Tuesday, September 3, 2013

:: WEBBING AND TOOLS- Stretched Beyond my Limits? ::

Sustainability means a lot of things; it means keeping the existing and perfectly usable (but ugly) items and making them over to be more pleasing and it also means doing this makeover on a budget.

You may have seen the quote above on my sidebar ... I copied it pasted it there a while back... because it pretty much sums up 
Corn in My Coffee-pot. 
First, In the practical sense; and then of course,  the truth is my coffee-pot doth run over. I'm very blessed. I feel it is exactly how God is with me. He takes the perfectly usable (but ugly...parts of my life and personality) and he makes them over to be more pleasing. Period. 

Anyway... enough about that... this is about having the right tools to do the job.
I thought I better put up a post. 
Man! do you know how difficult it is to Re-Upholster ...while blogging about it? 
Now, I truly know why so many of you...
work, work, work away 
in the back ground and then come along 
Put up a beautiful post with beautiful photos 
...and a beautifully finished project. 

No warning or anything.



This is picture heavy. So I'm going to try and keep all the chit-chat for the comments. 

To Stretch Webbing 
You need a webbing stretcher.  This varies in both style and price...Joann's had them for about $27. 


The one shown below, I only found online and is actually called a webbing strainer...and most of the ones like this I found were in the U.K.- MORE AFFORDABLE but, they'd have to be shipped. Not sure how long ...blah, blah, blah. 

Remember... It's already taken us 3 1/2 years to do this project and we're doing this project on a budget. $27 bucks for a wooden tool... a bit much. So we just made one! 

I wanted to make the one with nails sticking out of it. But... he wanted to make the 'strainer' style. That was T.H.'s department and he got right on it. 

When I say..."MY" webbing strainer... I mean...He made it and I mainly used it. But, T.H. doesn't use a camera...so for demonstration...he is using it and I'm taking pictures. :)

And here is how we used it.

Once the webbing was fastened to one side ...we'd weave it through or pull it to the other side make a loop in the webbing and feed it through the slot. 

The straight edge had a notch in it for wedging it against the furniture piece and of course, I scavenged a piece of dowel off an old bar-stool for tightening up the webbing. (see below) 

After the loop is fed through the slot (see below)
  1. You run the dowel through it
  2. Gauge the length- begin to tighten
  3. Wedge the strainer against the frame (Pressing down on the strainer pulls the webbing nice and tight.)
  4. Tack it in place! 

Does this project seem like it's taking a long time?
Like an eternity?
It does to me....
I just keep telling myself "Pretty soon, I'll get to sit on my nice pretty couch."
"Pretty soon, I'll get to fluff it with pillows."  ...and "Pretty soon, I'll get to play around in the living room with my furniture and re-arrange all sorts of things."
And then I remember... "Pretty soon, I'll get to do all this again ...with the matching chair!"

Thanks for sticking with it... "Pretty soon, you'll get to see the finished project." 


Unknown said...

Wow!! It is so beautiful. I like your style of creativity.

Kopi Luwak

Diane said...

I had forgotten about the chair. Well, just think how expert you'll be when you get to that. Love that you made your own tool. Resourceful!! Funny about your husband mainly using it-- when I come up with something like that, I usually say to my hubby, :"We, and I don't mean me..."

NanaDiana said...

That is a big job and you are doing a wonderful job on it. It will be so worth it when all is said and done. Hang in there! xo Diana

The Boston Lady said...

You are doing a great job, Pat! Wonderful tutorial on the webbing. Will that replace the springs? Or is it to support the whole thing? Ann

RHome410 said...

But the chair will go more quickly, since it's smaller and you'll have worked out any bugs in your process. Good job!

Kristy said...

Can't wait to see the finished piece!

My Repurposed Life said...

so clever to make your own... how many times do we see something and say "I can make that" and y'all actually DID!

looks like your diy tool did a fabulous job!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I am very impressed that you made your own tool...really awesome! This project is going to be great...looking forward to more!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh my gosh you are so talented. I have never even heard of any of those tools.