Saturday, August 23, 2014

Three Days Out --

I had three days out of my house this week!
A rarity for me—I usually stay home and only make one big trip to town.
On Wednesday I took my dad to run some errands and to the bank—his truck has quit; and he will be needing transportation every so often. Not a problem.  It will give us a little bit of time to visit. We don’t do that much.  While out- we stopped in to the Dollar General and I found two orange tinted carafes, perfect for Kombucha! They were marked 25% off—so I got them for $2.25 each.  Cheaper than the previous two I bought.
orange carafe

On Thursday, I went with the oldest daughter for another sonogram.  We are on track to have two more grandbabies in February; in case you missed the news.  I won’t give the details here—but prayers are definitely welcome for my daughters – both pregnancies are high risk at the moment.
On Friday,  I had to drive to pay a bill—paying online was not an option this month. While I was out, I took a few minutes to stop in a few extra places.
  • I visited a local Vitamin/Health food shop—I’ve never been in there; but wanted to see what they carried.  They sell Kombucha tea, so glad I’m making my own! (This week it’s PEAR flavored) That stuff isn’t cheap.  They also sell Kefir.  I’m still researching this and reading up on it. They also had ear candles.   I bought ear candles.  I also got to visit with the owner for a bit; he shared his thoughts and opinions on both drinks.  I could take it leave it.
  • I went to Dollar tree—sometimes they carry little dollhouse furniture.  They haven’t had any in about 6 months or so.  Didn’t purchase anything there. 
  • I went to the Lakeside Thrift store—was looking for one particular phonics book for Bree, our little grand-daughter. Didn’t find it there. But I found a blank recipe book. FULL OF EMPTY PAGES.  It was .50¢ – I’ll take it!
write my own cookbook
This will be great for all the new recipes I’m learning to make—that are SO GOOD FOR ME!  Do you still keep all your recipes in books?  Card catalog—scraps of papers? I have a bunch of those.  A book will be so nice to have them contained.  Or maybe you keep them all pinned online.  I have some of those too!
Sometimes!  that’s just not convenient.

I don't always get out of the house to shop...but when I do, it's usually Frugal! 

Til next time, Be Blessed!

and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, havingdetermined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us;for in Him we live and move and exist,


Michelle H said...

Very cool recipe book! At this point, I tend to have scribbled out recipes all over the kitchen. I have a card catalog box, but never seem to find the time to write all the recipes out - even though I know it is the best method for me! I will definitely be keeping your daughters and their babies in prayer! My daughter's pregnancy has been so "boring" in a good way, I almost can't help but be annoyed! In a purely teasing way, of course - I was so darned sick with all of them, had some other problems and losses. I wouldn't really wish that on her! Now we're just praying for safe delivery. You sound like I do about getting out of the house - and I rather love it. I am just such a homebody. I do enjoy getting out, but it takes a big push to get me there!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Hey, you got some good things! And got to visit a bit too, which had to be nice. My prayers are with your family and those babies.
Take care,

Brenda Pruitt said...

I've had to go out three times this week, and I hate to do that. Once to the bank and grocery, twice to the dentist. I prefer to stay home. It's terribly hot here.

Revi said...

I've made Kombucha several times, and have a scoby hotel in my cupboard at the moment. I like ginger, and it always gets a bit more fizzy with ginger. I tried kefir once, but it didn't turn out well. I still have some stuff to make more, so I probably will at some point. As for now, I am avoiding things with yeast, so Kombucha is not on the menu. It is WAY cheaper to make it at home...and you have control of the sweetness and flavors. :)

Shug said...

Girl.....I am a recipe collecting crazy woman!! I love cookbooks and could sit and read them for hours!! Now mind you, I don't cook that much.....just love the cookbooks!! lol.
You just never know what you might find at the dollar stores or any thrift shop.....

Diane said...

Frugal for me too. I have an old-fashioned system-- recipe cards in a box w/ file dividers. Works for me.

Audrey said...

Good that you got to visit with your Dad even if just while running errands. Prayers for your daughters that everything goes well two beautiful babies will be here soon. Glad you are trying to eat healthy ... so important.
Take care.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

'Love the recipe book! We used to have odd scraps of paper, recipe cards and magazine clippings all over the place, but I purchased a regular ol' three ring binder and the clear page holders. We shoved all the miscellaneous recipes into the page holders, one or two per page. It makes a great little cookbook! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

Confession: (and only because you asked) I keep my recipes on scrap pieces of paper or recipe cards and they are stuffed in a box. It's a mess and I would be embarrassed if anyone saw it, but I never seem to take the time to organize my recipes.
I love. love. love Kefir! My DD used to make her own Kefir from a starter and continue from there. I've never done it this way, only had to blessing of tasting hers when she lived closer. Her's was much better than what you buy in the stores pre-made.
Ear candles rock! we love them :)
What book are you looking for, I'll see if our Half Price Books has it when I'm there next.

My Repurposed Life said...

There are times when I rarely go out of the house for days...and I'm okay with that. Everything is located very close to me, so when I do venture out, I rarely go far. I love that!
I have been thrift shopping lately, though it's my favorite way to kill time during these dog days of summer. I do NOT need any more junk at this time. lol
Happy you got some great bargains, and I think it's great that you'll be helping out your dad and spending time with him. :)

gail said...

Love the cover of your new cookbook! And I like the idea that you can fill it with all of your best recipes. Sending good wishes for your daughters!