Saturday, July 18, 2015

Restoring Wood with Coconut Oil

We are currently in full blown camper mode—meaning… we are working on our camper ALL.THE.SPARE.TIME!  I call it campering. Yes, I’d rather be camping… but we’re not there yet!
During the week when the LITTLES are here… no campering.  However, when I DO have a minute to do a little something beside house work ,exercise/ swim or …fill in the blank…. I find little projects for the upcoming
purty-fying of the camper!  This week— Restoring a Wood fold-out camping stool with COCONUT OIL .

camper stool re-do

I was actually sitting on this little fold-out seat when it GAVE WAY!

There I was inside the camper, having given the whole thing a pretty good shake—and my head was hurting from banging it on the wall.  I was VERY surprised.  I shook it off…and can laugh about it now; but at the time, I almost cried! It smarts!

yard pictures mid july 2015 041

So anyway… back to the seat. The frame was still in pretty good shape… even more of a surprise! 
But the fabric was SHOT!

I took it apart measured it,

 yard pictures mid july 2015 044
This way …

yard pictures mid july 2015 045
And That way…

Rummaged through the scraps

yard pictures mid july 2015 054

This chef jacket was a durable cotton blend, already earmarked for deconstruction…buttons, pockets and so forth.  I cut a piece from the back.

You can see the wood is pretty dry and in need of some TLC.

yard pictures mid july 2015 048

Here is the easy peasy cool part! :: 

A light sanding… and I slathered some coconut oil all over the wood.


I just used an old cloth and some regular- non hydrogenated Coconut Oil (this stuff is great for lots of things)  I rubbed it onto the wood after a light sanding, wiping cleaning with a damp cloth and allowing to dry.   I does wonders for bringing that wood back! 


Attached the “new” seat

I’ve spent the last 4 years collecting here and there, little things for this camper. Now—I’m in the progress of pulling it all together. The rebuilding is fun, don’t get me wrong; and it’s very hard work.  I’m enjoying this part, though… a LOT! 

I’ve got a few more things in the works…** Camper blog

 ‘Til next time, be blessed!

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camp and cottage living said...

I'd love to have an old camper to restore, but I'm so busy now wouldn't be a good time.
Your my kind of gal, Pat, I love that you restored your camp stool instead of tossing it!

My Repurposed Life said...


I bought some of this coconut oil for this very purpose, but haven't used it yet. You have inspired me to move it UP on the to do list.

have fun glampering hahahaha
I'll be rv'ing to gatlinburg this weekend with cousin terry... so excited.

catching you!

ps so, so far behind in reading. :(