Thursday, July 31, 2014

::Junker’s Delight- What’s in my Barn?

pallet shed pre-blogging
You’ve read about the new shed. You’ve seen my old shed—being demolished.  (more on this later)
You’ve seen pictures of my barn.  What you haven’t seen is what’s in my barn.  It is a Junker's delight inside that old barn.  I kid you not.  It’s full of junk. But, Don’t you judge me. My garage is like most American Garages in homes all across this great country. Full of junk.
It’s a  W.I.P (work in progress) or more like W.I.P. (waiting in pile)
I like to call it my resource pile—encapsulated in an heritage styled 100 + year old storage unit.
Shamefully, there isn’t just junk inside there.  There is perfectly useable, quality junk! The shameful part?  There is one heirloom inside there. Do you want to see what’s in my barn?

Come along and I’ll show you what has been left and forgotten over the years.  
architectural salvage atrium doors
~ Glass and Wood Atrium Doors (X2)~
Grandmother chair
~ Great Grandmother’s Old Chair~
(head hanging and lower lip sticking way out)
 lawn chair
~Aluminum Lawn chair~
old style-folding chaise lawn chairs
~ More aluminum Lawn Chairs and a Chaise Lounge~
(I know cool right?)
vintage baby buggy -pram
~ Old timey Baby Buggie~
(It came with the barn!)

old shelving
~ Wood Shelving~
red rusty tool box
~Rusty Metal Tool Box~
~ Dust…and Old Shutter and something or other on top of it~

lg glass for table top
~Glass Top~ 
(thick for table top)
stainless steel shelf- wire fabric mesh
~ Stainless Steel Shelf and Wire Fabric Mesh ~

ladder-gutter-spindle legs-bassinet
~ More shelving, Aluminum Windows, Boxes of knick knacks, Bassinet, Ladder, broken decorative spinning wheel with spindle legs, pile of rain gutter~
There is more.
I will probably show you more--
but, I was thinking the other day. Hold on, Big Confession coming up-
I wanted to go thrift shopping, but was broke.  No money in the budget to buy …WHAT?!  MORE STUFF!!!
It occurred to me, I was bored.  I really hope my kids aren’t reading this for two reasons
  1. They were never allowed to say that they were bored. 
  2. I DON’T say that I’m bored. Come on you’ve read my blog. I don’t get bored. I can come up with something to do—even if it’s just researching HOW TO DO IT… I don’t get bored.
So, here is the thing. Who needs to shop on the curb, the thrift store or garage sale when you have this type of quality stuff stored , dare I say HOARDED away in the top part of the barn?
So I’m going to get to cracking on some of these items. I’m going to put them to good use. I’m going to make a dent on the quality junk stored in my barn.
I don’t know how long it will go on—but I’m telling you I’m doing it—as accountability. That way I’ll do it.  Then I’ll come back here and show you what I’ve done or what else I’ve uncovered.  It’ll be fun!
and I believe staying out of the thrift-stores, away from the curb and garage sales and just plain ol’ shopping in general …this post qualifies me to party with Revi @ Thrifty Life Thursdays too!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks giving let your request be made unto to God; And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension will guard your heart and minds in Christ Jesus.  ~~ Philippians 4:6-7


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh man that is some fabulous treasures...EVery junkers dream and to think some came with the barn!


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This was my grandmother's entire house! I used to love scavenging there, you never knew what you could find from mannequins to books from the 1800s, decades old toys and prom dresses from the 50s. So much fun! You'll have a good time going through all the things you have put away awhile back.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I could spend weeks in that barn - awesome stuff! Can I come over and play? :-)

Your great grandmothers chair is my favorite and its the first thing I'd re-do. I also love the old baby buggy and the tool box.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

Audrey said...

I have always wanted to go in old abandoned barns, but Mr. Z. would never allow it. I know yours is not abandoned, but would be a lot of fun to treasure hunt in there. Will love to see what you pull out and work on.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

A Daughter of the King said...

This is a great post on so many levels. First, it is funny (as usual). Next, it is humble (as always). Also honest, wise and well written. Mostly, though, it is evidence of a creative mind. On the practical level it reminded me of last weekend. I have a broody hen and I bought her 3 fertilized eggs to sit on. Other chicken-raisers suggested that I move Broody Mommy and nest to a quiet area a few days before the expected hatch. I went shopping in my shed and found everything I needed, including a pallet, a piece of trellis,the back of an old bench, an antique, wooden-handled hook, three kinds of fencing, and a plant saucer The chicks are due tomorrow. Last night it rained, and this morning I went shopping again and found just what I needed for a porch roof. I love that you see value in things others discard. It reminds me of our God. When he looks into the "barn" that we call the world and he finds Pat from Corn, he probably smiles and says," Oh, here's the perfect one for this task. With My strength and power, she will make the perfect..."

And now you may have inspired a post, he he he. That's another thing, you see an interesting story wherever you look!

BTW, I would never allow my kids to say they were bored, either. ;-)

Liz said...

Now thats a barn full of treasures! Have fun digging through it!

Revi said...

Some cool stuff, Pat. If you haven't already...come on over!

My Repurposed Life said...

Love the doors! I have the same chair as your grandma in my bedroom. I love looking at other's STUFF! :)
Anxious to see what you do with it all, thanks for linking up at ccc on MRL!


Shug said... the doors on that barn and have yourself a sell......I promise, you will have lots of money to go buy all kinds of treasures..... This old barn is a picker's delight.

De Oude Huize at Kameel huise tussen spore said...

Love the pram . . very cute.
Greetings from South Africa

Rhonda said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, now I had to check your out:) and man would I love to go digging through that barn with you!! I'm almost hyperventilating just looking at all those treasures to be restored!!! Have fun (the word bored should not be in "our" vocabulary:)

Bliss said...

You get that chair out of there this week and start work on it!

Faith said...

Hi Pat, thanks for popping over. A fresh start kinda sorta (LOL), the mint green is such a pretty color for little ones. I crochet 2 blankets for my husbands cousin who was pregnant with twins. We didn't know whether boys or girls so I bought a varigated baby color and mint green and mixed and matched them some blankets. That is such a pretty color.

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Wow, you certainly do have some hidden treasures in that barn. That buggy! And the wood shelving, what fun finds!

Revi said...

You have some excellent raw materials to work with! I'd use those buggy wheels on something...they're great. Can't wait to see what you do with some of these things.
Thanks for sharing your finds at Revisionary Life!

Angel said...

Wow! This makes me excited. I remember looking around in there years ago. You definitely can be creative and satisfy your "boredom" in there!