Wednesday, July 11, 2012

:Discontentment in the Home-Staying True When Blogging :

I've been dinkin' around the kitchen and dining area lately... 

 and well, I've been noticing something about me and my house.  While it's probably been obvious to you--- it has been a real stickler for me. I seem to like color!!! 

Yes! all this time--- I've been wandering aimlessly around the internet, peering into your homes and lives; wading through countless postings on Pinterest trying to fit my colorfully- square- self into the round hole -- called "Shabby Chic, White, Neutral, Mono-chromatic...(FILL IN THE BLANK)...whatever; and it is just plain as plain can be!  It's sad really; how blind I was to it. 

 White is fine for a back drop, sure.  But, it just isn't me. Nope... I'm a color person. I have such a hard time making decisions... but this is not my decision. Nope. This is the way the LORD made me... so why fight it,right?!?!

I think I've been making myself crazy! All along I thought it was that "White was so peaceful"; and to some it may be. But, let me tell you-- if you can't achieve The Shabby White look... it's NOT peaceful. It becomes a crazy cycle; and there you are, just spinning your wheels, trying to accomplish something that just isn't you. 

Welcome to the deep end of my pool, sister! 

It doesn't help matters that I'm a perfectionist; that gets caught up in 
The FIRST Flaw of perfectionism--the 'all or nothing' syndrome. Yes! so while I thought I wanted it white; and nothing seemed to work in that direction for me, I had almost given up on my home being a peaceful haven ever again. 

The SECOND Flaw... comparison to others.

While I do believe there is much to be learned from other women about how to be keepers of our homes, busy at home, and creative at home...we (I) can easily become ensnared in the "haves and the have not's" game.  That leaves you with nothing but regrets and misery. Empty handed... and unhappy.  It steals your joy for sure. 

I think I first  noticed this when I repainted my bedroom shelving and door. I asked what your thoughts were on the matter of how to tackle an eye sore; and you all gave such wonderful insight and tips, very encouraging. Thank you for that... but the fact of the matter was, I wanted it picture perfect. So, I almost didn't post pictures of the painted results. 

While I liked the green-- I was fearful of it too. I didn't want criticism for my choice of color... although Ooops! Green was already chosen for me when it was marked $5 a gallon; still I didn't want anyone to say 'why'd you paint it that color for?'  The truth be told, I have chosen to walk away from plenty of gallons of Ooops! Paint because I didn't like the color. They don't all appeal to me. 
No. Some in my opinion are just ugly. But...the green I like! And I'm happy with my decision. 

Yes! I made a decision to buy Ooops! Green.  I say I'm decisionless (not a bona fide word --but it fits) ...and I guess really deep down inside, the true me makes the decision anyway; and the true me has chosen color and placed it all around my home.  

Finally, I see it and I'm starting to like it! 

You know, I look around my home and at times I'm dissatisfied with the way it looks, but honestly- it just needs fluffing and a good cleaning, then everything is as good as new. I just need to check my priorities and see to it that I'm not discontent because of time spent 'blogging' and not being busy in the home. That is what pleases the LORD. Not paint colors, pillows and presentations...

Surely, I'm not alone. How about you--Have you seen your tastes changing since you've been blogging? Are you happy with the changes or disappointed?

Are you feeling the squeeze of trying to be someone that you're not? I know of several ladies that have quit blogging because of it; Because of the self promotion and 'keeping up...' aspect of blogging. That makes me sad and I miss them. I hope you don't feel that way; and I hope that You can be the Woman God created you to be right there in your home. The True You!

To God be All Glory!

The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23 


RHome410 said...

I find that blogging has, both, opened my eyes to new ideas (like a new appreciation for white, that like you, I found BORING), but also makes me discontented, or leaves me feeling overwhelmed and defeated, and I recognize that that's not a good thing.

I also spend too much time on the computer, not only writing, but with the required and interesting connection with other bloggers and other sites. I just can't add more to my life, though, so I'm choosing to cut back on rabbit trails I chase, blogs I read, and changes I think I "need" to make, because of photos on blogs telling me my home decor isn't good enough.

