Friday, October 25, 2013

:: Banner-ific Santa Banner::

::Day 25::

ho ho ho

I finished my Santa Banner

I have one photographed, tagged, and stocked!

I’m crocheting  as quick as I can to get some more done and in the shop.

…and HO!  isn’t he cute?

santa banner closeup

At the sewing machine… I’m getting an education on ZIPPER INSTALLATION for seat cushions. 

That is eating my lunch!!!

Tomorrow—I’ll be altering Wonder Woman’s outfit to a “T” … a  4-T , that is!  We took a little break today and went to visit my littlest grandson…can you believe he is a MONTH OLD?!  Unbelievable how time flies when you’re having some much fun!  Came home with his big sister’s Halloween costume—and am going to alter it for her.

That’s what I’ve been up to, how about you?

Working on some projects… staying busy?  Wrapping up the 31 Day challenge…coming into the homestretch?

1 31 days


Melanie said...

A month old! Wow! Time does fly so very quickly! You have been busy too! Yes, coming to the homestretch and trying to finish up some things now. Glad that you posted about this and that I read it! Glad that I did it too! Thank you for sharing with us! The banner is super cute!

Audrey said...

Hi Pat ... Your banner is really cute and so unusual. You are so creative.

I guess you are back working on your couch since you are learning the zipper installation for cushions. What fun !!! (nor really) ...I bet you will glad when that big job is done.
Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures with a sweet comment.
Audrey Z.

Audrey Z.

Revi said...

You're such a sweet grandma! I'm so excited to see your couch, and admire your tenacity! Do the hard thing. Who knows where that skill might lead? Upholstery could be a tidy little pin money thing to do...

The Boston Lady said...

I love the Santa banner! I have my wonderful pumpkin one you made up on my mantle as we speak! I saw your comment on my blog, so you know I've been up to no good...

One month!!! Can it be? Ann

The Polka Dot Closet said...

And you crochet,,You can do everything! The banner is adorable, I have never seen one crochet. Have fun with the costumes, they sure keep you busy!


Kristina said...

Cute banner Pat. I've been getting lazy this weekend (for once). I better get crackin' at getting my porch furniture away. Winter is coming.