Sunday, April 13, 2014

:: A Little Bit of Gardening::


Phlox: by the steps

april 13 049 

We have had on again off again Spring weather.

Earlier this week…we actually had a fire in the wood stove; keeping the chill back from the house!  Tonight they are predicting 40’s overnight and 30’s overnight tomorrow night! JUST Crazy.

Because of that; I am just getting my garden planted. I have had the beds cleared out and waiting to be planted…but I just did that on Wednesday this week.

I’m praying that everything grows and that the cold cold winter has ANNIHILATED THE GRASSHOPPERS. Yes! I said ANNIHILATED. The ‘hoppers have been the bane of my gardening experience. I know ~I don’t have to tell you.

Today we drove over to Rockwall to see our grand daughter play volley ball and while we were gone it rained here. (it rained there too, but we were indoors. Thank goodness!)  When we returned I went straight to the beds to see if anything is peaking through the earth.

garden journal pics april 20.14

Yes! (from top left across—little tiny plum trees and a peak at some spinach that survived the winter AS SEED! ,MIDDLE: radish ,RIGHT : red potato)

I also saw some onions, carrots , and green beans up too! 

That is always so exciting to see. I wonder why it is that the rain makes things grow more quickly than watering from a hose?   Do you think that is the case or just seems that way?   Everything looks so lush and green after a good rain.

I started keeping a journal in 20.11 and  it has helped to see where things are planted. I try to take notes as much as I can—last year I failed miserably!  I did keep the tags off the trees we planted and drew a diagram of them and that helped as some have died off and need replacing. 

The little plum trees that are growing up there in the picture?  The Honey planted those—and I didn’t know it. So one day last fall I’m out there putting spinach seed out to see what I could get before the winter came… and he told me “your planting  your spinach were my plum seeds are!”   Well, I didn’t know.

So I abandoned the whole idea—and ate what came up. Well, about 3 weeks ago…this spinach started coming up!  I guess they were seeds that didn’t sprout last Fall!  Strange.  So I have this little tuft of spinach growing and I have about 9 plum trees;  All in a row!

Complete and utter Randomness in the Garden!

How about you, do you have your garden all in a row.  Or is it growing wild like mine?!  


Til next time, Be Blessed!


"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. ~John 15:13~


Carla said...

I have a pot garden this year since the tomatoes and peppers actually produced last year. This year I have tomatoes, small sweet peppers, jalapenos and onions in pots. It may freeze here tomorrow night (North Texas) so I'll have to cover them. I use rain water on them when I have enough.

A Daughter of the King said...

Pat, I've never kept a garden journal, but I think you've encouraged me to start one.

Where I live, we are having our last gardening hurrah, before the intense heat of summer makes gardening a water-hogging and disappointing proposition. I'm even going to let my grass die this summer. We have tomatoes, peppers, chard and herbs that we will grow this summer, but that's just about it! ~Blessings to you!

Kristina said...

It's too early to plant anything here yet. That won't happen until after mid-May here. I am thankful for the extra time too.

Claudia said...

Can't plant anything here yet - we're experiencing a late Spring. And we're getting that cold weather tomorrow through Thursday. May 1st will probably be the first day I can even think of planting!


Pam said...

I have designs still in my head for my flower bed I am going to make this yr. Just gotta get it going and take it from the head to the yard! I love using natural rock more than anything so I actually need to get out and gather some up. That looks really cool.

Audrey said...

hi Pat ... nice to see you are happily back to gardening. My neighbor gave me three tomato plants and one pepper in gallon pots ... now I have to decide if I will put them in the garden or grow them in pots. I think they will do better in the garden, but I have to work the soil and add some "good-something" to the soil. Will check my compost, maybe there is good soil there. Thanks for always encouraging us to grow our own food.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

camp and cottage living said...

So wonderful you are finally seeing signs of Spring there!
How many years until you'll have plums to pick?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

DEB LEFT THIS COMMENT WHILE MODERATING I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT. Ooops! sorry about that! Here it is in it's entirety --

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow has left a new comment on your post ":: A Little Bit of Gardening::":

I dug up the wild onions the other day...mowed some grass, turned over some dirt in the raised beds and I'll be covering all seedlings and starts that are on the porch with a blanket in a few hours...temps are to start dropping during the day here down to the low twenties tonight. I have seeds in bowls soaking on the kitchen counter, too : ) Sweetpea and thunbergia...

Diane said...

Hi-- nice to see you back. No gardening around here for awhile. I did clean out a flower garden of winter debris, but that's it for now.

My Repurposed Life said...

You know I don't grow a garden, but I will tell you I'm so giddy that my ornamental pear bloomed this year. Why is that so exciting? because it sprouted several years ago from the mama tree, and I mowed around it as it became a sapling, then it grew so big along the fence that I moved it in the summer of 2012. I babied it that summer-it was so hot and dry, I had to water it deep to make sure the roots weren't shallow.... and now this year, it's as tall as the gutters and it BLOOMED!
Initially I intended to take it to Jamie, but it got away from me, and before I knew it, it was too big to put in my SUV.
so, that's my gardening story.
hoping that the hoppers are GONE