Tuesday, July 29, 2014

:: Two Way Calls

I don’t have a sister. I grew up the oldest of 3 children, the third being born when I was on the very cusp of being a teenager.  He and I didn’t become close until after Mom passed and he was just 21 yrs. old.
My other brother the one I was a child along side of, the brother I grew up with—the brother that made me a big sister; the big sister I am today—we are so close.(don’t hate me for my bad grammar in that sentence)  As close as two siblings could be.  I don’t know that I could be any closer to him had he been my sister. In fact, I can’t imagine even having a sister. 
He and I are cut from the same cloth; well I thought so until recently.
We have SO much in common. Besides genes, of course.

We talk every day. Every. single. day.  While he drives to work. I talk to him. While he drives home…I talk to him. So on the days I talk to him both ways—you could say, we talk about 2 hrs a day.  In a week—we talk almost 10 hours—give or take an hour.  His commute is about 1 hr. 15 mins. We talk a lot!

You might ask, “What do we possibly have to talk about; after talking so much?”  You would not be the first to ask me that.  We talk about various subjects. Things I most probably would not talk about here, with you. 

We talk about – politics, religion, Christ, the Church,,the Bible, World Crises, the economy, the President (politics).  We talk about History, Geography, Science…technology.  He works in Research and Development –for an electronics based company dealing with telecommunications.  He is good at his job. We talk about his job.

Come on, after reading that short list; you can admit it, you’re a little bit glad I talk to him about all that and not you, right?!

A lot of times our conversations are just total chatter.  Opinions, observations, and hilarity!   

Keeping in mind we are siblings.  We are NOT violent people… but sometimes I will say something sarcastically funny and just poke some fun at him.  He will tell me …that he has a full tank of gas and will drive over and punch me square in my forehead!

He’s not a morning person. For that matter, I’m not a morning person either, though I DO get up early and I usually get up earlier than him.  We recently had this discussion—one morning on his commute:

Brother:  (inquiring) Hey, did I wake you?
Me: (sleepily) No. I was awake—my day to sleep in, Honey is up with the kids
Brother: (considerate) You want me to let you go? so you can go back to sleep?
Me: (dreadfully) No- I was getting up.
Brother: (curious) So, are you a morning person?  Do you get up when your alarm goes off? Or do you lay there and fall back to sleep?  (and no coffee, how does he even think with no coffee?)
Me:  (sleepily) Uh, …I get up.
Brother: (curios-ER) You don’t hit the snooze button?
Me: (dreading not taking the out when I had the chance) No. I get up…I turn off the alarm and get up.
Brother:  (matter of factly) I can’t do that.  Sometimes, I don’t even hear my alarm go off. I don’t just get up.
Me:   I do. (thinking: he probably doesn’t hear his phone ring when I call HIM , either)
Brother: (informative) Dad was like that. You know…he got up everyday when the alarm went off, got ready for work and left. Sometimes, Mom wasn’t even up either. She wasn’t like that.
Me: (uninterested)  uh-huh.
Brother: (annoyingly)  You're like dad.
Me: (sarcastically) Thanks. Do you have gas in your car?  You should drive over here...I think you could use a punch in the forehead.

Thank goodness that’s not all we talked about that day… :)

So what about you?  
Do you get up early?  Are you a morning person?  Suppose you get up early but you’re not a morning person…what does that mean?  Because I know you get up early. So does that mean-- you don't engage in the morning? You are up and at 'em (computer, routine, so forth)  just not chatty?  
Another thing-- do you just wake up?  Or do you set an alarm?
If you set an alarm-- do you get up when it goes off? Or do you hit the snooze? 

Sorry for all the questions-- but these are things I think about sometimes,
…after my brother calls on my sleeping-in day;
…and I’m left wondering about you , my dear reader. :) 

Would you answer your phone … if it was your sleeping-in day?  Or would you want to punch the caller square in the forehead?  hahaha!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks giving let your request be made unto to God; And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension will guard your heart and minds in Christ Jesus.  ~~ Philippians 4:6-7


Michelle H said...

I love this post - I, too, am the oldest of three. My sister is 4 years younger than me, then our brother is 4 years younger than her. I adored him, hated her. Why? Who knows. Well, at least let's leave it at, sometimes good people are not automatically good parents. Now I am super close with her, but not him! Anyway, mornings. Ugh. Depends on hubby's shift. Right now he's on swing shift, and it's 2 in the morning, I am reading blogs, he's playing some game on the tablet and watching tv. We'll go to bed soon and sleep late. At least until the 2 year old crawls in, "quietly" climbs all over me, strokes my face, kisses me, whispers, "You're my mommy", which melts my tired heart, and I get up with her, wondering why I stayed up so late *again*, heehee(also thanking God for my mommy's girl! ). On day shift, I groan and curse the alarm, but once I'm up early, I get so much more done!! We do have to keep the alarm across the room, forcing us out of bed to shut it off, or we'll not actually wake up, only shut the alarm off! Coffee is a must, quiet preferred. Fortunately my kids are fairly quiet, too - except for a very exuberant 5 year old whose volume is stuck at Very Loud! Hubby is finally turning in, guess I'd better, too!

Rhonda said...

I am the youngest with 2 older bachelor brothers. We are good friends but not as close as you and your brother, I have always wanted a sister.
I am an early riser, always up and at 'em by 530 or earlier.

Diane said...

Definitely a morning person which stinks because my husband is definitely a night person! Oh well. When school's in session, I set my alarm, but 99% of the time I wake up before it goes off. Can't sleep in even in the summer. Wish I could!

holli said...

I use the alarm during the week and I get up right away. I know that if I use snooze, i'll be late and frustrated the rest of the day. Unfortunately on weekends I wake up early on my own. I hate it! So does my husband because he wants to sleep in but i'm already up .

Shug said...

No alarm here!! Haven't had an alarm in years.....however, both me and my hubby are early risers. If I sleep past 7:00......I have ruined my day!! I am definitely a MORNING person.
Cute cute post.....I know exactly what you're talking about....I'm the oldest of the living siblings and my oldest brother and I are extremely close...we only live a mile away, and yet we talk on the phone every day. My younger brother is more independent!! have a blessed evening

My Repurposed Life said...

I couldn't WAIT till I no longer worked so I could skip the alarm clock and sleep till I woke up. Funny thing is--I probably get less sleep now than when I did when I was awakened by an alarm clock. I generally get up anywhere from 6:45-7:15, let the Louie out, then give him his water pill and go back to bed till the pill kicks in and he has to go out.
I'm never in bed past 8:30, and rarely back in bed before 11:00, only sleeping from about 12-6:30. SEE less sleep than when I worked. That's just plumb dumb. lol The time before sleeping and after waking are spent on my phone or tablet to catch up on what has happened while I was away. :)

I think when you talk to someone every day it's easier because it's so easy to ask about what they talked about was going to happen. I know that probably doesn't make sense... but because I talk to my daughter on her commute home, I always know what's going on, so I can reference that to ask about. As for her dad, he never talks to her, so he doesn't even know WHAT to talk about.
too much information? You asked!