Thursday, September 27, 2012

::In case You're wondering ...::

Well, In case you're wondering where I am or what I've been up to lately--- 

Earlier in the week I took a few days to recoup from all that Chicken plucking. 
In all my research I've read that is NOT something you want to do often (killing chickens) or you'll likely become numb to it and no longer appreciate the life giving factor of raising chickens. Well, I can see how that would be. I think it sort of drained me both physically, (due to the arthritis I have) and mentally...due to the nature of the job. Just saying...glad that's over. 

Secondly... while I've been recuperating I've been crocheting and photographing some items for the shop. Today...being Thursday- I wanted to get my photos onto the computer and tweak them a little bit and show you a few things I've been working on here. 

But... somethings's not working right on my SD drive or it could be my SD card is corrupted and about to go KA-POOT! not sure which. Either way...I can't get my pictures to load!!! Very frustrated. 
That will slow production down for the shop.  I'm not able to stock the new merchandise. 
Not good!

I have some things on the computer that haven't been stocked yet, some vintage items and I may be able to tweak those photos a bit and get those items stocked. We'll see. 

Not meaning to sound glum and sour about these events...Nope! I take a look at times like these as Opportunity.  I think there must be a reason for things to be happening like this all at once-- It's a teachable moment. I wonder what it is the LORD wants me to know or learn from it all.  It's all in His timing and according to His will anyway.  
What will I do with it?  Is He requiring something from me?  Please understand-- I don't think it is anything to do with a 'saving' work... no, He requires nothing there.  But more to do with 'growing' me.  An improvement. :) 

In any case-- just know that I'm still here! plugging away at it... 

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Oh give thanks to the LORD for He is good; His loving kindness is everlasting.
 ~Psalm 107:1



The Boston Lady said...

Corn in my mailbox.... hmmmmmm. Well, I can see the time is coming for me to post your pumpkins. I will probably do it on Monday, Pat, October 1st and all.... I've been waiting for them to inspire me to put some more fallish things out - not that they aren't inspiring they are! The weather is not fallish, but I am determined to make this rental feel a little more seasonal. I have arthritis in my hands too and I can only imagine what that plucking did for them! Mine hurt for days from unpacking and stripping tape, etc. Ann

Anonymous said...

Computer issues are frustrating to me, because I have such a limited understanding of how to fix them!
Hope your back to normal soon!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Pat I am glad you are getting a little break. After reading about your chicken process, I felt the strain with you, however from a nice easy distance. I can only imagine the strain in person. Hope you get your photo issues figured out soon!

As for your help toward the little round table with the milk DID have a part in the job! Vital! It would not be done right now if not for you, and I probably would have settled for something quite a bit less fabulous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You would be on stage with me sharing in our acceptance speech for the award. What? There is no award? Aw, too bad. If there was, I picture you holding a trophy and offering a few words. Keep up the most excellent work. I love your encouraging spirit!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

That chicken plucking looked like a lot of hard work, but you got it done. Sometimes it seems like with arthritis it will be OK for a while and then overdoing things, weather change, or sometimes I don't even know what, will set it off and it will flare up in several different areas in my body at once. Take it easy until your arthritis settles down, if you can. Hopefully, your SD drive/card problems will be able to be straightened out soon so you can keep doing your pics of the cute items for your etsy shop. I always enjoy reading your posts.

DL said...

I always appreciate your perspective, Pat! Isn't is such a blessing to know the Lord is in control!

RHome410 said...

I always love your outlook, and share with you (when I'm not to stressed to remember) to look for the teachable moment... Or sometimes it's just a moment to STOP, breathe, and refocus. God bless.