Wednesday, September 18, 2013

::Curiosity seekers ... Circus-Goers and VOLUNTEERS (updated) ::

 ...step! right! up! to the greatest!! show on earth! The one woman theatrical Do It Your-selfer... As she attempts to entertain the masses and mystify audiences everywhere! The lastest installment of DIY upholstery...

just might be the one post that will make or break this project... Prepare to be mystified. 
**edited to say-- I repaired the link to video! 

Here it is: Washing Cotton. 
 So, I've been working away on the settee ( by now, you know everyone in our household SAYS IT ... and you, the reader are invited to say "THE SETTEE" as if you were an overly pompous, upper crusted Victorian Prude...pronouncing both E's at the end giving the word a very subtle third syllable.) know you're doing it right now.
 -We're working on getting this thing SIT-ABLE by the holidays; AND DON'T FORGET WE'RE DOING THIS ON A very small budget. Having never ever done this is taking longer than I expected.
So a couple of weeks ago-- I got the idea, I was going to wash cotton. I was still in the 
De-Construction period of this make over.

I pulled the front upholstery from off the couch and low and behold, it was in wonderful shape, no discoloration, no staining, in fact it had very little smell to it too. A streak of luck? I doubt it.

I go around to the back of the couch... remove the upholstery... ICK! It was not as nice. Besides that there were some obvious pieces missing, AND it was dirty.

When I got it off the settee, it was dusty and slightly orange. Now don't get me wrong I like orange...but this was not a pretty sight. It was determined that the orange was from the cushions (foam rubber) that had deteriorated and settled in the cotton. I'm only guessing this is the reason-- because the alternative just sounds gross. 
I have been planning on reusing as much of the original materials as I can. After-all, I'm not planning on selling this couch. I'm planning on sitting on it. I've not got a penny to spare on this make over (at this point) now what?

Here is where it gets weird: 

I decide-- I'm going to wash it. 
That's right... wash cotton. 

In fact, I had offers to "let me buy you some cotton." OR "just BUY some cotton" -- at this point, I'm stubborn. 
No. I'm not buying it. In fact... cotton is pretty cheap. I found some on line.
But, No. 
I've already made up my mind. 
I've had that experience before. 
I've had U.P.S. pull up in the drive way and honk...just to leave a package. 

I've NEVER washed cotton!!! 
Why does it sound strange to everyone? 
What is the big deal? 
Hundreds of years ago... people washed cotton. They didn't think it was strange? To them it was good. It was a luxury to have washed cotton. 
After it was was then picked clean. Carded, brushed, picked and mashed together.(my own technical jargon) The very finest cotton, the clean cotton; was used to make the best clothing. It was the least of the cotton, the less clean, lumpiest, etc; that was used for bedding, mattresses, and furniture. Still a luxury.

I know what it was...they were afraid of this. The blog. If I wash my cotton...and go for the camera... it is automatically a post... then the whole world will know... They fear the blog. 

I began to research--if I was "googling" the idea, then it wasn't a new idea was it? In this day and age the task is almost lost, apparently. It isn't convenient. There wasn't much out there to view or read in the way of 'washing cotton'. 
But for me; the idea grew in my head... U.P.S. indeed.
Who needs them for a new experience? 



Bliss said...

You little corny cotton washer you.

Unknown said...

You're too funny !!!
I can't wait to see this finished though - can't wait!!!

Melanie said...

That is funny! Can't wait to see the finished product with the clean cotton!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Good luck washing the cotton!

Diane said...

Nothing like leaving us hanging! How did it go?

Diana said...

WOW see I am afraid to even go near upholstering furniture! You go girl you go and wash that cotton lol. I would have put it in the washer inside a pillow case, just set it on a gentle cycle. and if you need cotton we have TONS of cotton fields here. I cant wait to see the finished product.

My Repurposed Life said...

I'm impressed with your guts! :) I've done some old upholstery, but never considered washing it. you go girl! I sure hope it worked... I think anything would be an improvement and make you feel better about reusing it. With that sunny weather, it may even dry. I sort of imagined you might make a hammock out of a sheet between the lines so that both sides could get some air.
I'm anxious to know how it went!
ps loved the video... your first? you did a great job!

The Paisley Butterfly said...

You are too funny! :) I think this will be a major success for you!