Thursday, October 9, 2014

:: Rag Sheet—Not a Sleazy Newspaper

rag craft


noun \ˈrag\

Definition of RAG

  • a :a waste piece of cloth
  • b plural :  clothes usually in poor or ragged condition
  • c: clothing <the rag trade>
2:  something resembling a rag
3 : newspaper; especially :  a sleazy newspaper
Yesterday, I did some work around the house and yard.  I have an ongoing list of little things to do—some of which only take about 10 minutes… THINGS LIKE:  washing switch plates and doorknobs, or emptying a drawer, or dusting a lamp, so I spend about half-hour doing three main rooms this week, next week I’ll do the same list in the other half of the house! (with a few modifications)  I’ll include a link at the bottom where you can get your own list and print it off!
During the afternoon, while Honey stepped out to fish; and then later in the evening, I had time to make a scrappy little craft.
3 step mirror
1. Small oval thrift store mirror-
2. French Fry basket
3. Scrap Sheet (torn into strips) and Scrap yarn
scrappy mirror 4-7
4. Wait ‘til Honey leaves and cut lots of Rag Strips for tying
5. Fold Strips in half push through French Fry basket pull ends through folded/ looped end
6. Every other hole for starters randomly all over the basket
7. Cut Yarn strips (not shown)  Fill in to your liking--
a thrift store mirror
Pop oval mirror into French Fry basket with  scrappy yarn strips tied on …
collage wall
I made it for my grand daughter—to put in her room. Now I’m on the look out for other small oval mirrors because I have a whole stack of French Fry baskets from the dollar store, I’m no longer using.
It’s cute.  It’s easy. It didn’t take hardly any time at all. 
October 9 post card
Like promised here is the link to another 31 Day blogger (the imperfect homemaker)  she’s already done the hard part, you just have to print it, Grab a rag and do 10 minutes at a time!

Here’s a picture for you to pin! FF Basket Scrappy Mirror- pin
‘Til next time, Be Blessed!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. ~ 2 Timothy 1:7
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Kristina said...

Cute idea for the basket. I have a few around here, and had planned to make crocheted "fake" food for them for my nephew.