Monday, December 5, 2011

Sum up…

Didn’t post much in the way of new stuff last week… So this is my summary of the week including this past weekend…
Chicken Closeups  last week Nov 2011 005 I sat in the coop one day, hand feeding the chickens…they were more interested in the camera I think. Chicken Closeups  last week Nov 2011 004  Chicken Closeups  last week Nov 2011 001
Even  Mr. G. Burns… was checking out the camera! He rarely gets this close.
Kitchen wallpaper- Cutlery 015
After wanting some metal as a back splash in my kitchen… I went the cheap route and bought the wall paper that looks like pressed metal. It is paintable.  I painted it with some grey (i know it looks blue) Ooops! paint and dry-brushed some Colorplace paint called ‘Fired-Steel’  onto it. This is the result.
But I don’t like it. (paint color)  It just looks Blue!  I have a little bit of grey/blue in that ugly countertop…but I just don’t have ‘blue’ in my kitchen.  So I’m going to try something different. (keeping wall paper will try a different paint technique)  For now…thru the holidays… IT STAYS!  I will just live with it. Kitchen wallpaper- Cutlery 011
Yes! I know I have a percolator on the right side of the kitchen and a coffee maker on the left…I wanted to give the percolator a good run, before passing the coffee maker on to my daughter~! Garden Harvest  last week Nov 2011 008
Last week we had our first ‘real freeze’ over night… and lost my giant tomato plant. I’ve nurtured this baby along since the drought and heat of summer. Not to mention the plague of grasshoppers we had!
Garden Harvest  last week Nov 2011 010
You can see the Tulle in this picture…it protected the plant from the plague! And we harvested the tomatoes. That is quite a big bowl of cherry tomatoes.
Garden Harvest  last week Nov 2011 019
After some research…I just laid them out on 3 cookie sheets in the corner of the kitchen…and they’re coming along pretty well!  This is after a week.
I mentioned I bought new feet for my sewing machine.  I didn’t mention… Projects-Sewing- Kitchen Cabinet last week Nov 2011 011
I had to go online and read up and do more ‘research’ about which foot is which and WHAT IT DOES!   I don’t sew…much.  But, finally am ready to try I think! 
Just dinking around with the sewing machine… I made a DISH DRYING MAT from an old towel and left over curtain fabric.  (which by the way…clashes somewhat with the ‘new’ backsplash~)sewing projects- dish mat - T-shirt scarf 002
…and I made this scarf from an old T-shirt, for my daughter. 
sewing projects- dish mat - T-shirt scarf 005
I’m sure there is more… but that’s enough for one post!
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Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

I like the idea for the dish drying mat but does it take a long time to dry after use?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Kid's Mom~

I have no idea... I just made it. LOL... I used it this morning the first time and will let you know.
thanks for asking...

Granny said...

I love your backsplash and it shows up more gray than blue in the picture. I've been wanting a new backsplash (we have ceramic tile right now) but Grampy is afraid it will tear the wall up to take it off.

I love that you're enjoying your chickens. If you'll give them some hot mash in the winter time they'll love it.

Unknown said...

Hi Pat!
Love all your fix ups... what about red for your backsplash color.. a nice warm barn red?

Kerin said...

Love your 'girls'!
I really miss having our chickens.
Once the little barn is restored, and a chicken pen can be made, then we will get chickens again.
I am also going to get some guinea fowl from a friend.
I've heard they are a bit loud, but they are so stinking cute!

I'm loving your idea for the back splash!
So charming.

Have a great week, and take care.

The Boston Lady said...

Hand feeding the chickens?? Now that is something that I would love to do. I'm afraid if I had chickens they would become pets to me and eventually I would let them into the house.

Hope you get the backsplash the way you like it! Ann

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

You Have been busy! Great pics of the chickens.
Maybe you can drybrush a little grey onto that backsplash to make you happier with the color. It doesn't look too blue in the picture, but you can always tone it down with a little more paint.
I'm impressed with your sewing. My machine came with a box of "cams" long ago and I never figured out what to do with them. Probably long gone by now, that was mid eighties.