Monday, November 11, 2013

:: A STINKY Problem ::


We had the propane company come out to the house today.  I’ve smelled propane in our yard for how long?!  OVER 6 months.

In fact the last 2 times I’ve called them, I’ve asked them if they’d check AT THE TANK for any leaks.  Guess what… both times they said “NO”.

photo 1

Both times, they took my order for propane over the phone and made a note to check for leaks…and told me they’d be out the next delivery date for our area.  3-5 working days!!! 

Never mind that I just suggested we might have a leak.

I found out today how to get them out to check for a leak.  First, you call them and tell them you “smell propane in the yard” and “ my husband checked for a leak and found one.”

They come right away.

They proceed to make the repairs. 

They hand you a hefty bill.  It STINKS I tell you!

I know what your thinking… what about the gas that has been lost?  What about re-imbursement?  Why a bill? 

We own our tank outright.  It is not their tank, therefore it isn’t their responsibility to service it.  It is our job. Hmmm…!  Well, isn’t that what I did EACH TIME I CALLED THEM OUT TO FILL IT and asked for a leak test?  Isn’t that what I’ve done, acted responsibly by asking them to check for a propane leak?   I can’t help but wonder if since I hadn’t ordered propane—that was the reason for a service charge. That and the fact that it is my tank

So the driver, gets out and comes around to tell me he needs my signature and that he is charging my account for a service call and parts. Parts that my hubby and my son in law could have changed out themselves.  But…no, they tell you to CALL FIRST.  The driver tells me I need to call the business office and take up any ‘reimbursement’ with them.  Again… stinky.

photo 2


It is late now.  I have to wait for tomorrow. The tank is repaired. The leak is stopped. The work has been done.  I’m not angry with the driver.  He just has a job to do…(although, he is the guy that checked it the last 2 times and SAID THERE WAS NO LEAK!)  I’m sort of aggravated with him about that.  But he is not the one that decides WHEN AND WHAT  to charge for a service call.  He is not the one that says what to charge for parts.  He doesn’t make that determination.  He is just the driver.    

He is just trying to make a living for himself and his family. 

I guess the hardest part is thinking that we’ve paid for propane about 5 times in the past year and 1/2  and usually, we only have to buy gas twice… So I KNEW SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT.  Plus…I’ve told you this… during the summer months (MAY thru SEPT) …this year, first part of October;  we keep our water heater on “VACATION”  …conserving GAS! 

I’m calling them tomorrow.  I hope they will see it my way…and refund some of the money or put some gas in our tank.  Is this wishful thinking?  I hope they will work with us on this one.  EVEN the electric and water companies will work something out with you, when there is a discrepancy with your bill or a leak (water) or something.

I have before with the water bill.  We came home one night after having been out late…and the next morning gotten up and our yard was flooded.  I reported it to our water dept. that someone had come into the yard and left our water spigot on…while we were away.  She told me it was vandalism and that it had happened many times in the area.  They sent someone out to read our meter…but she made the adjustment on our bill and we didn’t have to pay the overage. 

It’s just so frustrating.  I had to rant…

Maybe you’ve had a problem similar.  Maybe you have a suggestion?!  

Either way…It Stinks. But I wanted to say…  thanks for reading my rant. 


Shout joyfully to the LORD all the earth. Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with Joyful singing. “
~ Psalm 100: 1-2


Patty Sumner said...

Wow! That is a bummer!!!! I pray you can get some reimbursement for that ..... I am glad you did find an answer..... Blessings!

Melanie said...

I hope that you are able to get a reimbursement for the lost gas. Glad that they finally found the leak though.

Cozy Little House said...

Crappy but they have you over a barrel, so to speak, huh?

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I can certainly see why you would have your nightie in a knot! To bad you could not have talked to them today as you will think about it all night and be ready to tie your nightie around their neck in the morning! Let us know what happens


Gail Wilson said...

stinky for sure! ugh! This is the kind of biz I do NOT like to take care of as a homeowner. I sure hope you get some satisfaction when you talk to them tomorrow. I never like it when these things happen at a time where you have to wait to make a call.
You know that tree I had cut last week? It seems that the shavings stopped up my vent pipe, and caused my kitchen sink to back up. Can I prove it? no-but I'm positive that's what happened, because when I used the plunger, I got pine needles and whirly birds. Plumber $85. grrrrr

hoping yours turns out better!

Bama said...

I'm so sorry that you have been treated like this. Stinky indeed! I hope it works out and you at least get a partial refund.

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Girl Rant ON SISTER !!! Sometimes us discussing it --Collectively we can figure it out . I am so praying they give you a refund. Is there an inspector you can call to check it out and get something from them in writing. Not sure what that would cost but its a thought maybe if it does not stop. PRAYERS your way my friend.

harleygirl said...

All these utility companies do this sort of thing and it's NOT RIGHT. We've battled with the electric company because they "estimated" our bill about $100 higher than it should have been. We've battled with the gas company in the middle of winter lots of times. But...we ended up buying a pellet stove because we got so sick of it. I totally understand. They shouldn't be able to do this; yet they do. Sorry to hear this.

Terri Buster said...

Gosh, I think they should have come out the very first time you reported the nutty!

The Paisley Butterfly said...

My prayers are with you. I had a situation when we first moved to our current residence. I had used a third party to get a bundle deal with satellite and internet. Come to find out, what they told me I was getting for only $25 turned out to not be the case -- what I thought I purchased actually cost $70/month. We got the basic for $25. I called the satellite company trying to understand what happened. All they did was say it was the third parties fault. Keep in mind, I was stuck in a two year agreement. The only way out was to pay out the term...WHAT?! After being on the phone with the company for almost 2 hours -- and making it known to them that the 3rd party is a representative of their satellite company and they should care that their product is being sold incorrectly, because it reflects on the satellite company poorly -- I got what I thought I had for $35, and had almost $200 of fees waved for the inconvenience. I am sure God will help work this out. God bless.

The Boston Lady said...

I hope they can be reasoned with Pat. After all you have called so many times about this. I find the calmer I remain during these type of phone calls or face to face confrontations, the better the results. I always offer a compliment first, such as how I have always had such good service from them before, blah, blah, blah.(or should I say: BS, BS, BS-excuse my french!) and then talk about the problem. No budging, then politely ask for the supervisor and do the whole polite song and dance again. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Perhaps they might at least offer to credit your account. Good luck! Ann