Friday, January 27, 2012

Picture Perfect Progress-

I am working on our bathroom—giving it a ‘lifestyle’ lift. Not even a Face lift—because I don’t have money for new fixtures or anything like that. It’s fun—thinking outside the box; being creative. Coming up with something new with very little resources almost guarantees ‘originality’!  =)

This bathroom has come a long way since we bought out house 16 years ago—I wish I had those pictures! But I don’t so - These are the BEFORE Pictures. Bathroom - before 002 I have had the Coca- Cola Theme for almost 8 years!!!!!!!!!!  Sometime in the last month I was playing around with some sticks and twigs and the dresser runner and came up with this little curtain, you know just trying to decide what way I’d like to go from the Cola theme.

Bathroom - before 005

The blue paint—I put on the walls last year right around ‘heart attack’ season. I never finished in here.  Since then I’ve decided I didn’t much care for all the blue paint on the walls. I suppose the Gibson Girl—Cola Motif will be leaving too. Bathroom - before 003

The louvered door was a pain to paint—I am not looking forward to painting it again. But, alas—it will be painted. Bathroom - before 014  It is what it is—In all it’s Coca- cola Red and creamy beige and blue walls. Bathroom - before 008  Desperate for an update.

Oh and then there is this… Bathroom - before 021

It doesn’t work …it has had one bulb in it. And it has never EV.ER worked. The lights in this room are attached to a ceiling fan over head…

So—I’ve not done anything great in here except paint so far and hang a new curtain.  The curtain, I bought at Bargain Land—for a couple of bucks. It was a definite change from the Coca- Cola. I think it may still be too much blue. But for now—it is staying until I get the sewing done on a new one! Bathroom - after paint 003

I liked the twig and dresser runner curtain. So I kept it. I think it looks pretty in here especially now with the new ‘Antique White’ paint. picture window perfect

I’ve primed the shelf over the potty. I’m doing something different with this as well. But the red is gone. I’m glad. granny bathroom oval 2

The white makes such a difference in here now. This below was taken when the Sun was setting… I like the feel of it. Yes—I see her…sipping her Coke (and possibly smiling) 

I’m going for an old – I guess , Vintage looking bathroom. Minus the claw-foot tub and pedestal sink.

 antique white bathroom-oval coke

Don’t get me wrong—in the future should the bright blue sky open up and drop an awesome CLAW FOOT TUB into the stream of “Bubble Bath” where it would make it’s way to my humble little privy… I would gladly rip out the small fiberglass model that we are currently the proud owners of—and believe me,  Nobody is happier than I am to have a place to bathe… but a Claw foot tub… Well, that would just be dreamy in my book!

Just so you know--- that from looking at these pictures… I KNOW THAT THIS ROOM isn’t finished yet; …and you know me, I have  a history of not finishing projects (do you do that? I do.)

I splashed paint on the linen cabinet doors!  I also rolled some on the sink base-- Bathroom - after paint 002

Yep! NOW THEY HAVE TO BE DEALT WITH.   I also have other details to finish.  I have the light fixture removed and we have to come up with a solution there.  I’ve got a shower curtain to make—and knick knacks to re-arrange… I’ll share more hopefully later! 

But oh, it will be so lovely. I will enjoy sitting in my tub… amongst the bubbles and relaxing… and sipping on a Coke!

~ As always,

God Bless you and Thanks for reading!


Lisa said...

Great progress! Changing the theme gives the room such an open, airy feel and it's beautiful! Way to go!

Kristina said...

I am right there with you on buying a claw foot tub. My Grandma had one, and we plan to rip out our tub and put one in some day too.

michelle said...

It is coming along beautifully. I love the sticks and runner for the curtains, it looks so pretty. Ok, if that clawfoot tub drops out of the sky, please ask for another one for me too please. :)
Have fun decorating.

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Wow Pat, that is quite a change already! I love how a new coat of paint and some fabric can pretty up any space so quickly.
The twig and runner valance is my favorite. Glad you kept it! Hope that clawfoot tub that falls from the sky doesn't hit anyone on landing! ;)
You know darned well I've got a history of not finishing projects too. We are 2 peas in a pod!

Unknown said...

What a great job...paint always makes such a difference!! Love the runner!!! Do you smile when you walk in. Keep going us the finished product.

camp and cottage living said...

You're off to a great start.
I'm loving the fresh new look already.
I'll be back to see it when your finished.
You will finish it now, won't you? wink

Laura said...
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Laura said...

I think splashing paint on projects that need finishing is the smartest thing I have ever heard!

I need to start splashing!

Your bathroom changes look bright and airy.

White Spray Paint

How is your Texas weather?

nannykim said...

I like the changes you have done so far! Much more calming. That red light fixture was a riot. I think if I had had all of that coke stuff I would be craving coke every day!!! I normally don't drink much of it....but this past week I have had some!! With the cold I had , I was craving it, which is quite weird. I seem to be feeling better is hoping!