Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October already?


I can’t believe it’s here …where has the year gone?  The winter and spring seemed too long; summer seemed too short… and here we are all the way around the calendar again.  I’ve not written a post in two weeks.

…and 31 Days?  Nope. Forget it! It hasn’t happened for me, not this year.  I vaguely remember I had a topic picked out and thought how neat it would be to write about it…

Durned if I can remember what it was about.  I mentioned to another blogger how I miss her writing; she isn’t a 31-day’r this year either.  You know?  that’s okay though. Nothing is permanent. Some things only last for a season.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am writing for school.  I thought about posting some of my papers here, however, we upload them to an online receiver and it digitally checks for authenticity.  I haven’t told my instructor that I blog and I don’t want the digi-tron to flag my paper as plagiarism.

Most of what we write is based on our own experiences;  being I’m the oldest in the class (did I tell you my class mates are the same age as some of my grand-kids?) … well, I’ve got lots of experiences! 

Oh, before I forget!  On Sunday, we attended our first Gender-Reveal party. 

I’ll be honest—I didn’t know what the protocol was for this event.  It’s not a shower.  It’s not a delivery.  It’s an announcement.  There’s food, cupcakes …is there ever a time inappropriate for cupcakes? I mean seriously.  I want there to be cupcakes for family’s lunch after my funeral.  Cupcakes are the best!

Anyway,  Gender-Reveal, in case you’re wondering--  Take diapers!  Boy or Girl…doesn’t matter, it will need it’s little bottom covered!

In our case… we’re getting a new Grand-daughter!


Spoken like any man would say… Our son announced…

“Purple.  I don’t know PURPLE MEANs?!”  

Back on the subject of 31 Days for a second. I hear tale… if you’d like to write, you can still jump in there and join along!  If you don’t take the challenge to write during this time, every day, for 31 days… you might still be interested in reading something fresh and new.

There are plenty of blogs to choose from. I’m reading And,Per Se And …art, life and everything in between.

It’s good.


‘Til next time, blessings to ya!



So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

~Psalm 90:12


Connie said...

It's nice to hear that everything is going well at school . . . being the oldest in the class can be fun. I took a class once with my daughter . . . everything was fine until one day a young man started hitting on her . . . she turned around and asked him if he wouldn't mind speaking a little louder, so her mother could hear him, too. That was one red faced young man, LOL.

Shug said...

to be the oldest in a college class is nothing but pure wisdom! I think this is awesome and I'm proud of you for embarking upon this meaningful mark in your life. Our grandson recently came home from school one day and was telling us about a 70 year old man in one of his classes. Never too old to go back to school. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandchild....

My Repurposed Life said...

congrats on the new girl! :) I've never been to a gender reveal party.... maybe someday!


Geneva said...

Congratulations on going back to school, new baby girl and your commitment to writing. Great all around! xo

camp and cottage living said...

Congrats on the new grand daughter, Pat!

Angel said...

Congratulations on the girl! Everyone was having boys there for a while, time to make some girl gifts!

Katie Mansfield said...

Congratulations! How sweet.