Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Brush Strokes--

When I first started on my picture perfect project… I shared that I didn’t get the cabinetry painted; but I did brush paint on every door…so that  I. WOULD. FINISH! Bathroom - after paint 002 SEE?Bathroom In Progress 072 You’ll be happy to know… IT WORKED! I GOT THEM PAINTED! Bathroom In Progress 009 I mixed up a little bit of Ooops! Paint and blended in a few other colors until I came up with just the shade of WHITE I liked. This color happens to resemble *news print* in color and then I mixed up some plaster of paris and made some  DIY CHALK PAINT!!! I liked it. But I thought it lacked detail.  Bathroom In Progress 111 Here they are after GLAZING—or basically, brushing on some tan paint I thinned down with water. I just brushed a little layer on and wiped it off with a damp rag. Bathroom In Progress 016
I did the same thing with the sink vanity. Bathroom In Progress 124I really like how it this turned out. The sink is marble; it’s not white  instead, it almost an alabaster color… So the paint and glaze toned it down and blended it together nicely. Bathroom In Progress 042 You can see the contrast between the marble sink and the *news print* base here-Bathroom In Progress 126…And the difference it made here!! 
I’m also noticing in these pictures that the door on the left looks a little less glazed… DOES IT LOOK LIKE THAT TO YOU?
I’ll have to go and check that out. I’ve not waxed any of these yet…so I can probably have a do-over on that door. Bathroom In Progress 013   Lastly--- I went ahead and painted the corner shelf over the toilet too. It did look like this… bathroom-before 001
See? Bathroom In Progress 120 Now it looks like this!!!!  (Smile)
Yes… I’ve got the same items on my shelf before, during and after! I’ve not really gotten that far yet---
I will probably shop the house and do some re-arranging. But that will come when I’m completely finished.
  • What a difference a little DIY chalk paint can make,huh?
  • What a difference a little Glaze can make,right?
  • What a difference a little finished project makes,too!?!?
So there you go… you get to see my painted bathroom cabinets- AND! you get the best tip ever for getting them painted. 
You’ll get sick of looking at them and HAVE TO PAINT THEM.
You don’t have to thank me now. Thank me later--- when the paint job is finished… {wink-wink}

~ God bless you and Thanks for reading! 


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This turned out wonderfully! And my kitchen has some "paint on each piece so I'll finish", too, LOL!

camp and cottage living said...

It turned out great!
It's so fresh looking!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

ohhh what a great tip! (slap some paint on, then you HAVE to paint them) You don't know me very well! hahaha
your vanity and corner shelf look fabulous!