Thursday, October 10, 2013

:: A Sense of Urgency or a Lack Of? ::

::Day 10::

Yesterday (TUES.) was pretty much spent in the car--
We had a doctor’s appointment for T.H. and then later,going to get the prescriptions…proved daunting!


being a reformed TARDY PERSON (LATE COMER, ETC)… I used to be late to a lot of places and appointments.  I’ve already told you this.  With that being said—I know why it is that when I’m driving and the person behind me is usually, on the phone AND right on my bumper; they can’t wait to pass; and at the first opportunity, legal or not—they speed past me, only to get to the signal way before me…and WAIT.

Country Road Traveler 2
I know FROM EXPERIENCE, it is because they’ve NOT given themselves enough time to get there; and now THEIR SENSE OF URGENCY  is increasingly growing, as they bear down on the gas…making their way through traffic.

The last thing that person wants to see when they are sitting at a red light…is me, pulling along side them, turning my head, ever so slowly (because that is what I do...) and SMILING AT THEM. I only wish that were the case.

Yesterday, I probably gave that lady the stink eye.

It is almost the same as my grown children, calling me up on the phone… hanging up and calling back, (repeatedly it seems) until I answer. Never once ‘leaving a message’. Once I answer, they say…in a calm respectful (always respectful) voice,  “Mom, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you, where were you?” 

My thoughts are ‘Really? Where was I?  Heaven forbid by children get a busy signal…they wouldn’t know what to do! I don’t think they’ve ever heard that sound before.

I could have been any number of places. I could have had flour all over my hands. I could have been collecting eggs from the chicken’s coop. I could have been in the bathroom,even!  And for some reason—both scenarios have one thing in common.  The other party is slightly agitated at my apparent LACK OF A SENSE OF URGENCY…and therefore, there must be something WRONG WITH ME!

I wonder why that is?

Secondly, When you wonder why something is the way it is…especially, with human nature…
Be prepared to learn a very important lesson.
Because as I said… I was in the car. Gone to town to drop of T.H. prescription.  I’m told 1-2 hours before it will be ready. Ok,no problem, I’ll walk around a couple of thrift shops and kill time rather than driving ALL.THE.WAY.BACK.HOME.

Time passes—of course, I’m having fun, looking at all the used goodies, lined up like ducks in a row all along the shelves. Wondering why there is no Pyrex at either store…(another post)
Sept 30-2013 010{my own Pyrex…}

I call the pharmacy—just to be sure it is ready. I’m given a completely different person and a different COST for the meds. 

You know where this is going…
immediately, my human nature kicks in... I DIAL IT BACK A NOTCH...  I’m trying to be respectful, and make my inquiries without sounding accusatory.  Turns out, I AM to head home… without the medicine for now...AND MAKE MORE PHONE CALLS.

Slightly distracted-
I head out on the rural road that will take me to my home… only to get to the middle of nowhere and my gas light came on!!!

Ah yes… !
There is that Sense of Urgency I only thought I was lacking.

My point in THIS ramble is to say... I think our sense of urgency has been skewed...  What is really IMPORTANT on the TO Do List ---is often dampened by what isn't.

{Essentially, getting in the way of the TO DONE list}


"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." ~2 Corinthians 5:17


Melanie said...

Yes, we do let what isn't important get in the way of things that are important. I too laugh when someone can't wait to get around me only to stop at the same red light that I do! It is funny!

Faith said...

Those people that do that are amusing...and yes I love it when I pull up in my little car right smack dab next to them. When the light changes the floor it wasting precious gas only to find another poor soul to intimidate and pass..What is the hurry? Pick your battles, I'm working on this myself...somethings are just not ....important or worth the time you give it.

Diane said...

I don't seem to drive fast enough for anyone either. Guess their destinations are much more exciting than mine. Don't get me started on the medical field!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Did you make it home? I have never run out of gas. My dad pounded into me you fill it up at a 1/4 tank.

Theresa said...

I have stopped passing people because 9 times out of 10, they will pull up behind me at the next red light. You know they are smirking. I know this because I do the same :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I don't know so many people are in such a rush....and I should have started a book about my medical "stuff" when this all started. A nightmare! Hope things get settled!

Diana said...

ahh yes people here do the same thing zip by me at 80 miles and hour then i still manage to pull up right next to them at a red light as soon as I arrive the light turns green(smirk) I hope you made it home ok.

Claudia said...

I think you're right, Pat! I had such a chuckle about the car passing you only to end up stopped at the light. I do the exact same thing as you. I pull slowly up and smile at them. Or if I'm behind them, I give them a jaunty little wave.

Gail Wilson said...

I am generally a patient woman, but I will never understand how it can take 1-2 hours to get an RX filled. Years ago BEFORE computers, it was like what... 10-15 minutes? ugh! that maddens me.

oops on the gas light....

great post Patricia!

RHome410 said...

It seems like I live with urgencies crowding out priorities. I wish I knew how to change that, but maybe that's not for now.

Today we're too used to the immediacy of the internet, of microwaves, of overnight shipping. Our kids who grew up in the computer age just don't know what it is to wait to get ahold of anyone any more. And if they have time to talk, they think we ought to, too!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I constantly have cars riding my bumper and I am A) in the slow land B) Likely exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph C) there is either a passing lane or two other lanes for them to use. But they are right on my bumper, sometimes I can't even see the headlights. At times I call the highway patrol knowing there's a car up ahead. Most times I start slowly decreasing speed down to the minimum if need be. They generally get tired of it and change lanes. I don't understand it! I fill up at 1/2 tank at the latest, mostly because you never know what gas prices are going to do the next day.