Tuesday, July 2, 2013

:: Frugal Fodder 24-- A Satchel Purse ::

I've been practicing my sewing...

I made this satchel style purse last week out of  some scrap and re-purposed clothing.  For this purse I used 

  • 1 polo shirt with decorative front
  • 1 chambray shirt with breast pockets 
  • 1 leather belt.

I just don't carry a very big purse anymore but I wanted something that would fit my camera, billfold, and cell phone. 
 The pocket can hold my cell phone and my clip-on shades,too! 

I designed it myself and I don't have a pattern or ANY tutorial pics... sorry. :/

It's kind of funny... I just don't seem to follow patterns very well. Not that I haven't tried, I have...but it is just easier for me to watch a few videos on YouTube and then just sit down and do it! 
I even incorporated a little bit of artistic element to it and gave the flap these neat graphics from an old shirt that my daughter was tossing.  ** I used a zig-zag stitch and put the two graphics with right sides to the wrong side of the chambray flap (I sandwiched the graphic between the back of the chambray and another piece of the polo shirt to re-enforce it)  Once I had them sewn on I cut the chambray away so you could see the flowers and I sewed stripes across the fluer de lis and cut between them for a louvered effect.  The shirt material was then folded over the edge and zig-zagged to make an edging...but it puckered up a bit.  It "can't be seen on a galloping horse..."so I'm fine with it.

The liner  shows some pattern and is soft, too. 
You can't see it...but in one corner where I put my camera-- between the liner and the outer bag, I sewed-in  a couple of shoulder pads from a thrift store shirt, for padding. 
The belt was in a box of stuff I had waiting to be re-purposed.  
I love it when little projects come together. 

I didn't spend any money on this purse as I already had all these things on hand. It kept items out of the landfill and it was an easy, simple project...Using what I had. 

 I felt good being creative!  

What sort of things do you have lying around waiting to be turned into something useful? 

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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's a great stachel! What a great idea to use the pads for extra padding in it.

Diane said...

Cute purse! Remember back in the mid-70s girls made purses out of the old jeans? I made one (well, my mom helped out). My daughter and I made her a couple small purses strictly out of jeans pockets a few years ago. I let her add buttons and bling then we added straps of crocheted yarn. They were cute for a kid.

NanaDiana said...

Pat- I LOVE it and it's great that you repurposed things. I do better without patterns sometimes, too. That way you can't screw up and have it look nothing like the pattern!;>) Hope you are having a great day! xo Diana

Kristina said...


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a CUTE bag! I love repurposing things! It feels like FREE FABRIC! Thank you for linking this at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures