Sunday, April 11, 2010

His and Her Empty Nest

I recently read on someone's blog the importance of taking care of the master bedroom first
before tackling major projects elsewhere in the house. So that you have a relaxing place to come to at the end of a long tedious day. 

So, this is me for the last 5- 6 months...plugging along
...making the most of what I've been given-  
Being happy in the moment. 
Getting past the perfectionism of 'all or nothing' and just doing it- 
to the best of my ability. 

This is our bedroom about 1 -1/2 years ago. 
We lived with the ceiling like this for 11 years! 
I had stenciled the ivy  and checkerboard pattern on the wall in 1996
-- that was the year we moved here. 

Finally, after 11 years, I decided to do something with this tiny (9X12 sq.ft) space.

Please don't mind the plastic and newspaper... 
to move all this furniture out of an all ready tight spot would have been awful. 
This is the reality of it...
and it's how I work! 
In a Frenzied, spur of the moment, with no plan...and finally dragging my feet to get it done kind of way. 

Late in 2008 I painted the room... But that was it, my MIL came to stay with us
in what was the last year of her life. 
So 'HOUSE-WORK' got put on hold. 

Now I've been busy. 

This is our bedroom today. 

This shelf lining the wall is actually an old window casement. 
This room was added on and there is a room behind that wall. 
When we took the windows out, Honey built this instead. 
I like it I have a place to display  lots of little things I love. 

I Love These Apothecary Jars. 
I brought these back from my MIL home. 
Didn't know what to put in mine at first. 
Y'all put some interesting tidbits into your jars!

The middle one has bits of ribbon and lace 
the other two on the sides...

all the cards that ever came with the FLOWERS 
Honey ever bought me. 

This little candle  looks like a bell if it were upside down, but it is a wire basket
I screwed a little drawer pull into the shelf to hold it. 
The Chanel No. 5---
a gift from Honey. 

These little treasures are things that bring back memories for me
during my life  ---I know when and where I got them. 

Or who they might have belonged to before being passed down to me. 

Time Passes. 

And By God's Grace 

And a little bit o'money.

I am finally able to turn our shabby (not shabby in a good way,either)
 little bedroom into a sweet little relaxing retreat! 

Can you tell I've been trying to make it cozy?  

This little frame and mirror are a new addition to this room. 
For the sake of Love and marriage and a Newly Emptied Nest ... 
(please tell me I'm not the only woman to ever wake up to a stranger the day after the last kiddo left!)
I understand now why the bedroom should be first on the makeover list. 

So  recently when I came across Our 'suitable for framing marriage certificate' (not the license)
and a gold heart shaped mirror packed away in a box ,for safe keeping no less! 
 I spray painted them both white added some burlap and an old earring
to the framed mirror 
and hung them up in our bedroom. 

I like the way it turned out.  
Cute, huh? 

There is no closet in this room. 
For years Honey didn't have a dresser of his own.
He shared one dresser with me and had one drawer. 
Finally, after the kids moved out, he got his own dresser- 
I shoved everything over re-arranged the furniture 
and just last month moved a little chest of drawers into our room for him for his clothes.
He loves it! 

They don't match...
but I'm thinking of painting them both white, 
what do you think? 

You remember this little sign? 
I think it is sweet and romantic. 
It makes me think of Donna Reed and Jimmy Stewart
"It's a Wonderful Life"

...And then it makes me think how fortunate I am to be married 27 years today- 
to such a patient, loving, and so VERY GIVING MAN.  He swept me off my feet when I was just a girl, and He has been the best husband and Father ,to our children, a woman could ever want.  
I can say that all these years no matter what has come our way--Truly 
It's a Wonderful Life! 

Happy Anniversary Indeed! 

God bless you- 
and as always
Thank You for reading. 


