Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eleven Things-



1. Grandkids—(just a few this post)


Twin-Cousins are both walking!  “Bash” Note:  Liam in the upper right corner.


Our youngest grand daughter Raedyn Jo is being ogled by Sebastyan…(a.k.a. BASH)


Vince (2 1/2 yrs) —steps ahead of The Honey!



Train-spotting… on the road today… (Sat. March 19th)


In Branson… on Spring break (they weren’t running, so I didn’t get to ride, but it’s on the bucket list)

line of train cars and trolley- branson Mo

Again Branson …the LONG TRAIN…AND A TROLLEY. (sort of a train)

I’m having a hard time finding my groove since Spring Break… and getting quiet time for studying. I’ve been listening to white noise for studying… I found this to be the best for me… TRAINS SOUNDS –8 HRS WORTH!  (I’m enjoying the trains better than the rain, static, and other options)

3. Road Trip:


I was able to save up some cash for a trip. I surprised Honey and we were able to swing a 2 night-3 day round trip… to Arkansas and Missouri to visit his elderly aunts. These are his dad’s surviving sisters. 

Ric and Aunt Lou march 2016

Honey and Aunt Lou.

Aunt Deanne and Ric march 2016 -Missouri

Honey and Aunt Deanne.


Honey and myself—SUN-SQUINTING in front of Bass Pro Shop. The train was across the street and we took this while waiting for the doors to open.


On the way home… I took this as I was driving, with my camera.  I love this picture. There is no filter…but I love how it captured the scenery, bridge and the iconic VW bus, which we both would love to own! 

We had a blast!  Got home late Sunday night and rested on Monday, Honey and my dad both had their second cataract surgery on Tuesday with follow-up appointments for Wednesday. The rest of Spring break was slow and steady, never dull. Oh! and while I was sitting in the waiting area, I was told by someone (we were discussing trains)  about a train only a couple hours from here in Jefferson. They’ve been closed due to bad weather last week. The Honey and I are planning on going hopefully in April. {smile}  


I was only going to post Ten Things… but isn’t just one more, better somehow? 

** counting pictures not subject titles

I  have to hit the books… working on math and have a test in all three subjects next week.  You’ll be seeing me around this time next week …maybe!

‘Til next time, be blessed



Ann said...

It's been a long time since I've gotten a spring break or taken a real vacation. Sounds like you had a good time.

Carla said...

Glad to see you take a break! And I love the grands shoes - they are adorable (the grands).

Connie said...

I love little get-away road trips . . . they are just the break we need to get us out of our routine ruts, LOL.
Happy Spring
Connie :)

Kris said...

Oh what fun! Those grands are getting big. And are SO cute!!
xo Kris

My Repurposed Life said...

I enjoyed the pics and the updates Patricia! I'll be taking a road trip for Spring Break too! :) It's going to be a girl's weekend on the beach.

Hope you get to the train!


The Boston Lady said...

Hi! I stopped by and was happy to see pictures of the grands and your Spring Break get away. Those short little trips are energizing! Goo luck on your tests! So inspired by you going to college! Ann

camp and cottage living said...

Your grands are so close in age. I bet they will grow up to be such pals!
Glad to hear you were able to take a road trip, especially to see family.
We all need a change of scenery.