Tuesday, January 31, 2012

uP or dOwN…either way~ it works!

  I’m in the process of giving my bathroom a facelift… I  showed my little bit of progress over the weekend.
You remember this…? Bathroom - before 021
I mentioned before it has never worked. NEVER.  The Honey wired it up about 16 years ago… and NOTHING. No. Not EVER.
uP OR dOwN …  oFf OR oNNOTHING. bathroom light fix 007
bathroom light fix 012
I know what your thinking.
giGgLE  giGgLE SnORt ….
But remember we still have the ceiling fan in here, complete with light kit! This is Texas folks—we are justified in having ceiling fans in every room if we want. Really! They’re an integral part of the comfort level in OUR home. Seriously! Today… the high is 71°.  Ceiling fans are important, PEOPLE. Especially in the bathroom. 
bathroom light fix 009 This is the original light to this bathroom. I have the globe for it…but currently the little nuts that hold it to the wall are slightly bigger than necessary and the globe won’t fit.
I’m going to dig around in the shed for some NUTS! and get this bad boy looking good. 
Oh yes… and when the switch is UP… it’s on; AND! that little pull string works too. (that is just bonus) It’s sweet I like it!

Really- I don’t care what the light looks like …ehem, except for that 80’s faux-brass-painted –red- thing… then I might care.
I just like when it’s uP …it’s ON.
and when it’s dOWn …it’s off.
I like that part!


Sandy said...

It's funny how getting something to work that hasn't for years can make your day! And I know the designers always take down the ceiling fans when decorating but not in my home! No one removes the one above our bed. It's "on" 24/7 in the summer even with AC on. LOL!

michelle said...

Woo Hoo!! I agree with Sandy, it is the best feeling when you try and try and for day, months and years and finally get something to work!! I like ceiling fans and when it is hot, uh huh, guess who will be cool! :)

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Great post {smile}...and yes, my hubby would agree with ceiling fans. LOL.

Looking good!

Gail said...

Great post Pat! I was smiling the whole time I was reading. Have a wonderful day, Gail

Cindy said...

Looks pretty retro to me and that is all the rage now! You're really in style now lady!
hahaha!!! Hugs, Cindy

Prior said...

Yep, gotta' have our ceiling fans, those designers that rip them out, better not come to my house! I can't wait to see the whole bathroom...they are my fav to do, just cause they are small, I think!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

yay! up/on down/ off! that's great! I have a couple that are backwards and it drives me crazy! I've never heard of a ceiling fan in the bathroom. :) I guess I need to get to Texas more often. LOL


nannykim said...

I love pull string lights--brings back memories of a cottage at the beach when I was a kid. I agree with ceiling fans, but have never heard of a ceiling fan in the bathroom.!!

Carla said...

Yes I giggle when I see designers rip out ceiling fans. I think they should have to live in the houses they design for at least a year then I bet they willleave them alone - at least in Texas where they are a must.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I so agree about ceiling fans! We need them in south. I don't know why designers on tv shows always complain about them!

The Boston Lady said...

Ceiling fans are definitely a must here in FL! Our run year round for this menopausal crazy woman! Ann

Kristina said...

Great post!