Monday, December 21, 2015

Just When I Think...

That I might be getting back to blogging, I sit down to write and there is a series of things keeping me from it.

Last week ,or along about last Monday, I sat down and tossed out the ever-so-fun, not to mention easy Q and A template.  DID YOU EVER...hit an all time dry spell when you’re posting fun facts about yourself, that only your family  and a few really close friends ever needs know?   That's me...right now. 

After that… it was the internet. No not THE internet.  Just my internet. It’s awful.  There are so few options here where I live…that don’t cost an unbelievable amount of moo-lah!  Basically, you get what you pay for.  I actually called them on the 11th and they said they’d be out on Monday, the 14th!

It didn’t happen.  Late Monday I got the call from the service guy… I’ll call him Juan.  He ended up at my house early Tuesday morning.

I was without internet all day.  Not the longest day of my life… but it was quite up there!
Tuesday evening… another service guy calls and said he was coming back out instead of Juan… this guys name was Shaun.  I’ll leave you to wonder if both of these names are real or made up on the spot!

I will say this… by the time Shaun got here, there was a torrent of rain spilling out over my house.  Shaun climbed up there anyway and made the proper repairs to the internet…
then came inside and made sure everything was working satisfactorily before he left… taking Juan’s ladder with him when he left. Yes, that ladder was my only hope all day, that someone would indeed be back to get the internet working. 

** At this point, I need to remind myself to go ahead and write an email to the Wifi company commending Shaun for a job well done, and for being a trooper in the rain, on my roof, around about DUSK.  I mean, he should get a pat on the back!

Then, Thursday came… and the WI-FI was iffy.

There was a handful of other interruptions… no need to go into all that. Let’s just say… the “F” word… FAMILY.  HA!

When I sat down to write again… I found out that Microsoft had let Live Writer go OPEN SOURCE and NO LONGER WORK WITH BLOGGER. (THAT’S WHAT THAT MEANS!) Very poor planning in my opinion. After downloading the new Open Live Writer… it STILL does NOT want to work. That was late Thursday.  It took a bit of finagling … but I think I’ve got it all worked out now.

But my word!  it’s a hassle!!!

For now, I’ll be posting from the Blogger platform—Kudos! to all who make blogging look so easy.  I applaud you.

Somewhere along in there… I got a hair cut.
It turned out pretty well; all things considered.
I went from waist length to neckline.

I cut it myself. 

‘Til next time be blessed!

** Consider it pure JOY, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  ~James 1:2


Unknown said...

I love your hair, and your attitude through all the stress!! I pay (out the you-know-what) for the best internet service available's still worthless. I feel your pain!!

Ann said...

Well they say when it rains it pours. In your case literally and what a trooper Shaun was to go out there in it to bring you internet access.
It's always frustrating when computers and internet don't cooperate. It always leaves me feeling very disconnected from the world :)
Your hair looks great. You're brave cutting it yourself and going for such a big difference too. If I tried to cut my own hair it would look a bit like the cut my daughter gave herself when she was 5

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We don't have good internet either. Charter and ATT won't come up the ridge and satellite just doesn't work so we have to do line of site from towers and an antenna on the top of the house. It is up and down, the only game in town AND privately owned by a guy who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread and can do no wrong even when presented with firm evidence. Upset him and he'll cut you off. If we ever move I will research internet access before making a decision. Good luck with yours too!

holli said...

I love your haircut!! No way I could have done that myself. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Audrey said...

Your haircut looks great. Amazing that you cut it yourself. Hope you get your internet services working soon.
Christmas blessings,
Audrey Z.

nannykim said...

I agree with the others---love your hair cut! You should show the before and after. When I get my hair cut short or shorter I always feel FRee! Not sure but that is my immediate happy feeling. I also have had internet problems because of Microsoft updates. Everything stopped loading---things kept freezing and shock wave flashes kept occurring. I finally uninstalled the update and things were back to normal. It then installed another update yesterday and it appears to be working. I can't use google chrome as my internet thingy (my brain is not quite working)---I am using Microsoft edge and it is working nicely so far!!!

Have a nice Christmas!

A Daughter of the King said...

Patricia! You are a true writer. In the order of Dickens, you can make the mundane or the insane into an interesting and pleasurable read -- whatever the platform.

And, as always, your lovely DIY projects (this time the hair) inspire others.

May God bless you and yours this Christmas in ways that make your hearts sing.


My Repurposed Life said...

my oh my... what we writers (bloggers) go through!

ugh about the internet and WLWriter! what the what? I've had issues off and on, but if it stopped.... I'd be sunk! I love it so much!

your hair is adorbs! You look so darn cute (and young) Patricia! I know it will be so much easier to care for, and save you lots of the much needed time that is a must for ALL that you do!

happy new year!


Susan said...

I feel your pain on the Internet service. We just spent nine days with no service. Three different sets of guys came out and not one time was it on the day or the four hour window! Working now, thankfully. Your hair looks great!!