Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dividing my Time~

There is so much to do around our little place. 
The list of  things to do inside is as long as both my legs! 

But outside~ 

                                                       I see beautiful images  like this.
 Spring cannot be stopped. 

Time marches on... The garden needs planting. I'm torn. Inside the Laundry needs washed and hung outside.
Once I'm out there hanging up the towels and have the sheets blowing in the wind; 
my mind turns to other things~ 

easily get  distracted. I walk in the yard, sometimes around the whole 4 acres . I tend the chickens. I walk the fence row-- I stoop to pull a weed from the beds... 

I've forgotten all about the vacuum, left sitting near the kitchen door-- waiting to run frantically across the rugs. 

I kept a little plaque that came from my Mother in-laws home. 
It reads: 

The kiss of the sun for pardon~ 
The song of the Birds for Mirth;
One is nearer Gods Heart in a Garden~
than any where else on Earth. 

Today it's cold and rainy.  I can hopefully get some much needed work done inside;

But...I'd rather walk behind a push mower 
than run a vacuum.


camp and cottage living said...

I completely with you! After being shut-up inside don't feel any guilt about soaking every bit of the outdoors. I can't wait until I can get out there!

Jocelyn said...

Oh gosh, yes. I would rather be out than in. And then most things don't get done inside that should. Just ask my husband. :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your spring photos are lovely, Pat! I have that same sign out in my garden!

Clint Baker said...

You are so right, this is the time of the year where you say, "Where do I start and what is the priority?"

The Boston Lady said...

I am totally with you on that one Pat. But allergies have kept me inside away from all our oak bloom the last few weeks. Rained all weekend and I hope it brought down the rest so I can go back out and enjoy the green-ness. Your property is beautiful. Ann