Tuesday, October 8, 2013

:: TOday is Day 8- of 31 Days of blogging, Right?::

When you’re doing a series for 31 Days of blogging… a couple of things are necessary for successful blogging.

1. Coffee.

Especially, if you’re accustomed to coffee. Don’t deviate from the norm.

This…is COOL WHIP IN MY COFFEE.  {and One of my favorite coffee Cups… The Alamo}
Saturday oct 5 005
No…it is NOT normal. I don’t typically PUT cool whip in my coffee.  But…somebody forgot to buy milk, creamer, or anything that remotely resembled creamer.

A quick look into the fridge and guess what… Nothing.

Why? I looked into the freezer… I don’t know. But, there it was. The container of Cool Whip.

I know what your saying…”what’s the big deal?”  I like plain nothing fancy coffee.

I  am not a Starbucks kind of gal. I don’t earn points for buying their coffee.

On occasion—usually, at the V.A. with The Honey—I will have a Starbucks coffee. With creamer.

I don’t buy the mocha, frothy, Frankincense and MORE version of whatever it is they serve there.

Nope. Just coffee. 

Then I make my way over to the little coffee bar…where I proceed to rip open 2 handfuls of sugar packets and with the use of their little carafe… I put cold creamer into my cup.  I do not have time to open and stir all those little packs of creamer into my cup. 

I am too busy stirring sugar packets to the bottom of the cup.

2. Be Flexible-
2 day sixes

So, in case you’ve never committed to doing one of these little 31 day blog events…and are considering doing so in the future;  I thought a couple of helpful hints might benefit you.

You’re welcome.

Now back to regularly scheduled blogging… as in, I checked my calendar…and it is DAY 8!
1 31 days


"Do all things without murmurings and disputings." ~Philippians 2:14


retrorevival.biz said...

Yes please! I'd love a dollop of whipped cream in my coffee:)

Melanie said...

Yes, coffee is essential!! I haven't tried cool whip yet, doesn't mean that I won't though! Yes, coffee is essential! Like you, I want coffee, sweeten it with sugar and add some milk. None of that hoop de doop kind of stuff, just coffee flavored coffee!

Yes, be flexible. I have learned that one too!

The Paisley Butterfly said...

Just stopped in for a moment to check out what you were up too -- life is crazy! But...

Love coffee! Was using whipped cream myself, yesterday :) One step, instead of two!

Diane said...

To add to my weirdo rep, I don't drink coffee of any kind. Occasionally I make instant to use in chocolate frosting or dye a craft project.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I can't function with out my coffee in the am! I like whip cream in my coffee. When we go to IHOP and they put whip cream on the pancakes I always take mine off and put it in my coffee so cool whip isn't too far off from that.

camp and cottage living said...

I commend you for your even making such a commitment.
I'd be a drop-out for sure!
I bet you have accomplished a lot though!