Thursday, April 23, 2015

Drop Cloth Project—Roll-up Shades

I mentioned the other day I was working on a DROP-CLOTH PROJECT for my living room. This has been a long-time place holder on my TO-DO list!
Drop Cloth Roll up shades

I know it’s been that long because one event stands out in my mind and I never wrote about this;  but in October of 2013, I was FINALLY doing it. FINALLY, I was upholstering my couch. I got it done. I had watched tutorials-- and I YOU TUBE'd myself silly.   
Settee Final 3
PLEASE, Notice the Mini-blinds and the Drop cloth curtains.

That same year we had been on the receiving end of a "drop off dog" and now TOP DOG- Buster

November came and we had to make a trip to the V.A. For the Honeys 6 mos check up. We had been gone total about 4 hours. I came home to this ...
mini blinds got killed
Not only did his anxiety cause him to chew on my NEW couch…
But he KILLED  my mini-blinds. (there’s a whole video…but I don’t know how to orient the video and make it vertical) You get the idea. K-I-L-L-E-D!!!
That’s when the idea hit me—roll up shades. I had salvaged rescued some match-stick blinds for parts—I don’t have a picture, but they looked similar to this-- image
I kept the hardware, the rope and some of the bamboo.
Fast forward to this week.
This (below) is the IN PROGRESS picture--  I am using my drop cloth drapes in the picture…here and way up top, to make these roll up shades.  I have one window where the A/C is and I’ll be finished with them. Oh, I have to find and a dowel rod for the middle one… it droops a little. ;) 
 Drop Cloth Shades-- in progress

I’m leaving the curtain rod—because I want to make some light softer curtains.  Something with color!  I need to remove the old hardware from other shades too, for now…they keep the rope away from Vincy.
Drop Cloth Roll up shades-3
I finally get to check
✔️ New Shades
Off my list!
That’s it.  I took lots of pictures and will be putting together a tutorial for them pretty soon. Right now I’m gathering information on hardware, prices etc.  I realize not everyone will make these from scraps… but you know here at Corn…
that’s my M.O. 
unusual, unexpected and deviation from the common rule.
‘Til next time.
Be a blessing, bless the LORD and bless your home!


 colossians 3 23-24


Michelle H said...

Yay!! My living room shades are still on my to do list, haha! I hate that kind of sewing/project. Yours turned out wonderful, and I bet if feels great to have it done, *sigh*.

NanaDiana said...

Those look JUST GREAT! You did a wonderful job. I bet you are thrilled with the way they turned out. I love roll-up shades,too! xo Diana

Shug said...

Great did a wonderful job!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wow! They look wonderful, Pat! You did a great job!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Oh, wow! They look great! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Laura said...

You did an amazing job !
It is so good to visit-
I re-entered blogging today with a post...
We'll see...

Enjoyed reading about your project,

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A Daughter of the King said...

That was really fun to read, Pat. You are amazing!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...
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My Repurposed Life said...


You did a great job with those roll up shades. I've seen tutes on this sort of thing, and it seems very confusing! good for you!