a snake, nestled in among the tall dry grass.  Waiting and Watching my Apple, EVE.

You just can’t make stories like this one up, y’all!

‘Til Next time, be blessed and keep your iPhone in safe place (i.e.:  not on top of your daughter’s car!)

He has told you O man, what is good and what does the LORD require of you, but to do justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.  ~ Micah 6: 8