Saturday, October 12, 2013

:: Ombre Coffee Pots and Pyrex …OR…

:: Sentiments and Commitments::

::Day 12::

This week while killing time at the thrift store…waiting for the Honey’s prescription to be filled across the street… I noticed there wasn’t much in the way of Pyrex on the shelves.  Well…I did find a set of glass PYREX SEE THROUGH Canisters, with plastic lids on them, no picture (and I think a cool MUSHROOM Motif) …but they want an arm and a leg for them.
I showed you this picture-
Sept 30-2013 010
..and called it “my own Pyrex” . Some of you might have noticed that the bowl on the left is NOT PYREX. :)
It is a YELLOW WARE bowl. I bought it at the very same thrift store on a previous visit… for 75% off… and paid very little for it.  I’m not big on yellow ware, if fact I KNOW nothing about it.  The reasons I bought it, was mostly sentiment… price, color, AND! I have another bowl in my possession that is a yellow ware bowl {pictured below TOP SHELF} —it once belonged to my mother in love. :)
vintage dishes display WM


My Honey remembers eating mashed potatoes from this bowl while sitting around her table. 
He also remembers eating cookies from that “Daisy Dot” cookie jar, up there too.  I’d have it down and use it myself—but it has a hair line crack in the lid.  I’d be afraid it would get broken.   
I like having these dishes out and seeing their beautiful colors. The Turquoise Butterprint Pyrex  all belonged to my mom. So seeing them…makes me smile.  I recently added this old crocheted doily to the top shelf…It is another thing of beauty all on it’s own.  {smile factor}
Sept 30-2013 009
I was trying to get this post ready last night… I was up for a few long hours… playing around on pic-monkey. When I have ‘writer’s block’… I dink around with something else.  I decided to personalize my social media buttons.  They look like this …
My Coffee-pot side bar
They are over there on the side bar—
THE REASON they look like this…is I COULDN’T GET THE COLOR CODE TO STICK AND MAKE ALL OF THEM MATCH…so even though you can’t really tell, except for the yellow one—they are ALL slightly different in shade.  {My ombre coffee pots} anyway, it ended up making my eyes cross—I kept ending up with html code …hanging out there for all to see!  @@ My eyes were glazed over.  Plus…after 12 days of posting everyday… it seems I hit a wall.  Wasn’t sure what to write about.
I’m really only keeping this as a commitment to myself (and now all of you of course) … in order to learn to meet deadlines, not procrastinate (which I sort of did on this post…seeing how it is 1:00 in the afternoon ON SATURDAY…and I’ve still not posted)and… I GUESS for the sheer sake of KEEPING A COMMITMENT!  :)
So…couple of questions—we can talk about in comments…
Do you know anything about YELLOW WARE?  This piece has an almost UNnoticeable mark on the bottom. (very hard to read)  Do you know how to spot a reproduction? 
Do you get writer’s block with your blog?  Do you sit down to write and find yourself doing something else?


"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." ~2 Corinthians 5:17


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Pat - love your coffee pots. WHAT widget did you use to get them to stay in the same area. I can make the individual little icons link but I can not figure out how to get them to BE in the same widget. Any chance you want to write a tutorial about HOW?

Loved your post.

Medalta Yellow ware and the original yellow ware would be 19th Century pottery, antique, valuable and it looks fabulous. Your bowl could be TG Green, a very popular pottery but not as old as the old yellow ware. Your mom's bowl is old but not 'as old'. Nice that you have it.


Melanie said...

Writers Block - No but Will anyone want to read what I want to write about today - yes! Loved this post and your refreshing honesty! My post for today didn't go up until almost 8 p.m.! It did however go up, perhaps not as early as the others. The important thing is that it went up, I posted again today!!!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Love that yellow bowl! That would be expensive to buy.

A Daughter of the King said...

Pat, you made me smile again!!!

I'm glad you are trying to give this 31 days thing a go. I'm hanging there with you! YOU CAN DO IT!

BTW, I LOVE your phrase "Mother in Love."

Sandy said...

Love your Pyrex cupboard Pat! I don't know anything about yellow ware. I have a few Pyrex dishes that I received when I married 39 years ago. I still use them to bake with. And, yes, I do get writer's block. I'm not posting as frequently this season. Too busy with trips and sewing classes/projects. I just wait until I find something to post about. Have a lovely day.

Audrey said...

You did good Pat ... I love your crock bowls and especially the one that belonged to your Mother-in-love. Crock are never out of style.
Enjoyed your post.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures