Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Taken Up with Old Ways…

This summer has definitely been a season of change for me.  I’ve had my hand in things I don’t normally do; for instance drawing.  I enjoyed ICAD 20.15 – so much I bought a sketch book and have continued to draw or sketch regularly.
I recently, began crocheting again… making cute little hanging towels for my daughters kitchens! It made the time go quick at the hospital today… and it’s nice when the weather is too hot to be outside, but I want something to do with my hands!  It’s light work…so it doesn’t make me hot, like crocheting a blanket would!
I’ve also been taken up with old ways…
Years ago after I was first married, I wrote cards and letters.  We moved about 2 hours from my parents and when we first started out… we had no home phone. If we didn’t drive to Dallas that weekend… I made it a point to use the payphone while I was washing laundry at the laundry mat and I’d call home that week, just to hear Momma’s voice! 
Most of the time, I wouldn’t be telling her anything, that I hadn’t already told her via snail mail. 
Only then we didn’t call it snail mail back then did we?  
We called it… “a letter from home!”
We were more than thrilled to open an enveloped addressed to us… sometimes hand-decorated, sometimes a pretty printed stationary, and depending on …who our “letter from home” was from—scented!
After my brother moved From Texas to Georgia… I once folded up a hamburger wrapper from What-a-Burger… and mailed it to him. (because there were no What-A-Burger restaurants in Georgia.  He said that when he opened it… he wanted to EAT it, because it smelled just like a burger!
It’s just nice receiving mail--
I mentioned  a few weeks ago I was the winner of two drawings… and was still waiting on a package to arrive.  It came!  (I've been a little bit pre-occupied with all the other happenings… I haven’t had time to post about it)
But I just love how the envelope was addressed!

corninmycoffee-pot.blogspot.com ©2015
“To the lovely…”  shouldn’t we all get mail so nice!
corninmycoffee-pot.blogspot.com ©2015
These are HOUSE HELPERS made by hand…by Brin Wisdom her blog is here (where she writes on HANDMADE, pride in ownership and competing with big box stores… she offers a code)  and her shop is… Balm and Honey
corninmycoffee-pot.blogspot.com ©2015
She does lovely work… I love how the colors go all the way to edge! Perfection in each knitted… or pearled stitched.   The aqua and grey is going in my camper…the perfect color. A simple little touch of home while we’re out camping!  The red, white and blue one… is going to help me around the kitchen and being put to task right away!
‘Til next time, be blessed--
Oh! Here’s a thought… send someone you’ve been missing a card or a handwritten note.  Put a stamp on it…and put it in your mail box. Don’t forget to put up the flag! 
…see what happens!
Let us no be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. ~Galatians 6:9


Anonymous said...

You are spending your time in a useful way. Towel looks beautiful. As you said earlier days it was very difficult to contact persons before the invention of phones. As technology has grown now a days we can see others and talk. It would be a great happiness for our parents to hear our voice. I have experienced it with my parents...

Kristina said...

I love to send fun mail. I should really do that soon.

Rhonda said...

I "Met" Brin years ago when she was living and redoing a huge old house, I think it was in Marshall Tx. I'm guessing she would of been almost a neighbor of yours.

My mom just gave me a box of letters that I wrote, as a young Marine wife living far away. Very special to get them back.

camp and cottage living said...

Very sweet and useful gifts, Pat!
I do need to get back to hand writing, I
know I love to receive mail.

Ann said...

The old ways are nice. As convenient as things are sometimes it can't compare to how things were back in the day. I love getting things in the mail and I don't know why I don't send stuff more often.
Those dishcloths are really nice