Friday, October 31, 2014

:: Doubt is the fun Killer!


When I began writing this month with the 31 Days of Writing in mind—I really had no idea or knew what direction this was going to go for me.  I didn’t have a project in mind.  I didn’t know that T.H. and would finally come to the notion of moving.  I had no idea that my body was going to retaliate against me …and I’d become sick. 

I’m scheduled to see the doctor next week. I’ll keep you all posted with what’s going on there.

I thought I was going to write about my life—discover some things about myself and make cute little cards and notes to myself. SELFIE, that’s me. It would be fun and adventurous!   It didn’t really turn out that way. At about the midway point—I found it to be a struggle—then wondering had I shared too much of myself with the world.  Doubt crept into my mind!  Doubt is the fun killer!

I found out things about myself.  I shared things about myself that I didn’t know…and I shared things that you had no way of knowing; yet there I was laying it all out there. 

It wasn’t riveting, earth shaking, life altering… I didn’t have you on the edge of your seats.  It wasn’t a total loss, either.

I met some new people!  Some of you left wonderful comments… and really took the time to encourage me in EV.ERY. THING.  I have going on around here. Thank you!  You’ve all been so kind… and YES!  I’M  touch A.D.D.  I think… because I seem to be going in circles putting out fires all over the place.  Back and forth with me.  But you’ve hung in there. 

Thank you ever so much!

I’ve already slacked off posting everyday.  Things will die down here… and I’ll be back to my 3 post average of writing.  Hopefully, I’ll have something worth writing about.  Moving will become the topic of the day… as long as we stay ‘at it’.  That’s how it is with me.  I get excited about (fill in the blank) and stay with it a while until the next whatever it is comes along!   And I’m off again!

I would imagine that’s part of the reason most of you come here and return here… because you just never know what I’m up to or where I’m going with ‘it’!  

And occasionally, something witty and really clever will come out. I hit the PUBLISH button.   Then all of you share your chuckle with me… and I get really big smiles from all that.   I wonder why I doubt.

How about it; do you have doubts about what you’re doing?  What you’re writing?  What you’re sharing?  About blogging, maybe?   “What will people think?” Kind of doubts?   I do.  I struggle with it.  But then, all of you encourage me… You build me up emotionally and spiritually.  You give me a Word of encouragement and confidence … and I appreciate it, I really REALLY, do.


October 30 Post Card 3



‘Til next time, Be Blessed!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." ~Joshua 1:9

I'm participating in Nester's annual -31 Days of writing


Kristina said...

I don't really have doubts, but more so I use "worry" too much. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

Cecilia said...

Sometimes, yes, I doubt and wonder why anyone would want to read about my mundane life. I've been reading along and enjoying your journey but I'm usually on my iPad and for some reason can't comment from there. Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. :o)

A Daughter of the King said...

Yes, faith is much more fun. Why, then do I constantly forget this? Blessings to you, Patricia.

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I think my take-away from YOUR 31 day writing challenge is that I have been able to come to know you much better. Until this month I read your blog every time I received it in my email, but I thought of you as a woman who was a grandmother ~ first and foremost ~ that you babysat a LOT, and I often wondered about YOU and who else you were.... This writing experiment you challenged yourself with showed me the actual Pat. A person who has more going on than "just" being a grandma (which is a VERY VERY important job!!), but there is so much more to you. I discovered you have many more layers. Some you might not be as comfortable in as you are in your grandma role.... but they certainly need to be brought out and shown off and celebrated!! I have very much enjoyed your 31 days, and it is nice to finally really meet you, Pat!!

Rhonda said...

hi Pat, I often have doubts when I blog about something that anybody will like it, and then it seems sometimes the most random posts will get the most comments. Life is funny :)

hope you have a nice weekend

Audrey said...

I have enjoyed your writings Patricia ... you are doing something I would not ever think about doing. Keep up the good work as it may be helping you and others too. You are an inspiration.
I do have doubts and a hard time even writing a blog sometimes ... thinking it is not good enough or interesting. Maybe that is why I do not blog often ... well, maybe not, because I am really busy too. Take care of yourself ... hope you find the answer to why you are sick and will get well soon.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures