Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thrifted- Mirror TURNED Chalkboard




It’s a good thing I like PROJECTS! 

It’s an even better thing to have someone to GIFT them to  AND HAVE LOTS OF OCCASIONS!

I had a birthday coming for a little girl—and a TOM-BOY at that!  What to get her?  What to make?

I haven’t had the resources to prepare for her party—in fact February came and went; and one of my LITTLES had a birthday… and well, being flu season, new babies born…lots of different factors.  His parents opted out of a party this year.  So I didn’t even make a present for him!    I bought him something and I gave it to him today!  1 month later.  He didn’t mind one bit!  He loved it.  I do have a project in mind for him and am going to be working on that one soon.

Some may think it’s over kill to make presents for people.  But most of the time—the receiver of the gift LOVES IT!

SO… back to this little girls gift! Brees chalk board price tag

I got up early Saturday morning and hit the thrift stores bright and early in search of a large frame—to make a chalk board.  I found one marked $12.99 – but it’s been in the store since September last year, the guy offered it to me for $9—I jumped on it!  My limit for the kids gifts is about $20—since I had everything I needed to make the conversion.  I came in under budget.  YAY~ 


The mirror was in almost perfect condition.  In fact it had a nice enough frame; that really, I wouldn’t have to do anything to; but, since it was going into a child’s room--- I wanted it to be FUN!  

I took the mirror out.  ** NOTE TO SELF—research options for SPARE MIRROR, NO FRAME!

Brees chalk board


I did all this late Saturday evening… including crocheting little flower bunting while watching British Comedy on PBS!  Cut the masonite backing down to fit inside the frame to replace the mirror. I discovered last night about 11 pm—I was out of CHALKBOARD PAINT—so I used Clark and Kensington (primer- plus paint)  in black, dries flat. Worked fine.

FOR THE FRAME:  Painted it TURQUOISE/ AQUA  with Valspar paint sample (by the way, those little jars of paint- go a LONG WAY!)  Sorry, I’m not sure of the color, I bought these off the Ooops! Paint shelf at LOWES.

WAXING THE FRAME:  I mixed Minwax Finishing Wax and paint 

  • 2 tsps of NAVY BLUE VALSPAR paint sample
  • 1/2 cup Minwax Finishing Wax

RUBBED IT ALL OVER THE FRAME—let dry a couple of minutes ( I was working under a fan so it went fast!)

Buffed it to a shine…

DSCF6722 DSCF6721

  • Added tray for chalk and hooks for the bunting and the matching soft eraser—another use for crocheted scrubbies!


Wrapped it up and away we went to the party!


Do I have to even tell ya?!   She loved it!

Gift giving is fun!  Making and personalizing a gift to suite someone’s taste--- is LOTS of fun.

Having the gift ready and set to go DAYS BEFORE THE PARTY? 

I have no idea what that’s like.   If it weren’t for the LAST MINUTE AROUND HERE… nothing would get done.  It’s true. 

I didn’t jump in the bounce house, or kill the PiƱata… but I did get my picture taken in the Ninja Turtle Cut out…


See if you can tell which Ninja Turtle I am? 


‘Til next time, be blessed!



Friday, March 27, 2015

:: A New Awakening-


Yesterday was so sweet!  Thank you everyone for such warm thoughts and wishes on my birthday.

My youngest daughter brought me…carbs    breakfast-   Yummie!  How could I resist my favorite carrot pecan muffin… and a couple of sausage Kolaches?!    Good thing my birthday only comes ‘round once a year!

I indulged and it was so GOOD!   Tonight she and her hubby took us to Road House Steak house for dinner.  I did way better there… no picture, but I had Steak, Sweet Potato and Green beans… with a couple of tall glasses of unsweet tea!    THAT! was delicious.  Best steak EV.ER!

birthday breakfast 

My oldest daughter and her daughter, brought me hand picked flowers all along their country road… Little jonquils, Iris, Red Bud (from a tree) and er, hmmm… some blue bonnets (from their field) BEAUTIFUL!

birthday bouquet


  • My neighbors Red Bud tree!

