Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's see...

I just found out I was awarded a blog award...

This particular blog award is for bloggers who don't have a big following or perhaps are just starting out 200 or less followers.  I DON'T TYPICALLY  accept these blog awards...(that's why this is on my sidebar)
but in this case I'm making an exception ... because it will help promote bloggers who are small and may want to get their numbers and viewers UP!   If you are an award free blog and would rather not participate...please let me know and I'll remove your name and let someone else get the visits!  {smile}

Apparently Liebster is German for friend.  I consider all my followers and the ladies that frequent my blog friends!

So... let me start by saying a big Thank you Jonelle   from Johnnies' Junk... 

for awarding me this Liebster Blog award.

I recently met Jonelle and left her a comment about her beautifully  re-vamped kitchen

I'm in desperate need of color- coordination -inspiration and her post was just what I was looking for! 
So on with the awards! 

Rules are simple:

1. Copy and paste award on blog
2. Thank the person who gives you the award and add a link
3. Pick 5 blogs to pass the award to and let them know by leaving them a comment on their blog
4. Hope that your followers will visit your friends

Camp and Cottage Living  Kimberly, Lives up north...she's a retiree and grandmother with a newly designed Mother in Law suite for her Mother in Love... she's taken tender care to make it comfy for her to come live near them.

Mel's Design ...n' Harmony  -- I think I like Mel's crafts because of the 'redesigning' she does. She reuses cast offs and makes them into something beautiful and useful for today... bags, purses, aprons, home decor... all lovely!

Pioneer Woman at Heart ...Kristina... SAHM, camper, crafter, farmer...Homesteader in Action!

Herb and Botanicals   ...Living Life Frugally and Simply!  
Lisa  - is a grandmother, crafter, frugal homemaker with cute crafts and ideas
Abitosunshine  Ruthie is a Poet and a Writer... I recently had the pleasure of meeting her through the Giving Thanks Challenge... She writes beautiful inspirational poems. 

I hope you will visit and read these ladies blogs leave some lovely comments! 

God Bless you and Thanks for Reading~ 


Kristina said...

Wow! Thank you!

Mel's Designs...'n Harmony said...

THANKS for the Award...I'm so Honored...AND excited about this!! You're so gracious to allow my blog to be shared in the fun...thanks so much again! Mel

Vee said...

Oh I like your Give Thanks stove a lot! Visiting tonight from Leah's Giving Thanks Challenge and I was so happy to find your list right there in your sidebar. It's a thoughtful one and one where you have been very honest. I particularly like and wish that I could have added #18; I'll work on it. A blessed Christmas season to you!

Anonymous said...

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The Boston Lady said...

Congrats to you and the recepients. I thought of you today when I impulsively bought a little chicken feeder while I was out with a friend. I can't have chickens here, but I will find a use for it - we have a question - . are there "male" chickens or all the guys roosters? We are obviously "chicken-impaired". BTW we were in a small town outside of Orlando which is known for it's roaming chickens and roosters. We spotted a clueless rooster hanging around the dumpster at "Popeyes Chicken". He even crowed which is how we spotted him! Ann

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

What a fun idea and I've already starting blog hopping. I'll just blame you for my lack of work today. "Pat made me do it" or "I had corn in my pot" :) Think that will fly?

It's worth a try!


Prior said...

congrats on the award! You deserve it! I hope you can come to the Christmas tour tomorrow! At the last minute we were added to it, we didn't decorate the whole building this year, just the board room. Sure hope to see you!