Monday, August 17, 2015

Camper Décor for Cuteness Sake

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I spent the biggest part of the weekend finishing up some paper work for school.  Most of mine was complete. However, my oldest daughter is going to school; along with our youngest “the nurse”  (she’s returning to get her RN degree, she is currently an LVN) The oldest needed a transcript.  Yeah… do you think I KNOW WHERE that paper work is 10 years later?   Not to mention, I lost some files a few years back when the computer went CAPOOT!
LUCKILY, I found a couple of my notes and was able to get one put together.

The rest of the weekend, Sunday… Campering!

We worked on the inside build.  We’re doing a little bit at a time. Still, it’s coming along. I’ve not painted anything yet; but can’t wait to get in there and make it pretty!
As soon as we get it up and going T.H. (the Honey) and I will be able to hit the road and have some alone time.

Our oldest daughter gave me this cute metal sign for inside the camper… it sums up my feelings on ‘alone time’!


I have also started pulling some things together a while back…just for cuteness sake!  I watched and waited until the kids out-grew these cute little T-shirts and put in a request to their mom, for them to be donated to the Campering pile.  That pile is ever-growing!  Not only are they going to cute; but cheerful and inexpensive, too!


I splurged on the contact paper.  I found this adhesive laminate(contact paper)a while back I couldn’t resist.  I hope I have enough to finish the ceiling out. If there is any left over—I may put some on the inside of the door.  When the door is opened you’ll be able to see it from the outside. That’s the plan.
The other thing we purchased recently was an air mattress!

We haven’t aired-up the mattress yet to test it; but as soon as we do I’ll let you know if it’s comfy or not!  Crossing my fingers!
As for the inside… I think I have everything that needs purchasing so far. I hope I can find the time pretty soon, to make some curtains. You’d think I’d have those made already since I’ve had this lil’ camper four years…but you know I don’t work that way.

Hmmm… I wonder if I learn to manage my time a little better at school? Let’s see, I’m 50.  Maybe there’s hope for me still!

‘Til next time, be blessed
… and make something cute, for cuteness sake!

You can check out the Camper blog by clicking here! 


holli said...

I am so excited to see your camper when its done. I am so jealous!! Do you watch Junk Gypsies? They made some curtains from some shirts for a trailer they did for Miranda's mom. I thought that's where you were going when you mentioned the little shirts.
So proud of you going back to school!

Ann said...

what a cool idea to use the old t-shirts for decorating. I'm pretty slow at getting around to some projects so I can relate to 4 years and no curtains.

camp and cottage living said...

It looks like the camper is coming together!
And now you and hubby can have your together time.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what fun, I am heading to the camper site now! Can't wait to see what you have done, I love the contact paper


Donna Wilkes said...

Sounds like you are having fun redoing the camper - cute sign!

Shug said...

Its great to see all the energy that you have in putting this camper together. I'm excited to see it.....gonna be awesome!!