Sandy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetheart! And may you have many, many more! You have a great sense of humor and I must say I laughed through your post about your decorating. I tend to live with things for years too before I do anything about it. We have two tiny water damage marks on our kitchen ceiling and they have been there longer than I care to admit. One of these days we will get the ceiling painted but there are only things that I want to do first. Your bedroom looks lovely. Have a great day!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Congrats on your pretty room! Doesn't it feel wonderful walking in there each night?

I have a funny story to share. Something I created, I thought to myself and said out loud, "I think this looks better in the daytime.."

My son replied, "Mom, at night doesn't matter! You just go to sleep, then you wake up again, then it'll be good!" LOL

So there you have perhaps why your bedroom took so long to do. :)


The Boston Lady said...

I think your bedroom looks lovely and I love the spread/quilt on your bed. I'm betting you made that!

It's hard at first in that empty nest, but then you realize why you married this person in the first place. Happy Anniversary to you! And I vote white on the dressers!

artteachergirl said...

I think you did a wonderful job on your bedroom...what's 11 years?? Good things take time!
I've been married 27 years too and even after almost 6 years I am still wrestling with that empty nest have to find that different normal for yourself that's for sure.
Great blog!!

Coleen's Corner said...

Wow! Great job! I'll bet you get all fuzzy and warm walking into that room now. Good for you! Love all your little treasures too!

Pat Harris said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful love story you told us through your possessions. The sweetest was the cards from the flowers he sent you! I pray you have 27 more years at least. I too vote white on the dressers. I love your room. It is so you! Blessings Pat

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Oh so what about the ceiling? Is it done? you don't show the ceiling in your "after" pics. I was confused as to whether you were still working on that part of the room!! I can't believe you looked at that ceiling for 11 years!! HA!!!

I fully understand putting things on hold while you are caring for a loved one. Things are settling down here since my MIL's death at the end of Feb. I miss her and now I have to adjust to the new freedom. She was in a nursing home in the Alzheimer's section , but I still visited her a lot and helped to feed her....she was a big part of my life. So I am now adjusting to the change.

Like you, my hubby and I have more time for each other now. We are seeking to actively develop our relationship (not that we hadn't been , but it had been a bit neglected).

Your room has a peaceful feel to it now and I love lace curtains! I also think I like the stencils since they seemed very cheerful---I like it both ways. With my rooms I am always surprised at how different the rooms look in the day than at night. The lighting often changes the hues of the paint!

I love that sign in your room--it is very cool!!! (I really should try to NOT use "cool" and "neat" ugh!!) I had to laugh about your bureaus. My hubby uses more drawers than I do, but I use more closet space.

ps. thanks for your comments on my spindlecottage blog!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Pat, thanks for stopping by! Isn't it fun to get a new room?

You were asking about my email address. I clicked on the envelope & it does open up a Contact page with my email, so it is working. Here's my email: said...

great job on your room! I hope to do my bedroom this summer. Since I only share my bed with critters, I have no one else to please. It should be easy, but I don't really have a style. :)
Happy Anniversary!
I enjoyed reading about your room, and love the idea about hanging the marriage certificate.

Prior said...

The room is so nice! and congrats on the anniversary. That really is an accomplishment! Lezlee

Kim said...

Happy belated anniversary!
I think the idea of painting both dressers white is a GREAT one.
Good job on the makeover!

Kolein said...

I don't know how I missed this post!

Pat. I. love. you.

The way you place things around that remind you of who and why and where's so lovely! You have a story in your home! And it's wonderful.

I used to think: No big deal about the bedroom. All we do is sleep in there. It's not like you have your friends over for brunch and say, "Let's sip our tea on my bed and then serve cookies from the dresser. Who cares?" Then I read somewhere about the "mood and the care we put into every single thing in our lives and how it's a reflection of what we think about ourselves and our daily living." Man, that was a wake up call for me. Why not make it ALL fabulous, right down to the socks I choose to wear when I go out for a walk!!! And the pillows I lay my head on!!!! Well, bit by bit, right?

Definitely paint the dressers the same color! White would look wonderful! Very shabby, in a good way!