Saturday, April 9, 2016

Time out for Baseball!

I know, this is about Baseball… BUT FIRST!!!!  I don’t think I’ve posted it here, but on my Instagram account… I posted a picture of my little grand daughter playing soccer this season and my dad (her great grand-dad) is her coach! I’m thrilled about that!  I went and saw her play last Saturday.

It was loads of fun watching!

This week however, is the opening week of baseball season.  The Rangers have been up and down this week. I don’t get to watch (although I’m considered ordering—let me know if you have it and like it) We don’t have cable or dish… so if I bought it monthly and just use it during baseball season, it might be worth it, rather than a whole year)
I don’t have any pictures or favorite tips or thoughts on pro-ball – but!

I do have this …

Easton is playing T-ball this year!  I didn’t get to see him play his first game this week – his games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays… guess when my classes are?!   But tonight, Friday, he had a game.
You can bet I was there, sitting right at the backstop! 

            “Southpaw Slugger”
That’s Easton…. Go! Easton … RUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!

His first hit he got out at 1st. *edited to say, Easton was safe at first, but got out trying to steal second!

Second time up, he got a double… and finally made it in for a run.

That’s him coming across the plate! YEAH! EEEEEEEastON!!!!!

I’d say the crowd went wild… but really, Oma went wild enough for EVERYONE!

I love watching baseball… and this.  THIS.
‘til next time, be blessed.

My grace is sufficient for you; for My Power is made perfect in weakness.
~ 2 Cor. 12:9


Ann said...

My little league days were so much fun. I always loved watching the games

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We just got MLB and it's better than nothing, at least where we live. We're blacked out for our own games even on the radio. It might be our service provider or the network but it "loads" all the time. Then when there are real commercials on the air, they just have a blank screen with no sound on line. Really I think it says commercial break. They could at least program some sports trivia or something to cover those blank times. So, it's annoying but at least he gets to see some games.