Friday, July 10, 2015

Lacto-Fermentation Experiment—Results

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All of my veggies have had time to ferment. I told you I’d come back and share my results.
First, I wanted to clear up my post about the HOBBY WOOD and Doll House pieces I found at the hardware store… I HAVEN’T PURCHASED A SINGLE THING YET;  because like I said… we’re in camper mode.  But believe me, when I say we live far enough out from everything—now that I know some of those items are there, I WILL be going back there.  Like many of you have encouraged… I DO have a few ideas filed away in my head!

So on with the lacto-fermentation process! 


Pickles:  The jar with the brown paper sack on top.  I tried this idea from Pinterest.  I’m going to call the bag a fail, though the pickles were a SUCCESS.  I checked them the end of the 2nd day…and discovered white raised mold on my oak leaves in the top of the jar.  So I researched it (didn’t want to toss them if they were salvageable)  You can read the link here.  I cleared all that out.  Replaced the Oak leaves with new. The trouble apparently wasn’t the leaves…but the bag.  Too much air.  I put a LID ON IT. Waited about 3 more days…and There were no more spores on top. The pickles actually had a crunch to them, though a bit too salty for my taste. I’ve since learned the weight of the salt matters when measuring. (coarse vs. fine) Mine was fine…and I’ll adjust the amount next time.

Overall Rating:  SUCCESS!

Skipping the kraut, we’ll come back to it.

Pickles #2: This jar of pickles, is what gave me the courage to research the mold found in the other jar. I used a lid and oak leaves; it was clear of signs of mold growth. They aren’t as crunchy. I believe that is because I used a huge fat refrigerated cucumber. Nothing against huge fat refrigerated cukes… but they aren’t the best model for pickles!  They taste great.  I put some pepper flakes in this jar so they have a KICK TO THEM ! 

Overall Rating:  SUCCESS!

DILLY CARROTS: I said before this is the second time to make them.  We loved them before.  This jar of dilly carrots did not disappoint.  No OAK leaves were used. The carrots retained their crunch.  They’re quite delish! There were no problems with this batch of carrots.

 Overall Rating:  SUCCESS! 

Now to the Kraut:  I did not keep the cabbage under the brine with very great success.The vegetables must stay submerged. NO AIR!  The most modern way of keep air out of the jar is with a Pickle-Pro vegetable Fermenting Lid - 3 Pack or an Air Lock fermentation lid, which I do not own.  I tried using a zip lock bag filled with air. Ironically, stupid idea on my part,I know. Especially since I didn’t get a good seal on my bag! So basically, I PUT AIR IN MY JAR. I now see the ‘air’ of my ways!   

Overall Rating: FAIL!

Keeping the air out of the jar and the veggies under the brine is important to a good fermentation.

I know that you do NOT have to have one for a successful ferment—people have been fermenting veggies long before the mason jar was invented.  So it isn’t necessary. If you’d like to purchase one, you may do so by clicking the link above. After all this experimentation and great food as the outcome… I’ve got mine ordered! I am also excited about finding more recipes with other veggies and trying them too.


In the mean time—I’ve granted myself a DO-OVER with the KRAUT…using an old stand-by method. I read about several here; and I would like to prove TO MYSELF it can be done without modern day tools. I’m eager to have kraut, can you tell?

I think 3 out of 4 jars of veggies…isn’t bad.  I’m hopeful for the cabbage and and looking forward to having it be successful next time. If your interested in preserving food this way and give it a try… let me know your results! I’d love to hear about it!

Just letting you know there is also a new post up on my vintage camper blog! 

‘Til Next time, be blessed!

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camp and cottage living said...

Three out of four isn't bad at all Pat! My husband love fermented foods and this info will help him to know what works.
Have a good weekend!