Sunday, November 24, 2013

:: Cool Weather, Little House and Blogging Activity- ::

We’ve finally hit winter like weather.  I think our Fall may have lasted 2 weeks.  It went from warm 80° days to 30° temps…cold and rainy.
We’ve got a nice warm fire in the wood stove.  We keep some of the rooms closed off—so we’re not having to heat those. Currently, my computer room is chilly. But, I have a nice hot cup of coffee and my house sweater on; so it’s not so bad.  I have a wall heater in here…but I’m not using it in order to conserve propane.

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**My etsy corner*** (computer room)

I still haven’t heard back from the Propane office and I completely forgot to call her on both Thursday and Friday!  I was so aggravated with myself, that I’d forgotten. I gave her a full week to correspond with her boss and then get back to me.  You can be sure I’ll be calling them on Monday for sure.

I need to buy propane—so I’m hoping they’ve come to some type of decision, maybe give me a deeply discounted price for it. Propane is not cheap!  Otherwise, we just have to come off with the money and buy some! We’ve also got some firewood on order too. We have enough gas to heat water and cook with—and we have plenty of firewood to stay warm.So.. Don’t worry about us.

I don’t know if I've ever told you—we sleep with our bedroom window open ALL THROUGH THE WINTER MONTHS. It makes the best sleeping weather and we don’t get sick.  I’ve even gone to bed at night with my hair wet… we stay well. We don’t get the colds that a lot of people seem to contract this time of year. I think it is because we don’t keep our house too warm.  What are your thoughts on that?

I haven’t blogged that much this week.  We lost our dog Trouble on Monday, you know.  Thank you all so much for the kind words regarding her.  She was a good dog—and she is definitely missed.
Anyway, the posts I had up this week were already written and scheduled to post.  So, I just didn’t write anything else for the week.

What I did was work on the Little House some—I’m enjoying tinkering around with it.  So far I’ve pulled up the carpets.  The glue on the underside is really on there!  I’m having to scrape some of that up; before I can put anything else down.  I will more than like paint before then too.  I also removed all the art work…Teddy Bear prints.  I’m not sure what I’ll be putting up in there.  I did cut a few things out of magazines— that I liked in the way of art work.  I’ll have to back them with some dark paper—in case anything from the back side of the page tries to show through.  I also removed some windows.  I took the ones out of the kitchen that were already broken loose; and I removed the one from the upstairs bedroom—it was installed crooked.

It has been such fun, playing around with it.  Even if I am on the demo-phase right now.

I've got to spend some time in my emails today--
Many of you have recently left comments and I've not returned or replied to them.  The problem?  I think it is a combination of my new phone (I've only had a couple of months) and the new yahoo format…(NEO) I found it to be quite busy and overwhelming.   I did switch back to the old format the other day—and it is easier to type a reply there as I’m not great with the typing feature on the phone!   Don’t be surprised if you get some really old email replies from me! :) Trying to find my groove with the email situation.  OR… I may just use my phone so you might be getting emails from there most of the time now.

That’s it from me.

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” ~Psalm 100:5


Patty Sumner said...

We usually keep our house cold. I do not run any heat upstairs where we sleep. I do think it helps keep colds down....So sorry about your dog.....That is always very hurtful...We are doing one room at a time too. Hope the propane situation works out.. Blessings!

Diane said...

My house is fairly cool too. That's the way I grew up so feel rather smothered in a "well heated" home, but I do admit I get sick of shivering at shower time. Oh well. Hey-- I like your "doily" framed picture in the background. Clever!

NanaDiana said...

We keep our house pretty cool, too and I keep the heat off in our bedroom. We seem to not get colds or anything. My father always slept with a window open no matter the weather and he never got colds or flu, etc. Hope you can get the propane situation resolved. xo Diana

Weekend-Windup said...

Nice set up in your house to keep you warm and be cool :)

Kristina said...

I don't like a hot house either. When I visit family I feel like I'm in a sauna, ha ha!

Carolyn said...

We tend to keep our house on the cooler side too. Its so nice to sleep in a cool home. It makes it so much more snuggley.
I hope it all works out with the propane company. In spite of everything going on in your life at the moment, I'm wishing you a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!

Gail Wilson said...

brrr, cold here too, unseasonably... and I do NOT like it!

carpet? glue? try warming it with the hair dryer--it might make it easier to remove in larger pieces.

Happy Thanksgiving Patricia!


Diane said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your sweet pup...they are another member of the family and dearly missed.

I am glad to hear of someone else who sleeps with the window open during the winter. I react to heaters and furnaces so I always have to have fresh air flowing through the house. Even now, I turn the furnace on during the day but leave the bedroom window opened a crack with the door closed. Then at night I turn off the furnace, and the room/house is easy to breath in. The only furnace I can tolerate is water boiler furnaces, but they are big bucks. In this rental I live in now it has the old fashion natural gas furnace. Diane

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

We keep our house cool...I think I need a "house sweater" too :) Sorry about the loss of your dog...glad you were able to take a little time...