Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Closet Flip Around


So when we moved into our house about 20 years ago… there were only 2 closets.  The one pictured below…was NOT one of them!


The Honey built that closet. I called it a utility closet… but it was mainly storage and hardly ever utilized to it’s potential.

I cleaned this room out in 2010—which seems like FOR-EV-ER AGO!!! I had joined Donna at FJI for a workshop series. It’s HISTORY NOW… but just in case you like history, you can see my reveal post here.  …  and it stayed …eh! decent for a while. As time passed, we could never use it because things get dropped, laid, stacked (you name it) in front of those doors.  Not a functional closet.

Then in 2014 we thought we would be moving.  The realtor that toured the house and truly disappointed me, wouldn’t even list our bedroom as a bedroom because…






I’ve wanted a closet and often wondered why we made this closet here in the mudroom/laundry room/back porch?  Why DID we make one here?  I don’t know.


Anyway, July 4th weekend, we began tearing this closet out. That ship-lapped wall you see inside that closet hides my tiny 9 X 12 bedroom on the other side. *NOTE the saw blades you can barely glimpse them at the top of that photo.  My daughters painted those for me when they were just young girls.  We’ll come back to those in a bit.

The other side of the wall is paneled…you can see below.



We cut the paneling out.


The ship-lap is cut away.  Now we can stand in the bedroom and look into the screened in mudroom.


Certain studs were moved from one wall to the other and we began building a wall with 1 X 4 boards.  The ship-lap was saved be couldn’t be used for this project.


Hind-sight … remove the saw blades before  building a new wall…

AND WEAR EYE PROTECTION!  I have three bite marks around my eye…the long one went in pretty deep. I thought it needed stitches, but thankfully it didn’t.


I’m all better now. 

I’ll return in a few days to show you the end results of the Closet flip around!

‘Til Next time, be blessed.

Bless your home, and bless all those that enter.



20 North Ora said...

So sorry about your injury. It's scary when it's an injury around the eyes. Take care. Looking forward to your finished project.


holli said...

Yall are very handy!! I love the shiplap. Good to have a functional closet.

Audrey said...

Oh my Patricia, what a scary thing to happen to your eye. So thankful it was not worse. Good advice to wear safety glasses and safety gear when sawing or working on projects. I am bad about forgetting to do that, especially in the shop when using the saws. Anxious to see how everything looks when you finish.
Audrey Z.

Ann said...

OUCH! That sounds like something I would do. That looks like a big project

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Hope you are healing well. I wonder what they do for historic homes where there never were any closets?

A Daughter of the King said...

Thank you, Lord, for protecting my friend from serious eye injury!