Friday, July 31, 2015

Kernals of Corn- July’s End- Hot Beginnings


The end of July already. It’s finally beginning to get hot. We’ve had less than ten 100° days I believe.  Honestly, I’ve not counted. I just know we haven’t had many. It’s just been HOT and DRY!

The week has been a strange one. Starting out in Dallas… we came home Tuesday evening. When Honey was finally released to go home, it was RUSH HOUR!  I believe it’s a misnomer for the time of day people are most anxious to be home… as we are NOT rushing anywhere.  It should be called HURRY-UP AND WAIT HOUR! 

I woke up Wednesday to a beautiful day… when I got outside the sun was shining through the tops of the trees… I’m glad I was able to see it.

I decided to take some pictures outside. Three days away from home and 100° temps… does this to cucumbers.

It’s okay though, they were pretty much spent already. It was getting about that time!

Surprisingly, the plants on the porch were still doing fine. The “Old Man’s Pipe” .  The ‘pipes’ are getting bigger.  Buying soil and replanting some of these is on my radar of things to do.  Hmmm… wonder when that will be?

Last week sometime… I won 2 give aways… I’m still waiting one package to arrive, but on Thursday of this week, I received this in the mail!

I won it in a give away being offered by Connie @ Crafty Home Cottage.  She made this adorable banner that says Wash Day on it… and a cute little pin bag for the laundry room!  Connie was celebrating her new clothes line poles in her back yard.  Isn’t that sweet… celebrating laundry?!  She practices contentment in her home—certainly, a blessing and good example to me!

Laundry happens to be my favorite task around the house… I love hanging out my laundry with the chickens  wandering around the yard and dog rolling around in the grass!  I was honored to win something she made by hand! Thank you so much Connie!  I absolutely love them!  I hope to get it up in the laundry room soon and show all the cute little details that she put into this craft!

Lastly, I have been following Donna’s blog @ Cultured Food Life and we are a big fan of what we’ve always called BOILED COOKIES  (only we pronounce them Bulled Cookies… cause, well… we’re in TEXAS!)

kefir cow pies

Anyway…these are NOT boiled. They are refrigerated.  Which is a good thing, because they have KEFIR in them and they are chocked full of healthy things for the body. 

I followed her recipe.

Yes! LONG TIME READER… YOU READ THAT RIGHT!  I actually followed a recipe… start to finish. You know how I always change SOME LITTLE SOMETHING… but NO, no this time. They’re so good!   But I will be trying them with Agave Nectar next time. I think the honey is a little bit too much for me, though, I don’t pig out on the them.  The Honey likes them too.

I have so much more to talk about… but all in due time, I suppose. What to share…?  What to keep personal…?  A fine line.  I’m thinking about so many things at the moment. I feel like everything is coming at me all at once…sometimes it’s overwhelming just a little bit.  I do try and seek bright spots in the day.

All of you that have offered up prayers for our family—just KNOW that it is not in Vain.  God hears your prayers and in turn, He is using those prayers for his glory and his blessings in our life.  I’m trusting Him for that.  All of his promises are YES!

‘Til next time, thank you and count your blessings.

But godliness with contentment is great gain.         ~1 Timothy 6:6

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 9 ICADs—Coming into the finish!


** Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you my readers and commenters… This past week has been a strange one. Starting out in the ER with the Honey; then being transferred to Dallas—very reminiscent of 4 years ago!  A little bit unsettling too!

We’re home now. Recuperating and hoping to find a doctor that can get to the bottom of his health issues. We have a doctor appointment for NEXT Wednesday…at a different hospital in Dallas. 

I will ask that you continue to pray for him and myself, how you feel led by the LORD. Thank you!


Now on with the ICADs!

9 weeks …this is week 8.  So there is one more week to go. At the time I’m finally writing this… Week 9 is almost over…TOMORROW!

As I’ve said in the past, you can hover over the photo for the prompt theme.  #ICAD2015




This “card” is actually on a napkin from the hospital cafĂ©. I folded it down as close as I could get to an actual index card… I came fairly close!

The theme is #machine… I was sitting in the radiology dept while the Honey lay on a photo imaging machine with a radioactive drug pulsing through his body.  He lay there very still. Nothing like his reaction to the MRI 4 years ago…when he had a severe anxiety attack.


Tomorrow I’ll come back and tell you a fascinating story about how God used ICADs on the road to Honey’s recovery.

‘Til next time, be blessed.

(and know that God is always working)


But godliness with contentment is great gain.         ~1 Timothy 6:6

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prayers Needed -- be Back Soon!

Hi there!!
Popping in real quick like to say... We've been up in Dallas this week since Sunday- at the Hospital.
The Honey has been having some health problems ... No not his heart this time. It appears to be Liver - but the root cause is undetermined as of now.  He's been treated and monitored for Gall bladder... But once it got down to the test its his Liver.

So I'm a little bit busy at he moment but hope to be back before the end of the week!
See you soon!
'Til next time, be blessed!