Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kernels of Corn: Fall Edition 2015



Yes!  I’m still here.  Thank you so much for the kind words and inquiries—many of you have written wondering if all is well with our family here in the country. 

On with the Kernels of Corn:

1- leaky camper—requiring more sealant, patching and new wall board/panels.  Read that:  very discouraged.

  • Lots of English/Comp homework

2- Tomato plants—We got bumper crop of tomatoes; it was small, about dozen, total.  It was unexpected, but noteworthy.  Very tasty.  I’m so glad we didn’t pull those plants at the end of summer!

  • Essay after essay--- learning some ‘mad skills’ in writing!

3 –4 little boys here most week days-- The Twin cousins and #Vindor the Small and #Haiden-was-Here (say that like your reading back-to-back weather alerts)

  • Maintaining, an “A” in English is more difficult than I thought it would be.

5 Days of school left-- (except I don’t have to take the final in English…oh yay!  Me!!!!)  Really, it’s only 4 days… ELATED!!!!

  • Then of course there is Algebra…

6 Days (give or take)-- In about 2 weeks of time, a torrential down pouring rain totaling about 6 days resulted in not just 1 leaky camper, but also, a leaky roof in the bathroom, a wonky WI-FI antenna (due to high winds), ants…

trying to get out,

out of the rain,

boom, boom, boom!!!

Yes, they crawled into the hole of the wonky WI-FI  mount plate, and came into the bathroom, along with RAIN…

  • Found out Thursday, Algebra II—is on the schedule for Spring classes, before I can take COLLEGE ALGEBRA. (I’ll share that another time)


Fall Foliage at CCL

So, yes, all is well.  Just as I figured, when I started school in late summer; that I’d be too busy to go to school, blog and be actively involved with my family, gardening, animals—it happened.  It wasn’t long and school has taken front seat to a lot of things.  I’ve not blogged in over a month!  The Honey has taken over chicken coop duties, feeding the dog and quite a few of the day to day chores around the house.  Nothin’ wrong with that, right?  Especially, the dishes.  I don’t like doing the dishes.  It’s an even trade though, he doesn’t like hanging out the laundry.  For now, we’re ok with this arrangement.

****The photos were taken on the drive back from getting groceries yesterday. We hardly get fall foliage…so I was happy to see the changing leaves.

‘Til next time, be blessed y’all!

He has told you O, man; and what does the LORD require of you?  But to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. ~ Micah 6:8


NanaDiana said...

YOu have had a lot on your plate, Patricia! Sounds like you are rolling with the punches and doing okay. Being busy is a good thing as long as it is not overwhelming. xo Diana

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We had a leak too, our attic has a dormer and we got a torrential downpour that came out of an unusual direction and overwhelmed the flashing so the water dripped down to the 2nd floor above my three mirrored dresser. I had little droplets coming in so I had to put buckets with towels in them (so I could sleep). Hubby has to get up there and modify the flashing. Good luck with Algebra II (I think that is where I dropped math!). Now that I see the practical side of it, I should have stayed in.

Kristina said...

Glad to hear from you. I was thinking about you the other day and wondered how things were.

Audrey said...

WOW, Pat, you are one busy woman. Looks like you are keeping up pretty good. Not easy, I know but it will be worth it in the end. May you be blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving

Michelle H said...

Oh my, I haven't had time to blog, either! It's really good to "see" you, though! Ugh on the ants! We've had quite a few of them and plenty of fruit flies, though I think those are actually gone now. One can hope! Sure hope the weather cooperates enough to repair leaks and for them to stay repaired! Emma discovered her window is leaking during a several day rainstorm. I love this time of year, but things like that do put a damper on the enjoyment, heehee. Do you get a break fairly soon with the holidays?

A Daughter of the King said...

I can't tell you how happy I was to find Corn in my inbox! I'm also relieved that English composition hasn't ruined your breezy writing style. You have a gift!

My Repurposed Life said...

yay! So happy to hear from ya Patricia!

such a busy (and fulfilled) life you're living. you go girl!

hoping you are relaxing just a bit this weekend.