Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ICAD: 61 days

I some how lost track of the weeks for ICAD this year and believe I might have miscounted them.  I was going to title this WEEK 9- ICAD, or something just as fantastic and oringinal...  but, I think it’s week 8.  Regardless how you slice your ICAD… there are only 61 days for the Summer challenge. So this is the last installment! 

Day 57: STICKERS – I like the alpha-stickers and used them to write this important message to all who read it… Find Joy!  …it is what strengthens you! 


DAY 58:  GRAFFITI – a nod to ICAD.  I created this little brick wall. Then I stared at it for a few minutes… my brain was screaming… WHAT TO WRITE?!   Over all, I like how it turned out. 


DAY 59: TIC TAC TOE …nuff said.


DAY 60:  SORBET – a painted card. Its a special card, I’ll cherish for personal reasons. Because of the company I was with when I painted it. I added the ‘handwriting examples’ on Day 60! 


DAY 61: PATH  -- The finale!  I mentioned on my Instagram … that regardless what you do in life with your hands and your time and all your days and your words… Follow Truth.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”


I’ve written notes on the backs of some of these cards. Little messages to my kids, I suppose; expressing thoughts and feelings about certain days.  At this point I’m not so sure what I’ll do with them. For now, they are tied with a piece of string and put with last years cards. 

One day, I may place them in an album or a book or create an art journal--

some of them, might even be framed!  Maybe you’ve made some ICAD and are not sure what to do with them… here are some tips and ideas!


‘Til next year, fellow ICADians and readers…

I hope you enjoyed ICAD 2016—61 Day Challenge.

Now, back to IRregularly schedule programming!


Really, Thank you so much for looking!



Ann said...

Another nice set of cards. That sure was a quick 61 days

Diane said...

You did a great job this year. Writing notes on the backs is a very cool idea!