Friday, January 27, 2012


 ****If you came here for the VINTAGE CHARGERS JACKET--IT'S SOLD. SO SORRY. 
If you're interested you can read about that story here.  Thank you for your interest. 

Last week between my hair appointment and my dentist appointment- the Honey and I stopped at Bargain Land to do a little browsing.
I picked up a few things. I got this needle work /embroidered piece. It is done in all RED THREAD I liked the subject of this little boy and his dog …I imagine he is teaching his doggie to fetch the stray arrows.  I’m not sure how old it is…there is some discoloring on the fabric (which appears to be linen) in the corners.
Kitchen Knick Knacks 015
It is framed nicely with a paper backing on it and the label says ‘COUCH’S Texarkana, TX.’  Kitchen Knick Knacks 018
I’m thinking of removing the backing and seeing if it has a stitched name on the inside---perhaps a maker or a date.  It was $2.
Kitchen Knick Knacks 014 I also found this doily—and this is a terrible photo. I had it draped on the chair…it is twice the size you see…mirror image to what your seeing. I’ll take a better photo and show it. I probably got it for $. 50  …I know it was less than $1. It had a hole where it had come unraveled. I repaired it already.
These are some Chrome Wing looking things.  I don’t have any wings on my camper…but thought these would look cool on there. Honey says that they may be too small. But for $1. you can’t beat it—so I bought them. If they don’t work—I’ll either find a use or resale. Kitchen Knick Knacks 013
This is Honey’s “NEW” JACKET… he’s been wanting a sports jacket, windbreaker type.  This is a Starter Jacket. YES! I paid a $1 for it too. And NO.  He isn’t a Chargers fan… (he’s not EVEN a COWBOYS fan~)

The best part about this purchase?  He thinks he scored so big… and I guess he did (if he were a Chargers fan) … I Looked it up online. It is highly sought after collector model.  C. 1980-- It is issued from the NFL and it is worth anywhere from $28 to $175 …. This jacket was in BRAND NEW CONDITION.  Someone probably had it as a memento … and he is just going to wear it. Too bad he’s not a fan. He just got it for the STYLE of jacket. He thinks they are so comfortable

He’s so proud.  It almost doesn’t seem right, does it?
He’ll be wearing it when he watches the Super Bowl--- Go Patriots!
~ God Bless You and Thanks for Reading!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Bargain Land - that a good name :)

Love the redwork you found. I collect redwork most of mine are pillowcases and dresser covers.

My husband is always looking at the jackets when we go to Goodwill. I told him he doesn't need anymore so now he's looking at vests!

Anonymous said...

you lucky Duck you :)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

great finds! It's strange what people donate isn't it?
$1 for that jacket? that's a bargain for sure!
have a great weekend!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That is red work and I doubt you will find anything by taking the back off usually they just embroidered their name on the front if they were going to. That was quite a find for $2


Kristina said...

I love the thrift store....such fun shopping!