Monday, January 30, 2012

Hand-Made Pay It Forward! Pass It On! Don't Pass It Up!!

This is not an award—or a TAG.  This is simply  voluntary participation.

I was reading the Lazy J bar C Farm  she posted this little Pay it Forward and I wanted to participate. I thought it would be fun and get me in the mood to create something really cool to pass along to fellow bloggers.

By commenting you agree to these rules-
So, here are the two rules:
1.  I promise to make something and send it (before the end of 2012) to the first five people who comment on this post.
2.  If you are one of the first five, you must promise to re-post the rules on your blog (or even Facbook) and send something to the first five people who comment on your post. The item must be hand made by you and the recipient must receive the gift before the end of 2012. The item may be as simple or as complicated as you would like. You just have to promise to follow through.

This will be such fun and we get to make stuff AND! IF YOU'RE LIKE ME- you’ll be glad to know you have ALL YEAR TO DO IT!

Please leave a comment and join in the fun~


The Boston Lady said...

Crickets...... Got me! Ann

The Boston Lady said...

Oh come on! I'm the only one!!?!?!?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I noticed this same response on other thread where I read this's like I've got the plague! LOL...
I hope people don't wait until Dec.29th to reply to this post...

funny, huh?