Saturday, July 25, 2015

Frugal Fodder no.33— DIY, Salvage and Productivity

Today has been one of those uneventful but productive Saturdays!
We haven’t done much today—had the Littles from next door as both parents work this weekend. She is nursing and He is on-call at U.P.S.  He doesn’t work for them… he works AT them. Ha! My son in law repairs conveyor belts!
All over Texas!  I tell people he’s on call and they think since she is a nurse…he must be a doctor. 
Since the boys were here… I took a little bit of time to give the bathroom a good cleaning and do some laundry, run the vacuum… you know, CLEAN!
This week was rather productive too—we haven’t worked on the camper much—we took a little break for things more pressing. We made some repairs to the truck.  It’s sort of camper related—without the truck, the camper (when it’s ready) isn’t going anywhere!
We had a radiator problem and the truck was overheating.
1998 nissan truck

Time for a new one! Isn’t it lovely?  Not exactly the sort of picture you’d see on most blogs… but mine, yes indeed!  The part that is shiny is the radiator…the rest of it…is our OLD FAITHFUL TRUCK. 
   I ordered the radiator Monday and The- shade- tree- mechanic- Honey, got it in by Thursday. Last night was the first time we really tested it out…
We drove all over… WITH THE A/C BLOWING COLD!
1998 nissan truck
The gauge held… right where it needed to be. That meant, this old gals gauge also stayed within a pretty good climate range. We love driving that truck… lots of fun and good memories!  Glad we are able to drive it again without the worry of over heating…AND! we’re able to haul things in the back.
frugal fodder
YES! bought this good solid dresser for my other set of grandsons, for $10… I also bought a few other things for my kitchen, including a kitchen sink for the camper. We’re not going to be able to use the previously bought FUNKY SINK… it just took up too much space. So this small stainless steel sink…is going to work nicely!
stainless sink
It needs a little bit of a spit shine…but should FIT our small camper pretty well.
I’m happy to be seeing more yard sales popping up around our area… since we’re rebuilding the camper…using what we can find and salvage.  A big savings!
I think one of the most satisfying parts about this Frugal Fodder post… is that the radiator was paid for with money made blogging! My Husband is also quite capable and handy… able to save money on certain repairs.  To me…that’s a nice top off!
How about you?  Are you saving money on purchases and buying second hand rather than new?  Do you save money and make repairs yourself or shopping thrifts and yard sales?
***also:  don’t forget to check the new URL and name of my camping blog…    Lil’ Camper That Could. YES! I’ve actually had this blog about 4 years…as long as we’ve had our camper… please visit and leave a comment. you can even sign up to receive it in your email!  Check our progress!  I hope to be rolling soon.
‘Til Next time, Be blessed and thrifty!

Thou has kept him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trust in you. ~Isaiah 26:3


Michelle H said...

Yay for air conditioning!!! When I was first married, my husband was in the Army, stationed in Georgia. We drove through Texas to get there, in my little AMC Spirit, no AC, with a kitten. Poor little kitten hunkered down in our cooler all the way!! I was kinda jealous, haha! That dresser was a great deal! I've gotten very little done today, I've spent the last two days tearing down wallpaper, patching, and painting. For whatever reason, I suddenly needed my little hallway freshened up and "finished"! It's always been so grungy, and now I love it!! I'm going through my whole first floor, finishing up projects, using what I have, because I know I've collected enough to do the job! And, yes, mostly second hand stuff!! Today, though, I am so SORE. So worth it!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Great finds!! My father had a dresser very similar to the one you found. He had it for as long as I can remember. After he passed, I kept it for my son. It's one of those things that withstand the test of time unlike most things that are made today. Happy Sunday to you!!! : )

~ Wendy

Debbie said...

Good score on the dresser and radiator savings! I'm at the stage I have to pay to have it done :(No one here to do it. Good to have handy hubby around!

Ann said...

Gotta love a guy who can do car repairs. Good score on that dresser.