Tuesday, May 27, 2014

:: Creatures of Habit or NOT-

Ft. Worth Zoo 130Sometimes, I never know what I’m going to write about or when I’ll feel like writing-until I sit down and just start typing.  I don’t get to write in the mornings—I think I do my best writing in the evenings.  The kids have all gone home, the chores are done, my son works evenings—so he has gone and left for work too.  It’s just T.H. and myself here all by ourselves.  He usually watches a few re-runs on T.V.  or talks to a few of his brothers throughout the week—so that gives me a chance to come in to the computer and jot some things down. DSCF4107 

I was just saying the other day how my writing tends to take the “laundry list” approach—fleeting and full of static.  I want it to be more than that—but it takes a battle of the wills to anything other than a short handed staccato-like paragraph. Otherwise- my sentences are so choppy. I write like I talk—a mile a minute!


When I come to the computer—I can easily get distracted with blogs.  I basically, love to read all about your days, your gardens, your crafts, cooking and decorating; and Re-purposing! I also like to leave a comment or two when I visit your blog—because, well, I always have something to say.


Some days, I have to force myself to ‘look away’! Because, I am so easily distracted and my days are so rushed, I think my writing isn’t very disciplined. Does that happen to you?  I don’t mean I want to adhere to a rigorous writing schedule. No, what I mean is- a little more focus. If I felt like I HAD TO COME HERE AND WRITE;  I definitely would not want to do it.  


Then there is the other aspect of writing.  That’s making a connection. I like connecting with all of you! I like writing about my days; here in the country, retired and dividing my time between my garden, my chickens and my Littles (ie: grand-kids!)I like to share my faith with you and hope to be doing that more in the future. Not preachy—just honest. I like writing about the highs and lows of my day, reading your comments and interacting with each of you.


There was a time when I thought I wanted to earn some income writing this blog (some days I still feel that way). It is no small task! I don’t have it inside me, I don’t think- to have a big blog –business. Sure, the extra cash would come in handy; but the thought of ‘making it big’ in the blog world—is kind of scary.  I don’t like scary. Besides the gadgets, widgets, and thing-a-mah-bobs in the background—it’s almost like you have to have ‘a thing’ a NICHE.  I don’t have a niche.

So instead, I will just write what pops in my head. I will write about my days activities; and whatever else catches my fancy at the moment. Right now one of those things is Dollhouses and Miniatures!  I swoon over those things currently. But who knows, soon I’ll be focused on something completely different! As time allows, I will write about it too.


Yes, I went to the zoo…AND. TOOK. PICTURES. OF. A. SQUIRREL!  Yes, I know I could take pictures of squirrels at home.

Yes, it’s true—I easily get distracted. :)

You can’t help it when you’re having fun along the way…

Ft. Worth Zoo 096

…skipping on to the next thing!   

Til next time, Be Blessed!

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. ~ Philippians 4:8


Sunny Simple Life said...

I am the same way. I get distracted so easy when I have electronics on. I find I really have to turn off everything if I really want to focus.

Regena Fickes said...

Your randomness is exactly why I look forward to seeing your header in my e-mail! It is like chatting with a good friend. I never know what the topic will turn out to be when I pick up the phone. You do have a niche! Random, delightful conversation.I know your life is busy, so is mine. It is lovely to lean on a Christian sister and share life. Thank you

My Repurposed Life said...

oh my gosh, I can't remember the last time I skipped! I don't even think I remember how to skip! :)

you're lucky to have those littles to keep you young! (at heart)

ps I love reading your randomness, really I do! I don't do enough of that on my blog and I miss it.

Michelle H said...

I like randomness, too. I figure the people I would like to connect with will be the ones drawn to my version of randomness and what I'm doing/making at the time! It is especially lovely to find down to earth Christian women. I so wish blogs were around years ago when I went through a divorce - or even earlier! There are blogs I look specifically to for recipes, patterns, etc., but my favorite blogs are the ones that are personal. Your comment on our grandbaby news was so genuine and sweet, it drew me in and left me feeling like I had just made a new friend, one who would encourage and pray for me, something I haven't had a lot of. I'm the type of person who apparently gives off the air of "having it all together", lol. I'm "strong" because I'm not whiny. Anyway, keep up the good work! I really look forward to getting to know you even better!

Shug said...

Looks like you have been zooing around!! I too, never know what I'm gonna blog about. I prefer inspirational post, but sometimes, my mind is way too busy to really put my all into a post. I always enjoy reading what is going on here....

oursearskithome.blogspot.com said...

That last picture is great! Delightful.
And that you took a picture of a squirrel at the zoo. LOL. I can relate.

Diane said...

Nice zoo pics-- even the squirrel. Too funny!