Monday, September 10, 2012

::Tweakin' It All Over ::


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Kind of like the GI-NORMOUS MOTHS in these 2 two photos. 

There are two pictured in the photo below... one is even casting a shadow on the side of the house.  
 I promise you that is NOT a hummingbird...but a HUGE giGantic Moth! There were about 8 of them one night, when I stepped outside.  I happened to have my camera and snapped these shots. 

As to tweaking... I sometimes do the tweaking around the house RANDOM, just as the mood hits. 

This weekend I decided that this dresser area had. HAD. ENOUGH! It was stacked with mail; bills waiting to be paid, appointment letters and other items of importance that had to be dealt with. 
Not to mention...the SILVERWARE DRAWER...was getting full of odds and ends; keys, glasses, etc. It had become a catch all. 

So...I very quickly.... threw something together and hung it on the wall with a nail and drawer knob... vio`la! 

 I didn't even cut the board straight. I DID CUT THE JAGGED EDGE OFF ONE END, THOUGH. 
There were already two holes in the other end...I ran some baling wire 
(that's "bay-lin war'...if your from Texas) through the top end and added a rusty plumbing attachment to it for extra glasses, a hook for keys, and a conduit pipe clamp for more glasses... just what I needed to keep the shelf  SILVER WARE DRAWER cleaned out and tidy! 

NEXT STOP? The bedroom. Ever since re-arranging in there. This room has become my favorite room in the house. I had a little table against this window-- but have since moved this desk here. I had to slide it across the mattress with the drawers out...JUST. TO. GET. IT. HERE.  Sounds tight I know... but really, there is plenty of clearance. 

It was starting to get cluttered too. I had a big basket full of yarn on the desk. And my little turquoise shelf (I showed you previously) was on the floor leaning against the wall. I swapped them out.

I put the Shelf on the wall... and the basket on the floor left of the desk (not pictured)   It's all better now. 
I put some of the thread and tatted lace, from my Granny's things, upon the shelf and a picture of my Grown-ups! 

I also put this card in a's from my grown-ups,  on Mother's day this year. I love the jeans and T-shirt hanging on the clothes line.  They know I love hanging my laundry... My kids  Grown-ups love me! :) 

The afternoon sun--- cast a pretty light in there and it is so cozy and quiet. Sometime I steal away...and catch a couple of winks. 

I enjoyed the tweaking this week. Nothing planned. Not a big project. Just tweaking. 
To see what other's are tweaking in their lives...hop on over the CLH and check it out! 

Thou will keep him in perfect peace; whose mind is stayed on Thee; for he trusts in the Thee. ~ Isaiah  26:3


Sandy said...

I've been trying to get humming birds in
my garden and when I first saw that moth
I was so confused as to what it was? Then
I read about it.. you have them too! Odd
to say the least.
Happy Fall

Kristina said...

Those are some pretty big moths. I've been doing some cleaning here too. Lots of it too.

Colleen said...

Beautiful pictures, and I would have guessed them to be hummingbirds, even after you said they were moths. They should call them hummingbird moths.

So pretty!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

You need a couple of winks after all this tweaking! I'm tired just reading all about it. :)

tweaking? that's what it's called? I need to get a handle on clutter!

have a good one patricia!

Unknown said...

Love the picture of the clothes on the line! Good tweaking too!