Wednesday, October 23, 2013

:: “Vintage Cottage” or “Artsy Tacky”


I think I took this picture of the corner of my living room almost a year ago(Jan 2013)…after I bought a couple of couch covers to go over my plaid couches…

and then noticed that they were color coordinated with my 70’s swags. (The 70’s called and they want their lights back)


Color Co-ordinated swags

Oh yes!  I still have them.

I snapped a picture of them the other day…mainly, because they were so dusty.  I played around with Instagram photo editor…and really gave the photo a vintage-y vibe!  

Don’t worry… the lamps have been dusted since the 70’s … I’ve not had them that long! 

They are in desperate need of dusting today. :/

70s lights

How about that plaid couch… I’ve had these couches almost 10 years I think.  I’m ready to see them gone.

It is getting so close…

You’re probably wondering why I’m showing my lamps (dust and all)

and my plaid overstuffed 10+ year old couch… with and without couch covers?!?!

That’s because I saw this on the internet

George Constantine’s Original Art print and a very in your face reminder-

george constantine art doesn't have to match the couch

I was thinking NOT of getting rid of my 70’s swagsNo! I really like those lamps. But maybe moving them.  Not sure if I want them all hanging there in the corner anymore.  I like them. But I’m thinking of spreading them out. 

But then… having them all hanging there together…does look a little artsy. That’s why I hung them that way.

Then I saw this at our local thrift store the other day, again… reminded

art doesn't have to match the couch

NO!  I DIDN’T PURCHASE IT. What am I, crazy? 

I mean it would go fine with my couch, sure.



But, it would just be TACKY with my VINTAGE 70’S SWAGS!





 “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season with will reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9


camp and cottage living said...

I love your swags. You don't see them around much anymore.
Please don't separate them. Like you said they look artsy!

Melanie said...

The work going on here has created dust and i am having trouble attempting to keep up with it. That is all it seems to be is an attempt, as soon as I dust it is there again.

have never seen that sign, but love it! No art doesn't have to match the couch! I do love that last couch though. As for your lights, I always ask myself what makes us (husband and I, no kids) smile? That is how I decide what I want to do. Generally he doesn't care. As you know, I have been stumped by the refrigerator though. have you tried placing them seperately to see how you would like the look?

Diane said...

You know I like that quote! Like your swag lights too. Very cool.

Kolein said...

Pat! I remember that first post with those swag lamps and how EC and I LAUGHED OUR 70'S HEADS OFF! I LOVE the signs....and there are signs! Read em Sister!

Just dust those lamps and it'll look like you redid the entire room. That's what happens here!

LOVE ya!!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love old lamps and the more unusual, the better!

Echoes From the Hill said...

They remind me of some I had in the seventies. They had to go because I think the seventies was the decade of the worst taste in history when it came to clothing and decorating. Here's to plaid pants! ; )