I think God does support us in making our homes lovely and warm for our families... I had my eyes open to that when I put more effort into Christmas decorating this year and my youngest told me how nice he thought it was for me to do so. --But not to the extent of financial burden, or at the expense of time spent serving our families (or others) in more meaningful and lasting ways.

Jocelyn said...

I'd have to say that I'm not too influenced by other people's blogs, no. Exception being when I see people's vegetable gardens doing better than my own--then I just get jealous. :)

But I do love a good dose of eye candy, I truly do. And I love the inspiration some people give me. But no, I am who I am, and there's not much that's going to change that.

And I don't think any worse of you for picking OOps paint--I've done that myself before. Good for you! It looks great!

The Boston Lady said...

I would say that I've been "inspired" by other people's blogs and their home decor choices, but I always go with what I like. And I like Green! I like Blue! And I like Yellow! I've had to keep things somewhat neutral for the sale of the house, but I think my little pops of color here and there make my home unique. And besides, I'm the one who lives here (for the moment) and if I like it and someone else doesn't, then, pssssh, too bad.

I really liked your shelf re-do with the green, it looks great and I hadn't seen your new shelf with all the goodies on it. I am coveting everything on the bottom shelf!

Without comfort to the body and to the eye, what good is a "perfect" home?


Robyn said...

I have to say I am just like you..I could have written this post.. While I love the white shabby chic look I just can't get it to look right in my home.. Like you, I like color!!.. I have also been through the have and have nots phase and the "why can't my home look like that phase" and I have left it behind.. I realized I have what I have and I am blessed to have it so I will just make it work for me .. I love how your home looks :)

Sandy said...

I feel what your saying! Sometimes I wish
we had the blogging some 20 years ago because
I was really into so many different kinds of
art and crafts.. had a bridal shop and made
wedding clothes, put my crafty stuff into a
shop called "Made by hand" and catered weddings.
I had so many things I could have blogged about.
But now, I, like you wander around blogland and
it sometimes confuses me and my style. I also
love color and have painted my townhouse 4 times
in the 6 years I've lived here..
The photos of your home show me how into it all
you are and I like what I see.
Do what makes YOU happy is how I see it!
Good post

Chicken Wrangler said...

I'm your newest follower! Love CoLoR, and love to change things around a LOT! Love antiques, anything vintage, and anything ChIcKeN! I'm always changing things up to add interest and I dislike same ole same ole....

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

My tastes have changed, but I have now idea what I like. I oooohhhh and awwww over pics too. Mostly drawn to white. So I don't think I'm in to bold colors.

Happy you've figured it all out! :)


Sunny Simple Life said...

I am with you and must have color. I could never live in a home all white and monochromatic. I am drawn to those blogs whose homes are colorful and bright or prim and rich with historic colors.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Not sure if my comment posted but I said how I have to have color and am drawn to those homes that are full of color whether vintage or prim.

Cindy said...

Hello my friend,
Good post, it's so important to be true to YOU!!! My philosophy for blogging is "If somebody doesn't like it, then too bad, because this is ME and MY house, not THEM and THEIR house."
You do have a lot of colour and I think you are really going to go someplace now that you realize that is who you are and that is perfectly alright!!! Accepting who we are is really important and the next step is to really LIKE who we are. God did a good job making us! Now we need to be sure to make the best of it.
Thank you for praying for my daughter, she's doing well and I go back home in one week.
Love and hugs, Cindy

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I was very influenced by other bloggers when I first started blogging - now I could care less :)

I can appreciate the all white color schemes in other peoples homes - it does look pretty. But I'm a color person - can't do the white thing at all. Gotta have me some red!

The Farmers Daughter said...

I have had to remind myself more than once to stay true to my goals and intentions when I started my blog. It's so easy to get caught up in what SEEMS to be popular and correct, what gets the most "hits", what the "in" thing is at the moment. So, I truly enjoyed your post--knowing there's someone out there with the same feelings as I've had. . .

Peggy @The Decorating Files said...

