Friday, August 30, 2013

::The Truth behind Vintage Dishes::

This is what I was working on today (Thursday, 29th August 20.13) when I got the text from my very pregnant daughter.

I started thinking a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to move my everyday dishes...
from behind the closed-door cupboard to this open shelf.  For a few good reasons really.
  • My everyday dishes are vintage. Equals: fresh decor! 
  • They are colorful... see above. 
  • They match "Corn-flake" !!!  ...again good reason! 
  • AND best of all!!! They won't need dusting---once I get them onto this shelf... these dishes won't need dusting except the top shelf (because I use them over and over they'll get washed before they get put back) 

But first a couple of things needed to happen. See the picture below? It is my cupboard a year ago.  

It is full of jams and jellies and pie fillings ...and a sloppy paint job.  :/

See this next picture?  With the lace trimmed pillow slip ---posing as a dresser scarf slash doily? 
It is a cupboard full of jams, jellies, and pie fillings with a sloppy AND INCOMPLETE paint job.

What needed to happen was: 

The act of dusting, which you can probably tell by now...I don't like doing; and the touch-up painting.  Check and Check. 

Then of course,
  • leave paint brush to dry ---on top of open can of paint,  
  • take trip to hospital---(an hour away!)
  • hang-out for observation, 
  • ride the elevator UP and DOWN with 4 year old, 
  • watch shadow of disappointment settle onto daughter's face, (false alarm) 
  • come home. 
  • Put dishes on shelf
  • Snap and Edit pictures... 

Do things like this happen at your house? Little projects...turn into 2 day projects? 
Do you have little things that you know aren't finished...but you take a  year to go back and 'touch up'?  
Now with the fresh white on the shelves and the sloppy green and yellow covered with white...all cut-in nicely; It just looks so much better...unless of course, you zoom out and look at the whole picture. 
It makes me wonder why I hadn't finished it already. 

As you can plainly see I'm not finished yet.  
Truth is, tomorrow is another day--- and LORD willing, I'll get it done then! :)

***edited to say:
Daughter is still very pregnant. Baby hasn't come yet. No distress. It was only a false alarm. We're just so anxious and the hospital is a long distance away. 

He is the rock, his work is perfect; for all his ways are judgement. He is a God of truth and without iniquity; just and right is he. ~Deuteronomy 32:4 



Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I have things 10 years in the making! I like your vintage dishes!

Diane said...

Hey, looks nice! And do I see a Kung Fu lunch box tucked away?? Can't make out the other one. What is it? My lunch box was the old red plaid variety handed down from an older cousin. How dull. Still have it though.

NanaDiana said...

THAT happens to me ALL the time. Something simple and easy and something happens so it takes 3 times as long to do as it should have. BUT-on the other hand-when there is a job that I am just dreading and I finally get at it something happens and moves along much faster than I anticipated.
I like the changes in your cupboard-and it will be nice to have the dishes where you can "grab and go". lol
I'll bet you are on pins and needles waiting for "that" call! xo Diana

Cindy said...

That happens to me, absolutely. Your newly painted shelves look fresh and lovely and I LOVE the vintage every day dishes!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Like Kathy, I have some things unfinished for a decade. I'm trying to stick with one thing at a time now. I do get a whole lot done when I'm anxiously waiting for something to happen, like "the call"!

RHome410 said...

You had me worried... Rushing to the hospital, observation, sad daughter. But then I reread and caught "the text" and "very pregnant daughter." I guess she still is? Baby will come in his or her... and God's perfect timing.

The dishes are lovely for use and for display! Good call. And congratulations at getting those little tasks that make such a big difference crossed off the list.

Gail Wilson said...

projects always get delayed around here, but not because of pregnant daughters. :)
the dishes look great displayed! love vintage!

happy long weekend, and I hope when the time comes everyone makes it to the hospital on time!


The Boston Lady said...

Oh my you had good reason to put it off, but boo for false alarm. I hope the baby makes an appearance this weekend as it is Labor Day weekend!

I like the idea of displaying your everyday, vintage dishes! They are so pretty, yet you use them, which a lot of people do not. Double purpose, half the work!

I once took down all my screens with the intent of washing them and all the windows in the house. Got a call from mother's nursing home that she had fallen and broken her hip and was en route to hospital. Stacked the screens up somewhere dashed to the hospital. Unfortunately it was the start of a two year decline for my mom. Somewhere along the way my husband put the screens back up thinking they had been done and they didn't come off again for about three years as life took over completely. That is one of my more dramatic procrastinations, but I remember clearly the day I took them down again to finally clean afraid the phone would ring about my dad! It didn't and windows finally got clean. Ann

Audrey said...

Getting things cleaned and organized makes one feel so good. Very nice collections and looks so pretty. Love your Pyrex.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Sun Valley Homestead said...

I LOVE vintage dishes. How are you my friend?