Both yesterday and today were such lovely weather days, though  yesterday was cooler and a bit windy!  It was still sunny and nice! 


  • Wisteria …starting to bloom! Very soon they’ll be big and showy… more pictures to come.

I’ve been out in the yard looking at all the flowers that are starting to bloom—Spring is finally here! The flowers are beautiful but… 

I’m hoping more than anything—to get something planted to eat! (Crazy weather has this gardening amateur…off schedule for sure!)



  • My very own Red Bud tree—purchased from a nursery 2 years ago.  This is the first time to bloom.  It’s still so small…but I’m so happy to see it bloom!


  • Iris (purple)  about to bloom… I only discovered these in my yard a few years ago.  All the rest are white! 

I love seeing all these early happenings of new life!  Little buds everywhere… it all makes me smile!

Til Next time, Be Blessed






Thursday, March 26, 2015

:: A Routine Life is Good

~Who redeems your life from the pit,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion;
~Who satisfies your years with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.  ~ Psalm 103: 4-5

budding plum tree
Budding Plum tree with streaming sunlight

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Today (Wednesday) was gorgeous!   The sun was shining and the ground had dried up in some areas… Honey was able to get on the mower and get part of the yard mowed. After that… there was still a good bit of the afternoon left, so I hung out some laundry I had washed while he was mowing.   I don’t generally hang clothes the same day he mows…

because well… the obvious!

Our daughter has been back to work for the second week… and I think we’re getting a pretty good schedule down.  Today was a little odd—both boys napped at the same time!  Miracles of miracles.  Sebastyan has colic—I feel for him.  His mom and I are discussing options—as he has had his formula changed twice already and nothing is helping.  She is ready to come around to my way of thinking…Probiotics- In the way of Kefir.  I’ll share with you how that goes hopefully by next week and we’ll be seeing an improvement.

Anyway, back to the schedule.  Once I get Bash asleep and Vince is playing with blocks, cars, what ever grabs his attention (a.k.a: The Honey) – I’m able to sit at the table with sister and do the instructive part of school.  She is learning to read and she’s coming along in math pretty well too!   The rest of her schooling comes naturally throughout the day, in a more unconventional setting—she’s doing quite well with all of it.

I’m able to stay pretty busy with house work, through out the day—and squeeze in some of the daily and weekly household chores in between activities with the kiddos.  The Honey has been dubbed “Trash Captain”  and he does dishes.  You don’t know how happy that makes me!  I’d rather do ALL THE LAUNDRY. ALONE. Than wash dishes.  I will wash dishes and I DO wash dishes.  It’s just not my favorite. Our kids were taught to put their cups on the microwave hutch when they were young;  I’ve taught my LITTLES to do it too- this way, I’m not washing cups all day.  Each has their own color and that simplifies things.  The dishes don’t really pile up, because the breakfast and lunch dishes get washed as soon as we’re through with that meal. 

Before I let the kids outside to play today—I turned on my dvd I bought a while back and walked.  I’m using the Leslie Sansone – dvd.  It’s called  Just Walk…(the ULTIMATE 5 DAY WALK PLAN). I bought it last year and it still had the plastic wrapper on it today when opened it!   I was walking before—but I was streaming it on YouTube.    The LITTLES joined in and did it with me.  We laughed for about half a mile!

I felt great after that workout! Why didn’t I do this all winter?  I. DON’T. KNOW.

All in all this week has been a good one.  I’m glad I’ve taken the time to meditate on the scripture I’ve shared with you.  When I’m hanging laundry, swinging on the porch with a baby, cooking, or crocheting (I’ll be honest haven’t crocheted much this week) …but my point is, whatever I’m doing I’ve been thinking about God’s benefits and I’ve been thinking happily about my birthday… Today, (Thursday, by the time you read this) and I’ve been counting my blessings!   I have so much to be thankful for.

Momma and Me Feb 20, 1966  … I was 11 mos. old.

‘Til next time, Bless the LORD~