Monday, April 9, 2012

Taking Stock of the Land-

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Working out in the yard has been good the past few weeks—it gives us a chance to assess the property. To see where we stand on things.

The weather has been wonderful this year. We’ve had some rain, the grass is up and every year about this time I start wondering if we’re ready for a goat or calf,  that will eat the grass. Right now we just have mowers and they just eat at our pocket book; when we  buy gasoline to fill it up. 100_2155

We are just getting our feet wet with the chickens and I don’t want to jump into owning another animal just yet. One of the best parts of having the chickens, besides the sheer enjoyment of them, is that we’ve not had many mosquitoes so far. I know it’s just the beginning of spring, but we’ve had rain. We’ve been diligent to use up the rain water we’ve collected in buckets. We either cover it or use it pretty quickly. I’m guessing the chickens being out and about in the yard have kept the mosquito population down by eating the larvae. 100_0446

I say BONUS!  It makes it so much nicer to be out in the yard!

Today, Honey mowed and I pulled weeds up around areas he couldn’t get to with the mower.  Our son has our gas powered weed eater. Honey got in the barn last week and dug out the old Yo-Yo  (I’m not sure, but I think the one we have, may be from my Dad’s house)  It’s similar to this one below. weed cutter



We got quite a bit cut down with it! You don’t have to swing it hard; and you have the same action or movement involved with a weed-eater. I’d forgotten how easy it was to use. You get a pretty good core workout too. Not to mention there is no gas required!  It is a little bit difficult to get into some tight spots; but the hoe helped with that.

While walking the property we made a note of the trees that were lost last summer from the drought or age. All our peach trees are gone and over time we’ve lost our plum trees, too. One of the pecan and one black walnut tree will have to be cut down.  Although we did notice we had some growth on one of the black walnut trees. We’re researching on pruning and how to save it.

We also noticed that our grape vine that was planted years ago and thought had been lost ,has new growth on it; that means we’re going to let it grow this year and hopefully in the fall we can transplant it.

There is also a fig tree on our property and the grasshoppers pretty much ravaged that tree last year and we got NO fruit off of it. You remember the GRASSHOPPERS RIGHT? Grasshopper plague

(this photo was taken in Winter 2011)fig tree jan 2011 It is starting to put out some nice leaves. Honey did give it a pruning the other day, removing only the dead or damaged branches. (in this picture the chicken coop isn’t up yet.) With the help of our little chickens (eating the hoppers) I hope to be able to get some figs and make preserves again. It will be the first time in quite a few years to do this.

Many of the trees that are cut down will be used for wood in the wood-burning stove for heat, the pecan and fruit trees will be used in the smoker. Since Honey retired, we are less apt to burn brush for the sake of clearing the land; especially now that we’ve begun to look at the property differently. Some of the brush and bigger logs that are old or too big for the stove, Honey has set aside; and a couple of cool nights we’ve sat outside after a long days work burning a fire in the ring. Enjoying the night time atmosphere. 100_9996

As I looked out over the field and some parts of the yard- I saw little clumps sticking up and asked Honey, “why is that clump there?” – He informed me that those were patches of black berries all around. He loves blackberries and is really wanting some cobbler and blackberry jam this year. I’ve not made either one of these since the kids were so little. black berry blossoms

I feel very blessed to be living where we live. For I know that it is God who has determined this time for us, before it was appointed and I know that it is He who also has set the boundaries of our habitation.

Taking stock in this earthly place through spiritual eyes with the tempering of the Word of God—gives me reason to know that it is not in vain, but to His glory that we work with what we are given; and that we tend to it in much the same way that He tends to spiritual matters of the heart-- Addressing the pestilence, surveying the land and by cutting away, burning up and replanting!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
~Philippians 4:23


The Boston Lady said...

Your chickens are working very hard for you Pat! How nice that they do so many good things for you. Your property looks and sounds wonderful and I know you must be sad about losing those peach trees. I look forward to what hopefully will be a pleasant spring and summer for you with lots of new growth. Ann

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Great post Pat! I love hearing about all the goings on at your place.
I didn't know that chickens help keep the mosquitos at bay. I'm really a city girl. lol
I love spring and seeing all the new growth and checking everything out. Of course I can do that in about 20 mins. ;)
thanks for sharing with us.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I really enjoyed walking the land with you!! What a wonderful place to live. I say get the goat, my parents had one on a hobby farm and just loved it, it followed them everywhere and "Mowed" the grass!


Jocelyn said...

Thanks for the tour!

This year we are mowing our lawn a lot less--hubby doesn't want to do it, I don't do it (it's like the only thing I don't do--hehe), and I'd rather have the animals eat it. That's what they're for, right?

I am sorry to hear about your trees, however, I applaud what you are doing with the wood. I am of like mind-- I save everything I think can be useful because it can be useful.

♥ my diary♥ said...

hi friend...passing by to invite you im hosting a tuesday bloghop...hope you join...if you feel to...your welcome...loves soraya

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Pat and hearing how you take stock of the land. I would love to get some chickens someday- never thought about the added benefit of them eating mosquitoes!

I think those of us who have a relationship with the Lord enjoy working- being good stewards of the land like He asks us too. I love hard work and a little sweat never did me any harm!

Clint Baker said...

That was a fun walk with you, thank you!

Sandy said...

Of all the critters I have out back
I think I'd run from those grasshoppers
you have there...haha
Nice post

Sunny Simple Life said...

What a lovely post full of so many good and beautiful things but I love that you cut your lawn with that old fashioned thing. You are amazing.