Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Early Monday Morning and thinking…Baseball?


There was an over night low of 25° Sunday night and Monday morning… there was a frost on the ground. When I text my daughter to see if she’d left the house yet- to bring the LITTLES, she called me back and said “yes, she was on her way; and that she had a low tire.”  Without a way to stop and get air that early, I told her I could meet her in the driveway with air compressor and we’d air it up when she made it to the house.

Off I went to the barn and well… that first step up to the door, is in fact as they say… a DOOZIE!  Because down I went.  Oh my, and I might have said “ OOOHhhh!  SHHOOOOT!”  (Or something to that effect) on the way to meet the ground…

You meet the ground a lot faster, when it’s COMING UP to meet you!  We met somewhere in the middle.

I thought the SHED WAS MOVING!


Jon Lovitz


After that— seriously, my only thought was of Jon Lovitz , in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN,  when he said “You see how it works is… the train moves, not the station.”   Why that popped into my head?  I DO. NOT. KNOW. But after that I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole idea of slipping and falling.


With the moon shining bright, in the early morning sky.

All alone—

So friends, Monday was a slow day; coffee, warm fire, sitting down to pay some bills, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, light cooking, etc.  Truth is—I should of gotten up and done something; because well, now- I’m a little bit stoved up and sore.  I could probably use a trip to the chiropractor.

Speaking of baseball—I know lots of you are drawn to football ,right now; and the climactic ending with the Super Bowl on the horizon.  Me?   I’m looking forward to spring, April 5th… and NO frost on the ground.


‘Til next time, Be Blessed~



Do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you will reap if you faint not.”  Galatians 6:9


Claudia said...

It is so cold here and tomorrow night is supposed to bring dangerous below zero wind chills. Yuck. So, I totally get the baseball wishes. Me too!


A Daughter of the King said...

Glad it wasn't worse. When you figure out the meaning of the message about the train, please let us know.

My Repurposed Life said...

Oh my gosh.... I hate it when the ground jumps up to bite me in the behind! I agree, you should have kept moving (slightly) by now, second day soreness has settled in, so I hope you can move a little to prevent that THIRD day (the worst) I guess I don't have to tell you to pay attention to your body and if it's more than soreness--see that DR! My orders!


Shug said...

Hope you are ok and that you're not feeling too stiff. the last fall I had, took me a month or two to get over. Stay warm..