Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week 8—ICAD

What a crazy week that was!  We got a brand new grand daughter. While Momma was in the hospital, the Three Brothers were camped-out at our house!  It was complete and utter excitement!
There was hardly a minute to ICAD—I found left-over cards and somehow muddled through.
This started out as a “hero- cape” the previous week. It didn’t happen.
Baby-girl Autumn was born ( she was a surprise gender and no one knew what we were getting) I felt sure it was a girl.  But my daughter the pregnant one… Thought for sure this pregnancy was no different than the previous three. Ha!  Boy was she surprised!
So… back to the card, this cape sort of looked pink in the right light… so
Day 50: Paisley.  a lovely pink paisley blankie! image
Day 51:  Purple was the theme. 
This card was also an extra—These doodles were made from a template I was trying to make Thespian style masks from the theatre or drama.  Just by using a template upside down and backwards.  I added the ticket and the PURPLE BORDER… trying to stay within the theme. image

Day 52: Stairs. 
A quick sketch.  My train of thought was the last step is a doozie!
I don’t know that it played out that way, but sometimes we step into things and before you know it we’re in over our heads!

Day 53:  Fortune Cookie-  We (the Honey and I )figured out this summer that our favorite China Buffet… makes more money off us if we stay for the All-u-Can-Eat buffet.  It’s actually cheaper if we get take out and they charge by the pound.  … The reason behind this fortune. image

Day 54:  AQUARIUM  another left over.  I made lots of cards before hand… just doodling around some days. This water  color started out looking like mountains. But during a hectic week with my thumb print fish ( a first grade art trick)  It quite resembles and aquarium.  It also, reminds me that I’m not swimming around in this puddle alone. image
Day 55:  OLYMPICS--
I’ll admit. I’ve been a bit pre-occupied to watch or keep up with the Olympics.  So yeah… Go,Team U.S.A.!!!  (left-over card)

Day 56: TEXTURE  again… not much time went into this.  Its a rubbing of a backward template and I happen to like that I couldn’t get them straight or even.

Some weeks are just busy.  I’m glad I had all these ‘left-over’ cards and didn’t toss them.  They came in handy when there wasn’t lots of time for arting it up!
‘Til next time.
  There is one more post after this… it’s a 61 day series during the months of June and July! Thanks for looking!


Summer said...

Congrats on your new grand daughter ♥ have a great rest of your week ♥

NanaDiana said...

Hi Patricia, Just popping by to try to catch up a bit. Congrats on the new grandbaby! I know the chaos that comes from having kids in the house. lol Fun but insanity all rolled into one. xo Diana

Diane said...

Good for you for keeping up with three grandsons in the house. Like the aquarium card!