The most important rule in decorating is that there are no rules! If you like color, then go for it! If not, then don't. Your home should be a reflection of your personality, not someone else's. As for blogging, people want to get to know the real you. Just write in your true voice and the readers will discover you. Like I did.

Revi said...

Pat, you are just precious! I love an honest woman (or man). I totally get what you're saying, and I must confess being sucked into trends at least a little bit. Last year I just new I needed to stencil a wall or a headboard or something in quatrefoil or trellis or something! I never did it, and now I'm over it.

You KNOW what you like, and that's the most important thing! Even though lots of people are painting everything in sight white (yours truly included), it's not for everyone or not for every time. I have loved it for 30 years - when it first came around in a copy of Metropolitan Home, I wanted it. It just didn't seem practical.

Like you, I too love color! Color is cheerful and adds emotion to a room. I have plans to use color in several rooms in my home you haven't yet seen. My living room and dining room will be pretty colorless, but I'll use lots of red in the den, greens and turquoises in the guest room, and a variety of colors in my studio. The kitchen may be fairly neutral, but I'll decide that when I get there! It may need some color...

Bottom line, do what makes you happy and gives you a good feeling when you look at it. Though your joy is in the Lord, a nice cozy home is a good thing. (Unless taken to extremes or if it becomes an idol.)

HE made you like the things you like, so stick with it!
While blogs don't make me change what I like or who I am - since I'm too old for that - I use them for inspiration in using the things I already have in different ways. I LOVE blogging for that. It's more about refining what you love and making it MORE you and MORE beautiful than changing you. YOU are just right, just the way you are.


nannykim said...

HI, I have not been doing much blogging lately; but my recipe blog I do use a lot. I just post recipes I like there--I am mostly vegan , but also will sometimes have meat (mainly fish and chicken)---one of the most popular recipes on the blog, however is a crockpot casserole that is called stuffed cabbage casserole --it does have beef. Anyways to the subject of your post--I am like you. I can look at the all whites or the greys and think of peace--but I have to have color in my life. We moved to the condo and the walls are still white because I am seeing and feeling about how I respond to this and because my hubby wants it for now. So I use color with curtains and pictures, towels, pillows, and bedding etc. I had found that the mags I subscribe too had pictures in them of rooms which I did not like at all. This has been so for the last few years. I do not like geometric cloths that they have been using for furniture covering, pillows and curtains! So I do think we each should go with what makes us happy and what reflects the personalities God gave us!

nannykim said...

Hi, I received your comment on the acorn squash pasta recipe--I do love acorn squash with pasta,now, and this is one nice way to have it. The comments that go to old recipes I moderate because I was getting a lot of weird chinese ones!! and they seemed to be writing to each other in code about something!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Hey Pat, it's really one of those crazy things with blogging, isn't it? You want to see what great ideas are out there and get to share what you've done, but decorating trends are truly tricky to try and follow for anyone, I would think. I enjoy seeing ideas that other people have done and done well. I do find sometimes that it gives me an idea of what's possible that I may not have thought about, but I can hardly maintain my own sense of what I want my style to be, so I couldn't fathom trying to mimic someone else's.

I think I will just continue to change and update and redo and overthink, and try to decide, and find something new I just have to try, and add new things, and remove others - until the day I die. I will never likely have anything ever "done" or settled. I see the reality of that when I look at the way my rooms have morphed over time that the reworking is non-stop. Plus this way, since there are so many things to love and try out, you can always start anew on a different design avenue. So blogging is good for that. But the keeping up? Yeah, that's a killer!

Sandy said...

Pat your home is lovely just as it is. I really liked your bedroom redo too. Although I like to look at the white homes I love color too much to go white everywhere. I'm never with what is the current trend. I have too many hand me downs and we hold onto our stuff for years. We're finally getting new furniture for our family room. We were sort of shocked at the cost - I'm glad we decided to not replace our carpeting. We had it cleaned instead and it looks great now. That way we have more money to put in the furniture.

Unknown said...

Yea!! I love color also and was feeling just like you about seeing other bloggers homes. Thank you for reminding me that their is no "perfect" home just one that is "perfect" for us.