Wednesday, July 3, 2013

:: A Thrift Store Machine ::

You may have noticed I've been doing way more sewing, than anything else, in my projects lately. I am practicing. 

Because here it is JULY 1st...and I still have not tackled this project yet... 

Oh yes! I still have them and NO! I've not done a thing with them... they are covered with sheets and quilts... because the foam inside the cushion is so badly deteriorated. 

Why haven't I started you ask? 
--besides the obvious... me being A POWER PROCRASTINATOR (don't know what that means, I just made that up and it sounded good! )

I've been spending the first half of this year working and practicing on all manner of sewing projects, familiarizing myself with sewing.  It's important, right? 
I sewed this little seat cushion on my sewing machine... 

project-Office Chair Re-do After

I was able to get some re-upholstery practice in too! 
You can read all about that HERE where I guest posted at MRL! 

and HERE  I  learned the fine art of re-covering AND attaching buttons with this little project.

But you see the problem with my Settee and Chair...
 my little Elna SU electric air (funny story) ...just won't cut it. 
I don't think I'll be able to sew upholstery fabric with it. 

But do not fear... 

I have a new weapon in my arsenal.
It is a 
Husqvarna Automatic Viking 51 model.  
My mom had one like this...or quite similar as memory serves me. 

Oh yes... I think this little work horse will do just fine. 
I bought this on Friday at a thrift store near us for half price  ...marked down from $30...
YEP! $15 dollars 
YEP! including the cute little sewing table.

I was elated!

It had some little problems...AGAIN...
 T.H. and I worked on it some this weekend and then today He found the one little screw to make it run like a CHAMPION!  ( personally,... I gave up on it :/ )
I've had to order the bobbin case; but it's on it's way and should be here by next week. 

I'm so excited!  I've watched some videos this weekend, last night I read the entire manual; and I also read up on different features ...and it is able to sew thru layers of leather!!!  
(No, I'm not covering my settee with leather- I WISH! that would be gorgeous) 
 I think it will go through my fabric just fine. 

I'm GIDDY just thinking about it. 

Finally, brother, Whatsoever things are True, Whatsoever things are Noble, Whatsoever things are Right , Whatsoever things are Pure, Whatsoever things are Lovely, Whatsoever things are Admirable ; if anything is excellent and praiseworthy, think on such things. ~ Philippians 4:8  



Rhonda Sue said...

how nice! I think you got a great deal and once you get the bugs out, I think you will be able to sew all you want.
looking forward to seeing your projects

Patty Sumner said...

I love the sofa and seat....what a beauty. I cannot wait to see what you do with that. I wish so wish I could sew...just never got the hang of it. I can sew a simple straight line us posted...byt the way, my email was wrong in my settings....i changed it.. I hope this will fix my problems with bloglovin...thanks Pat! Have a great one. Blessings!

Diane said...

That would be quite a project!! Good luck! Your new machine looks a bit like my mom's old one-- also a dark turquoisey kind of color in a blonde cabinet.

Prior said...

I'm giddy too, and a tad (whole lot) envious of that gorgeous furniture. Can't wait to see!!!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Love the furniture!

You are one adventurous and creative woman! Can't wait to see how it looks in its new covering.

nancyr said...

OMGosh! Great furniture pieces! They're gonna be fabu when you're finished! Happy 4th of July.

Angel said...

I'm jealous of that machine!!!! You might wake up and find it missing. ;)

Still Woods Farmhouse said...

Stopping by to wish you a Happy 4th of July!
Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

The Boston Lady said...

I still have yet to use the old sewing machine I bought last fall! So may I be your lady-in-waiting to your procrastinating queen? It's one of my goals once we move to use it and make some pillows to get some practice in. I remember that couch set! Ann

Revi said...

How exciting! Yay for your hubs! Yay for you!

Cindy said...

Oh how fun! A "new" sewing machine and one that will go through heavy fabrics, that is of great importance when upholstering. I look forward to seeing what else you will create!
Hugs, Cindy

Gail Wilson said...

woohoo patricia! what a great deal. They don't make 'em like that any more. I totally feel your paint about putting off the dreaded task of recovering the furniture. I have a few of those projects. ;)

good luck! can't wait to see your fabric.

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I have been thinking about getting a sewing machine for pillows, runners and curtains but not a sofa and chair. I can't wait to see what it turns out like.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Goodness, you are ambitious, reading the manual, ordering parts and whatnot. I'm excited for you. My friend and I (that means her) are recovering the seat cushions to the mad men couch we got. She is having to sew through layers and layers and that includes naugahyde which has been murder on the machine and it's making it take forever to get right, but we have one cushion down and one to go. "We" meaning that she sews and I sit with her and tell her not to give up!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh that is great. I have an opening for a friend who will pop in every now and again and tell me "not to give up!"
It's your's if you want it. :) Pat